Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I must confess straight off the bat that I'm not always a lover of these designer/highstreet hookups and I'd even go as far as to say I HATED the last Lanvin for H&M collection with a burning passion. Thankfully this time round with their hotly-anticipated Versace collab, everyone seems to have got it right. Hurrah!

So I KNOW we've all seen it and talked it to death, but just for the  hell of it here are my favourite looks from the collection which hits the shops on Thursday.

Not sure if this is a top and skirt or just a dress but either way ME LIKEY. I don't much care for the rest of the prints in the collection - pink hearts etc, but this blue azure, leafy palm and leopard print hits the spot.

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This look totally SCREAMS Versace in yer face, right? Necklace, aye. Dress, aye. Shoes, NAW. Two outta three ain't bad. The little gold number is perfect for Christmas parties but beware unless you're super slim and petite or modelesque. I wouldn't wear it myself but I'd love to see it on someone who could pull it off.

Black leather and gold, NOW YER TALKING! Just a few of the leather jacket looks in this collection. Love the contrast in texture between the jacket and skirt- I usually like to try and mix up the fabrics if I'm wearing head to toe black myself. Basically I would rock everything here.

I don't actually own a gilet - weird - but I now feel very strongly that I should. Immediately.

If I met a dude wearing these breeks and jacket I'd have to rob him of his dignity of them. Especially that jacket.

Different breeks, same insane love for them. And there's that awesome tropical print again. Swoon.

Masculine, demure, modest, unassuming... NAWT. I don't think Donatella even has these words in her vocab y'all. Totally mental, totally Versace, totally love.

Not so much the jacket cos it hasn't got a collar (collarless jackets are the devil) but yes to the top and skirt underneath. Very much feeling that Greek/Italian meander pattern at the bottom of the skirt - reminds me of Classics lectures and slide after slide of ancient Italian friezes and whatnot. Anyway, kinda loving it.

Surely the piece de resistance? The already massively-blogged-about leather and gold studded dress. I'm tempted to set my alarm for 6am on Thursday JUST for this baby alone. At £180 it's not cheap but it's going to be the stand out, sell out piece - trust me!

Leather and gold belt and necklace. Yes, the second one is a necklace. BEAUT.

There are, of course, loads of other dresses, jackets, skirts, tops, leggings, bags and jewellery in the collection - even couch cushions! - but these are my personal favs. Not sure what time the Glasgow store opens on Thursday morning but I'm gonna phone and find out... See you in the queue!

What do you guys think of the collection? Also, weirdly, don't you think THIS little ditty totally works as the perfect soundtrack to these images? Go go GAGA you absolute heidcase!!


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I'm not a huge huge fan myself.. apart from the leather and gold items the rest is a little too out there for me! But obvs it's totally Versace .. xx

Julia M said...

Other than that ultra cool necklace, I'm not really a big fan. Still, much more interesting-looking than the Lanvin collection was-a lot of that was bland-city!

Wonderland Girl said...

LOVE the first and last dresses! Did you go this morning? And more importantly did you get anything?! Couldn't justify it myself with Christmas and holidays coming up :(
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Sarah, Sequin This said...

Wish I got my hands on some of the studded pieces, they're so lush! Especially the black leather dress xx

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