Saturday, 18 September 2010


Pictures of some of the pieces first...

So yeah, the dominant print was "smoke print" which I guess is exactly how it sounds. At first and from far away it looks like a diluted floral, but thank God there were actually very few instances of overpowering flowers. If you remember last year's awesome Unique show, it was very denim, very young, with shark prints and colourful sporty accessories. This time around they've gone for a more grown up, sophisticated 70s-boho vibe which I also really like.

As I watched the show I jotted down some quick notes - not in shorthand yet, but soon! The main thing that came up over and over was the word "tassels."

Topshop have gone tassels mad! There were on tops, dresses, shoes, name it. I really love tassels, so I appreciated this, but perhaps they're not for everyone. You may remember me lusting after a beautiful tasseled bag from Urban, and actually there was a bag early on which looked a lot like one from All Saints - small bag with extra ultra long maxi tassels. Depending on how much it is, that's going on my MUST BUY list. Tasseled bags rule.

Also, like I mentioned before, they've definitely jumped on this 70s vibe that's been around for a while. Though I will never, ever, EVER wear a pair of flared chiffon semi-sheer trousers, there is no denying that on the catwalk they look divine.

I also noticed a lot of lame and liquid metals - by this I mean metallic fabric cut in a light, drapey way so it shimmers and reflects the light. The colour palette was white, black, grey, rose, yellow, orange, red, and brown. I didn't see any blues whatsoever (now I'm second-guessing myself trying to remember if that's true or not...) which is unusual for SS, but refreshing. And it's clear Unique are very much of the mind that the maxi and midi skirt are here to stay.

SO! Overall I was not disappointed, although my previous prediction for space/galaxy/star prints didn't come true - sadface! I really loved last years Unique collection and this one is so totally different, almost opposite to that one. Grown up, floaty, 70s, but also quite mystical and much more fashion-forward. Unfortunately I think the prices will reflect this, if the AW collection is anything to go by. Spare £350 for a bobbled cardigan anyone? No, didn't think so.

Good work Topshop, the only way is up from here on out. More of the brushed-out frizzy hair seen at Marc by Marc which was awesome. Hopefully though, the colours, prints and fabrics will filter down to the main Topshop line so we can all get in on the action, not just those of us on a bigger budget.

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