Thursday, 2 September 2010


First attempt at a blog from my iPhone! I wanted to do a long post about the October 25th anniversary issue of uk Elle - a few good articles to discuss - but I've had a hectic morning and now I'm on my way to Edinburgh to stay with my pal for the night, so no time today! So really this is a bit of a non-blog... I'm hoping to take some cool photos of Edinburgh on my jakey digital camera but my skillz in that department are notoriously terrible!



21 said...

Ohh I have a friend that lives in Edinburgh too, love it up there so pretty and everybody is super friendly x

Kirsty said...

I agree - I'm from Glasgow born and bred and people definitely expect there to be a rivalry. Can't we all just get along? Glasgow is amazing, vibrant, happening and I love it, but at times it can be a little too harsh, a little too in your face, a little too rough. When I come back from being in Edinburgh I always feel happier and relaxed, like I've been on holiday. Love x

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