Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I am SO ready for winter! I can feel it getting colder in the evenings, and it's starting to get dark earlier and the whole thing makes me so excited! Soon you'll be able to smell the frost in the air...

I don't even care if it's to be 20 degrees tomorrow. I'm just going to ignore it and pretend it's time to look at investing in some warm and snugglies for fireworks night etc (EEEEEEEK!!). Today I stumbled upon Yokoo's Etsy shop. I was like, "hmm, I'm sure I recognise her face from somewhere..." UM, yeah turns out it was from Vice magazine ages ago!

She's a one woman knitting machine! These are my absolute favourites but I would happily wear any of her creations:

I think the top one - braided spice necklace - is probably going to be my first buy.

PS - Turns out I have to confirm my Pal Pal account or something, which will take a day or two, so once that's up and running I will be ALL about the eBaying.


rebecca said...

oh my god! these are so amazing! i especially love the scarf in the first photo


Emma said...

Too cool! I can't wait for winter either... x

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