Friday, 20 August 2010


Things that I am currently lusting over online:

So recently, maybe over the last 6 months or so, I've found I much prefer to buy clothes/accessories/anything at all online. Partly it's the convenience factor as venturing into town for a marathon shop after a 10 hour shift (or on a precious DAY OFF) is about as appealing as a 10k run at 6am in the rain with a hangover, and partly its the excitement and anticipation factor. Waiting anything from one day to two weeks for an individually wrapped package to arrive can keep me perky and fulla-the-joys for days. Here is a list of things I have been feverishly adding to my favourites and lusting over late at night in a more-than-just-slightly seedy manner...

Urban Outfitters BL_NK leather fringe bag. Words can't describe how much I want this bag. It reminds me of an All Saints number from a few years ago that had two fringed panels down the side. DIVINE! And at £160 it's tantalisingly within reach, however since I can't afford to get it now, sod's law dictates it will no doubt sell out in a matter or days, and God knows I've been burned before - see Carin Wester wedges later. I must find the money from somewhere...

Vivienne Westwood large skull bead necklace. Macabre yet colourful - VW never gets it wrong. I am lucky enough to own several pieces of jewellery by Viv and can account for the quality, value for money and beautiful packaging - again at £160 on Hervia, this is a close second to the bag.

Topshop Boutique velvet tie-dye smock. I don't know, velvet AND tie-dye usually would make me boke, but somehow the boffins at Boutique have perfected this beautiful textured maroony/blue hybrid, and I WANT.

Urban Outfitters sheepskin-lined multi-strap boot. A shameless blatant imitation of the Burberry AW10 sheepskin boots, but I am only human after all and these are still hot. Red hot.

BDG Baseball mesh maxi. Now, I am under no illusions about how horrendous this dress would look on me - the fact it even makes this size 6 model look curvy does not bode well for my frame. Trust me. HOWEVER, just look at those sheer sleeves coupled with the mid-length. I love how Urban Outfitters have styled it in this pic, with the chunkier boots and long pendant. If I was a waif I'd be wearing this right now.Topshop Ashby heeled clogs. All summer I wrestled with clogs. I loved them in theory, but wearing them I felt, honestly, like a bit of a fanny. However, THESE I could most definitely get on board with. Provided they are real leather.

Dainty Doll makeup range by Nicola Roberts. This used to be available at Jelly Pong Pong and a tiny sample is still being sold on ASOS but I happened to catch Nicola on GMTV this week talking about an imminent relaunch. I'm very excited to try the foundation as I can never find one light enough for my skin. I'm currently using Lancome Tent Idole Ultra in 010 but it is STILL too dark. I constantly find myself asking the folks in the beauty bit of Boots or Frasers, "Yeah but it is this the LIGHTEST shade you do?" I've decided to ditch the fake tan for winter so it's only going to get worse. This relaunch can't come quick enough.

Things that I have recently purchased:

Sterling silver Molar necklace from Verabel on Etsy. I originally thought it would be cool if it was a real tooth, perhaps not human as that's a bit gross, but maybe like a wolf fang or something, then I saw this beauty. I purchased it last week and I'm still waiting for it to arrive from the US so I'm currently surfing my eager-anticipation high.

Topshop chain shoulder mesh-insert tee. I guess this is my version of the BDG dress. It's much nicer on than this photo shows, and the metal detailing on the shoulders is very Balmain. Love it.

Toshop belted boyfriend coat. Despite the fact it is still frustratingly warm, Autumn says two things to me - NEW BOOTS and NEW COAT. This week I went on my winter coat hunt. I tried on loads, some from Toppers, some from Zara, some from Urban (disappointing selection, maybe it's too early for them?) but as soon as I put this on I knew it was the one. The deep V of the collar, the pocket detailing, the belt - everything is perfect. I also like it sans belt as it's not fitted and without it, it hangs in a delicious boxy, vintage way. There's at least two or three different looks going on here, and at £75 it's a bargain! Only issue is the sleeves are stupidly long, like proper comedy sleeves. I'm heading out today to get them taken up. AND it goes perfectly with... ..this little beauty - Fake Fur Cossack hat, again from Toppers. Wow, is there a theme emerging? I almost felt bad buying this as I know I could easily pick up a real fur one from any vintage shop in Glasgow, but call me crazy, the idea of putting something over my hair that someone else has been wearing for years and years just doesn't tickle me. I get the boke a little when I think about it, plus this is fake so I guess it's more PC, right? Although I really have no issue with fur as long as it's vintage, but that's for another post. Anyway, wearing this with my new coat I look like some sort of Russian spy - GOOD LOOK.There is a definite theme emerging here, as this cobweb long-sleeved top is also from Tophop, but truly, they have most definitely stepped it up for AW. With their new sleek website came several new collections, slick and stylish with a much more fashion forward vibe, especially within the Boutique section. This is from the Dark Nouveau collection which I like, but my favourite is The Outsiders... However, I digress. I love this top and it goes swell with my beloved old leather studded skirt.

Urban Outfitters, Truly Madly Deeply animal cross tee. I'm not a big fan of animal print actually, but I couldn't resist this t-shirt. Punky, grungy, it makes me feel like I should have half my head shaved or something when I wear it. Makes me want to buy a pair of DMs.

Finally, the Carin Wester leather wedged heels in black. These were once upon a time available on the Urban Outfitters website for a ridiculous sum, and despite pooling almost all my wages together I was still unable to buy them before they sold out which was FAST. Imagine my unbridled joy when only weeks later, upon dejectedly perusing one of my favourite blogs, Kingdom of Style (check the Blogs I Like section at the top) I see that Queen Michelle is selling her pair for a much discounted price. You know when you buy a pair of shoes that you know you love so much more than all your others? That are so perfectly in equal measures smokin' hot AND comfortable to wear? So perfect in fact, that you would happily throw out all your other night-time going-out shoes and only ever wear these for ever more? These are the shoes. 'Tis a beautiful thing when you find your shoe sole-mates (AHHHAHAHA!......).


The Caledonista said...

Nice blog! Really love that animal cross t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, you have good taste x

Kirsty said...

Thanks! Pretty hot eh? Haven't seen it in store yet but still online, grab it! Thanks for your comment, expect more posts in the next few days xx

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