Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Today my blogger spotlight falls squarely on the wonderfully-quirky Marlena from Self Constructed Freak...

I first became aware of Marlena after reading her cute collar tutorial over at Rookie mag...Yes, I KNOW it's an online magazine  (started by Tavi from Style Rookie - hero) for teenage girls and I haven't been a teenager for FIVE YEARS (omg) but everything about it invites me in. The content, the articles, the styling, the photos, the guest bloggers... WHY didn't this exist when I was 15?

Anyway, so Marlena was one of Rookie's awesome guest bloggers a while back and I've been creeping on her insane, grungy, teen-witchy, girly, pastel-gothy style ever since. Here's why I love her:

Here she is as Roy Lichtenstein's old school comic strip Crying Girl for Halloween. I mean, that's just RAD.

Pink eyebrows much? Hell yeah!

One of the best put-together outfits I've seen in a long LONG time. Every single detail is perfect!

The things I would do for this T-Shirt...


I rest my case.

I don't know about you guys but when I'm creeping on personal style blogs I always get so much more pleasure out of ones where the blogger has a really strong, statement, individual style that can't easily be copied by the masses. Of course, I do also like the ones where the gal is decked out head to toe in designer/highstreet finery purely for the lust factor, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blogs like Marlena's for genuine style inspiration. These pics make my heart happy. Or something less cheesy. But, yeah...

Definitely go check her, AND Rookie out. Maybe you'll find it appeals to your inner emo-girl teenager as much as it appeals to mine. Which is A LOT.

Also, Scottish folk, if you're planning on attending Scottish Ballet's winter spectacular - The Sleeping Beauty - keep your eyes peeled for a wee article in the programme written by yours truly. Don't want to give too much away so I will leave it as cryptic as that for now...

Oh, AND, if you're out and about in St Enochs, Buchanan Galleries, Princes Sq, Silverburn or pretty much any Glasgow shopping centre, remember to pick up a copy of the recently-rebranded UK Beauty Guide... Here's a sneak peek of my article:

Check me, pure banging on about trends like I know what I'm on aboot!

Friday, 25 November 2011


Y'all know how much I bang on about Mulberry, right? Well, last week I was very kindly invited to a fabulous event at the Mulberry store in Ingram Street in Glasgow - Mulberry Loves Scotland -  in celebration of the brand's Spring Summer 2012 collection. 

HOW ON EARTH could I pass up an opportunity to schmooze with press and customers alike, be wined and dined by the PR team, and spend quality time in the company of some of THE most gorgeous bags and accessories ever? I couldn't. Obviously.

What follows are about ten squillion photos and some ramblings about the collection.

Here is the lovely Carrie (stylish stylist who I work with at the Herald & Evening Times Group) looking WAY chic in her signature stripes-and-Alexa combo.
During the schmoozing and boozing in store, the lovely Jack from Mulberry HQ in London showed me a few of the stores best sellers (Bayswaters, Alexas and a particular leopard-print Evelina he couldn't keep his hands off) along with some of Spring Summer's newcomers.

Afterwards, we all trooped across Royal Exchange Sqare to the UBER posh 29 Private Members Club for wur tea. Well classy, and check out the awesome Mulberry decorations!

Animal balloon craziness.

Those OOOH! glasses were such a hoot and allowed for many hilarious photo opportunities, but I was also MASSIVELY impressed by the food! I had myself a Caesar salad, one of the nicest steaks I've EVER tasted and a scrummy pear tart. But the stand out food of the night had to be the freshly-baked bread to start. I genuinely couldn't believe bread could taste SO GOOD!

Bread deliciousness. MMM!

Um, tasty.

Spread out all over the lavish table were the sweetest wee Polaroid cameras to capture the debauchery. Here's a few of the photos we took up our end. Jack collected these up at the end of the night with a view to putting them on the official Mulberry blog - EEK! can you imagine my mug on there? Keep yer peepers peeled!

Stuffing my face. I'm so attractive, right? Wearing my red velvet Monki frock, the black version of which I am still GIVING AWAY but only until the 4th of Dec so get entering!

Oh hey there, DRUNK EYES.

Oooh bantz!

After the meal we got to leave with an animal balloon - I took the tiger which caused muchos taxi hilarity and scared the crap out my cat - a press pack and a TRULY EPIC goody bag! Here's a sneak peek at the BOOTY:

Cute, individual press pack canvas bag. Ooh, I say!

Lookbook made to look like a ice-cream wafer. UM, awesome.

General contents including all the relevant lookbooks, some more OOOH glasses, leather friendship bracelet, sticks of Mulberry rock, stickers and a stunning Mulberry scarf featuring the cutest embroidered doodles.
Like, WOW.

Some of my favourite bags from the accessories lookbook.
Please note in particular the pale pink Alexa and leopard-print Bayswater. I'm in love.

Absolutely adore that first outfit on the left - yes to shimmering metallics for next summer!

Some more favourites from Spring Summer 12, described by Mulberry as "inspired by the Great British summer and seaside shenanigans; donkey rides, ice-cream on the beach, sparkling pier lights and kiss-me-quick chic. Our new season is oh-so English, from the of ‘Carry On Camping’ to the quirky English habit of enduring the beach no matter the weather, raincoats and nostalgic fun all! Add plenty of eclectic Mulberry charm and wit, luxe detailing, signature season prints and strong layered silhouettes for our most bonkers and beautiful season yet!

Most bonkers and beautiful season yet? Couldn't agree more, Mulberry!

I'm really glad that Mulberry decided to host an event up here. As a quintessentially English name, it shows great brand initiative and integrity by branching out and making key press connections north of the border. After all, we are AWFY FOND of a Heritage label in Bonnie Scotland, and it's important for us all to get behind BRITISH fashion so the immense amount of talent we harbour in this country can continue to make an impact on a global stage.

And when the pieces are as expertly-crafted, luxurious, innovative and easy on the eyes as Mulberry's world-renowned accessories and garments are, it's not a hard task!

Thanks to the PRs, 29 Members Club Glasgow and Mulberry Ingram St Glasgow for an awesome evening.


Thursday, 24 November 2011


So my next bumper blog is on a fabulous Mulberry event I was invited to last week, but I'm a little pressed for time at the mo as there are literally hundreds of photos for me to whittle down! Nevertheless, the post should be up by tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, here's a collection of some of Bitching and Junkfood's latest offerings... I'm seriously swooning over this remade vintage jumper, as featured in the Urban Outfitters winter magazine:

Lush, right? I mean, hey, it's a bit out there but I'm really bored of bland, beige knitwear at the moment. Give me loud colours and mad embellishments any day! All about the bells and whistles at the mo.

Also LOVING the grungy 90s styling going on in these shots from their website...

Dark, bushy eyebrows and a pale pink lip = makeup heaven. Defo going to try out this look soon. Can anyone recommend a good baby pink? I've tried a rubbish No17 one before but it didn't stay on and looked really sheer.


Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a Monki dress, innit!

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