Thursday, 30 September 2010


Gareth Pugh showed his SS11 collection in Paris yesterday... I say "showed" but instead of the traditional catwalk show he chose to showcase the collection solely via this 11 minute film directed again by Ruth Hogben - same director that did his AW collection video. I love this new trend - it allows for so much more artistic freedom rather than JUST a runway show.

For those looking for a perfect example of fashion as art, enjoy:

Futuristic, creepy, awesome, freaky!

Reminds me very much of Chris Cunningham , except obviously much less scary and disturbing!

On to the actual clothes...

What I love about this is that it's not OBVIOUSLY a Spring/Summer collection. It is definitely softer and lighter than his AW collection in terms of colour and structure - that would be a given for SS I guess, but there's not a cliched floral or pastel or skater skirt or garish print in sight. Hurrah! Not a hint of the 70s for once!

The tones of silver, white, grey and black are refreshingly different for Spring (though white does seem to be a key colour) but still typically gothic and dangerous which I love.

Granted, I'm sure this isn't everyone's cup of tea. Even for me it's maybe slightly too futuristic, a little too sci-fi... A label he reportedly hates, though he doesn't exactly do himself many favours printing nylon with actual aluminium!

But at least he's taking risks. It's adventurous, edgy, a bit masculine for spring, but I think he pulls it off. Also, using the Amazonian and androgynous Kristen McMenamy was a bold move since she's such an icon, but her particular look works exquisitely well here.

Long live the Pugh!


3ate4 said...

The first outfit is great!

Kirsty said...

Amazing, eh? It's probably my favourite... That or the all-silver creation!

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