Saturday, 4 September 2010


Another Saturday spent at work and another night spent watching Xfactor and Ultimate Big Brother with only my cat for company. Ho hum! However, things to look forward to - my tat is definitely booked for Tuesday so when it's done I will post a picture. Unfortunately my photos from Edinburgh were horrendous as usual - lots of ones of the road, the inside of my bag, my shoes, close ups of my eye make-up and about 100 of my and my friend posing and pouting. Facing reality here when I say photography is NOT my forte.

On to considerably more exciting things! Topshop Unique's AW2010 collection lands this month - indeed a few pieces are already online. I remember being ridiculously excited by this back what seems like EONS ago when I first saw it. There were some who were totally turned off by the furry woodland-creature-type theme (I'm thinking of a particular article here, possibly Grazia? Can't remember ahh!) but I was proudly on the opposing team. Like I've said before, the AW shows always excite me so much more than the SS ones, but even I was impressed by Unique's SS effort. I bought the long faded distressed denim shirt and wore it constantly throughout summer, so I had high hopes for them for AW.

Toppers' in-house design folks did not disappoint. Loved loved LOVED it. Favourite looks include...

So many looks to chose from, don't make me pick a favourite! The last one is like something out of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe - a cross between the White Witch and Mr Tumnus. I also really hope the long chunky cardigan is released to buy... Although being 5ft 2, it could look ridiculous on me...

I digress. This collection totally does it for me - quirky, fun, comfy, practical, young, wearable, textured... and totally sums up the whole feeling of winter - cosying up in front of the fire, wrapping up in layer after layer of textured fabric to brave the frost outside... OH GOD why isn't it winter yet???

In other news, Zara's online shop launched this week. If there is one shop that represents the absolute antithesis of my previous excitement, it's Zara. Believe me, I've TRIED to like Zara. I've bought one or two things from them in the past - a leopard print bag and a silk leopard print blouse that I actually really love - but every time I go in I am BORED. I'm bored with the sheer amount of camel and beige and cream. I'm fed up with the shapeless dresses and shirts, I'm sick of seeing hundreds of trousers that all look the same... I basically feel like it's just not a shop for me. I can appreciate a well made, well tailored pair of trousers, but, I mean, I haven't actually worn a pair since 2006.

HOWEVER, what with my recent penchant for purchasing anything and, quite literally everything online, I perused their new online shop today at work.

Now, I enjoy a good skive, maybe more than I should probably admit, but to my dismay I pretty much gave up trying to get interested and went back to work after about 10 mins. Dear me, Zara, in my book that's what they call a FAIL.

Some of the (in my opinion) most lacklustre pieces:

I mean, this plain, unassuming, cotton, single-breasted coat is £89.99!

This "dress" is £50??

I know EVERY single magazine is telling me that trousers are a AW10 wardrobe staple, and I'm not against them in principle, but I could literally fall asleep looking at these - £40.

I feel bad, I'm not trying to slag off Zara, but I just really cannot get excited by them. Part of me thinks I'm not Zara's target market anyway so I'm sure they won't care, but actually when I think about it I probably am. I'm 23, working full time, have money to spend and want to look smart (sometimes), so why am I left so cold by them?

Anyway, so as not to end on a downer, this arrived for me today :)

And this skirt is in the post :) :) (after being back ordered for no less than 7 weeks - doesn't bode well for American Apparel).


21 said...

I LOVED the topshop unique collection too, have you been on their blog Inside Out? The waterloo setting for this autumns collection looks amazzzing! So excited to see it all :)

Kirsty said...

Yeah, it looks fabulous eh? I love how they describe SS11 as being "a bit mystical and magical." Cannot wait. I would give my right arm to be sitting front row. Seriously. Toppers has totally cranked up the fash-factor in recent months, I bet we won't be disappointed. Thanks for your comment x

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