Thursday, 9 September 2010


So, with nearly two months to go, and in preparation for a party which doesn't yet exist, this is about the time when I start thinking about Halloween. In particular, my costume.

Three years ago I dressed up as a mime for a friends party and it was the best costume ever - minimum effort, maximum impact:

Just a simple H&M top, Toppers waistcoat and and my black school skirt dug out from the bottom drawer. The face paint really made it though, totally loved this look!

I haven't really been able to match up to it since, not in my Charlie Chaplin attempt or my vampire effort - photos of which will remain buried for all time on the long-redundant bebo...

HOWEVER recently I've been really inspired by skulls, bones and skeletons, be in it jewellery, accessories or clothes, and I think I've decided on a style-savvy costume this year:

Body and leggings @ Black Milk.

Over sized skeleton jumper @ Wildfox.

As for face paint, I'm going to try my best to copy this EXACTLY, or as exactly as my shite artistic skills will allow. Almost as crap with a paintbrush as with a camera. Almost.

via Beautiltion.

As hot as I imagine this outfit to be in my head, the thought of actually wearing skin-tight leggings under a skin-tight body has me panicking about my wobbly bits already.

In reality, THIS outfit would be much more comfortable, but alas it is nowhere to be found online - I believe it was briefly available to buy from Topshop online, but is now more covetable than an Alexa.

Ashish tracksuit as modelled by Topshop Boutique senior buyer, Rachel Proud.

So, a skeleton it is. Maybe. Probably. What will you be dressing up as? (Or is it ridiculously early to even be thinking about Halloween?)

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