Thursday, 6 December 2012


Haven't done one of these in donkeys so I figured I better crack on.

It was genuinely difficult to remember what I've been buying lately - I only got paid half my wage at the end of October (the first half paid in the middle but all my bills came out then, ARGH!) so for the whole of November it felt like I was totally broke.

Cos I was.

Nevertheless, you know me...

Deena and Ozzy black pointed metal Hero boots (Urban Outfitters)
I was very kindly given a 30% off code for UO along with a preview of their SS13 collection which will be dropping soon. (MADNESS, NO?) I'm pretty sure this code was to buy something from this upcoming collection but when I saw these badboys I actually couldn't stop myself - I'd never have bought them otherwise, I SWEAR! I asked folk on Twitter if I should buy 'em and you all said yes, so really it's partly your fault too. THANKS, ENABLERS! They've not arrived yet but I doubt I'll be disappointed...

Pins and Needles paisley print lace up dress (Urban Outfitters)
This was in the sale so it's OK, right?! I'd had my eye on this for ages, ever since someone posted a pic of it on Facebook, and when it came down in price it felt like a crime to overlook it! One thing I will say though is that I had to have it taken up - Urban Outfitters' stuff is always cut for leggy models, not pear-shaped midgets. Which is why I've never successfully purchased a playsuit from them before - hello, saggy crotch syndrome... Anyway, newly-shortened it fits like a dream. Love it.

Tartan cotton dress from Topshop - eBay
Picked this wee bargain up from eBay a couple of weeks ago and I totally love it. It's one of those MAN REPELLER items - humongously baggy and shapeless and kinda ugly, but I have a soft spot for sack-like grungy dresses like this. Again though it's a bit long (story of my life) so I think I'll get it taken up or maybe have a go myself.

Vintage Tissavel faux fur coat - eBay
I actually just bought this this morning - SQUEAL! Isn't it a beauty? Listed as Buy it Now at just £25, how could I honestly resist? The only other fur coat I have is real (vintage also) so I'm interested to see how different this is to the real thing, but Tissavel has an excellent reputation for faux fur so I'm not worried. Can't wait for it to arrive - totes Christmassy and perfect as the temperature plummets.

Black paisley print lace dress - Topshop
I actually bought this a while back for the ROX Edinburgh opening party but changed my mind and went for something different in the end. Since then I've not had the chance to wear it since it's quite DRESSY on. Not one for a trip to the flicks with yer pals if you get me. However, with The Nutcracker this Saturday and The List's Hot 100 party on Tuesday, I'm sure it'll make it's debut soon. I'm planning to pair it with Lady Danger and a big huge bun. Sawwted.

Faux leather winter boots - Primark
This isn't really a great photo but these are cracking wee lace-up boots which I picked up for only £15! I'd been planning to buy another pair of sturdy winter boots one I got paid, but these have been seeing my through the frost and ice and I genuinely don't know if I need another pair now. If it gets mad snowy I may stretch to a pair of Hunters but my fur-lined Docs coped well last year so I don't see why they won't this year too.

Eyelash balcony bra and mini set - Topshop
Unlike loads of folk I know, I never used to have a penchant for pretty undies. FUNCTIONAL and PRACTICAL were always the name of the game, with the odd NOVELTY factor thrown in occasionally. But never did SEXY or PRETTY factor particularly high on my list. Partly because I don't massively love strutting around in my undies at the best of times, and partly because I always felt it was a bit of a pointless extravagance - give me a new bag or shoes any day! But recently I've been a little more conscious of what's lurking in my underwear drawer. I had a wee clear out the other week and OMAGAHD - the horrors! So many wrong-sized bras, half sets, random pants from ASDA multi-packs I don't remember buying... It was genuinely bad. So, yeah, I'm changing my ways and buying pretty sets now. I AM BECOMING A PROPER WOMAN, finally, at 25!
The Ameliah set from Agent Provocateur is my dream, cloud 9 fantasy set, but at over £400 those are some expensive pants and I'm not INSANE. This cute wee set from Toppers will do for now.
The bra is underwired but not padded which is a weird change for me (don't be wearing it under a t-shirt on a cold day) and it doesn't really hoick 'em up or squish 'em together, but it's very pretty so I can deal. I don't really love the pants all that much but they're a SET and apparently you should always match your undies in case you get hit by a bus, or something?!

MUA eyeshadow in number 19 - matt
Bit of a random curve-ball here. I actually bought this back in September as I was looking for a cheap, cool-toned brown eyeshadow for a change. I didn't like the way it swatched though (should have tried it in the shop but I didn't cos I'm a donut) and it's a little gritty and the colour payoff isn't brilliant. I recently discovered though, that this makes for THE BEST eyeshadow powder! Don't ask me how, when it's rubbish on lids, but swept over brows on a small angled brush this is the perfect colour and stays on for ages with a bit of brow gel over the top. I've always favoured brow pencils over powders but I'm totally converted now. Plus, it's like £1. Bargain!

Lee Stafford miracle shine spray with Argan Oil
I take terrible care of my hair. I have no excuses, I just can't be bothered with the time and effort. Consequently I'm well aware that at most times it's a frizzy, unruly, overly-long mess, or it's up in a bun and out of the way. I've never been one to bother much if it's a state, but the last couple of months it's been feeling more out of control than usual - basically I'm in desperate need of a good cut and conditioning treatment, but it's that old story of begrudging spending the money when I could have ACTUAL THINGS instead. Sob! I have such *PROBLEMS.*
Anyway, this wee spray is a miracle worker - it finishes my doo off after blow drying and manages the impossible task of making it look like it's somewhat shiny and in reasonably good condition. Unlike some pure oil sprays this is dispensed in a fine mist and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. I don't think it actually does anything beneficial to the hair itself, just makes it look a bit sleeker and more "done" which is a good thing when you just shampoo, blast dry and go. But I can only put off the inevitable for so long... Haircut, you're getting booked next week.

This is my ONLY recent skincare purchase, can you BELIEVE THAT? Oh, except from a Korres jasmine lip butter which I just remembered about... Anyway, yeah, Sudocrem. I'm in love with it!
In terms of fancy schmancy cleansers, exfoliants, moisturisers, serums, treatments and masks I'm pretty well stocked. But despite being the kindest to my skin I've ever been in my life, I've still been dealing with the same old issues - blemishes, scarring, and now I've developed this weird red ,dry, irritated bit next to my nose. Love ya, winter!
My pal Yazmin swears by the occasional Sudocrem facial for sorting her skin out, so a couple of weeks ago I bought a pot and tried it out. It's the weirdest feeling, smearing what is essentially nappy rash cream all over your face before bed! But I have to admit that in the morning my skin was the best it's looked in a long time. Any potential blemishes threatening to pop up had vanished and the wee red sore patch was vastly reduced. My skin didn't feel dry or tight, just normal. But mind you I do have oily combo skin so if yours is dry I'd be cautious.
Since then I've been doing it a couple of nights a week, always to brilliant results. Sadly these don't seem to last without regular use, but Sudocrem is so cheap and readily available that repurchasing isn't an issue. Opinion online is mixed about whether or not this is a good idea (Caroline of Beauty Mouth would probably shoot me) but it's been working for me so far!

Unity necklace - Ortak*
OK, this is a wee bit of a cheat since I was actually given this for free by the lovely folks at Ortak, but I was PLANNING on buying it, I swear! I'd been invited to an event at the Glasgow store to launch their new Charming range of necklaces and bracelets as gifts for Christmas. I couldn't attend unfortunately, but I had a swatch at the press release and made a mental note to pick up this pretty wee silver necklace (all of them are a steal at £35) when I got paid.
Little did I know one was already winging it's way to me - so chuffed and surprised! It's definitely my favourite design of the lot but there's loads of designs to choose from. I've not been paid to say this, or to feature the necklace, but as I was genuinely planning on buying it for myself, and as I do honestly think any of the range would make a sweet Christmas gift I figured I'd include it anyway. So there.

So that's what I've been buying recently. More there than I thought... Uh oh! Plus, not even started THINKING about Christmas yet! Frankly the thought terrifies me...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Last night the fashion world's beady eye cast its gaze towards a frosty Linlithgow, of all places, for the annual CHANEL Metiers d'Art show (Pre Fall 13). Yes, seriously, LINLITHGOW!

A location which might seem bizarrely random at first, begins to make sense with the revelation that, no, Mr Lagerfeld and his army of bony-elbowed muses didn't ACTUALLY descend upon the town hall (lovely though it is) but rather the stunning ruins of Linlithgow Palace - birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and James V.


Unlike the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections, the Metiers d'Art show, which has been going since 2002, is held one a year in a different location - Moscow, Bombay and Shanghai etc. It's aim is to not only show the Pre collection but to showcase specialist craftsmanship of CHANEL-owned ateliers. And seriously, though as quintessentially French as the Eiffel Tower and frogs' legs, CHANEL does have some genuine ties to Scotland.

Coco Chanel came here in 1925 with the Duke of Westminster and discovered a flourishing textiles industry, as well as fishing, hillwalking and haggis-hunting... Also, in October CHANEL saved 176 jobs in Scotland by purchasing cashmere business Barrie Knitwear. Based in Hawick, Barrie was formerly part of a once-mighty, 140 year old textiles conglomerate named Dawson's that went into administration earlier this year before CHANEL stepped in to secure its future. PLUS, not to mention the iconic CHANEL tweed suit jacket. Ain't nothing more Scottish than tweed, yo.

This Scottish-ness, combined with the romantic notion of Mary Queen of Scots and 16th/17th century royal court life, was the inspiration behind a RTW collection that managed to look both grungy and regal all at once...

Oh, and there was LOTS of tartan, obvs.

What a goofball. CAN I BE YOUR BEZZIE, CARA?

Stella Tennant, I love you!

Isn't it funny to see how others (Europeans, Americans, THE FRENCH) perceive us Scots? Karl has taken aww the stereotypes and CHANEL-ified them, and I love it! But not everyone did...

Several folk on Twitter boked at all the tartan outerwear, ghillie hats and kilts ("Karl clearly just watched Brave and Braveheart back to back!"), while others cringed at the Elizabethan-style ruffles and up-dos by Sam McKnight, straight out of Elizabeth. To be fair to those pointing out the obvious, every single cliche in the book was pulled out of the bag last night - I'm surprised they didn't walk round the runway to a rousing pipe band! But if they had, I'd have been LOVING IT.

I enjoy a bit of Scotland the Brave at the best of times, and SURE it was kind of obvious and maybe a little one dimentional - tartan and knits for winter is hardly groundbreaking, but it wasn't MEANT to be - but it was also utterly, utterly fabulous!

In particular the chunky Doc Marten style boots paired with slouchy jackets, scarves and patterned tights reminded me a WEE bit of the famous Steven Meisel shot from Vogue 92. This is the type of CHANEL I can relate to, not so much the prim, starched skirt suits and pearls... But there was glamour too with the finale of off-white gowns which wouldn't have looked out of place in the Palace of Linlithgow 600 years ago.

Overall it was VERY CHANEL - a little grunge, a little gaudy, chic, ostentatious, and exquisitely crafted and finished. Was it a bit pantomine? Yes, totes. Did I care? Not even a wee bit.

What did you guys think?! Opinion was quite divided last night...

Friday, 30 November 2012


Finally, after weeks of speculation, it's been as good as confirmed today that Alexander Wang will be the new creative director of Balenciaga, replacing Nicolas Ghesquière at the esteemed French fashion house.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

Y'all will know by now that I'm a big fan of Mr Wang here on FFS - or you SHOULD, I harp on about him enough! Although I've been aware of Alexander Wang since 2007, my full-blown obsession started when I picked a coveted Rocco as part of my Net a Porter prize in 2010... What arrived on my doorstep was a piece of expertly crafted, sporty, edgy, hard-wearing pistachio leather with studs and pockets and ALL KINDS of buttery-soft goodness, and that was it... LOVE! Not just for the bag but the brand. And the guy himself, too - just look at his wee smiling face! Adorbs!

So why will he be a good fit at Balenciaga - a formidable, somewhat elitist luxury French fashion house? Because for the past few seasons, it's almost as if previous creative director Nicolas Ghesquière has been paving the way for Wang to come in and set up shop. Balenciaga has been moving towards an edgy, contemporary look with clean lines, exquisite construction and tailoring for a number of collections, and that's what our man Wang does best. Example:


Pre Fall 2011 



See? And here's a few snaps of Balenciaga's latest collection for SS13. Hopefully you'll see the similarities... Essentially, to paraphrase Cher from Clueless, I'm hoping you can see why they would, like, MESH WELL together.

Do you see what I'm getting at? It's not even that they're similar so much as I can see a progression from one to the other. Wang will have to adapt and step it up, that's for sure, but he can also relax in the knowledge that no-one will be stepping on his famed edgy, street-chic vibe any time soon.

What else will Balenciaga gain from having Wang at the helm? Well, an unrivalled focus and attention to outerwear, hunners of uber-cool fangirls (models and celebs included), credibility from the YOOF, and, ultimately, massive sales. Alexander Wang has always excelled commercially - something I'm sure Balenciaga can now expect to cash in on.

Also, is it weird that I feel sort of PROUD? I've followed Alexander Wang since he started his own label in 2007 at just 23, and I guess this decision feels like a validation of success through sheer talent - something it's hard not to be pumped about.

So, yeah, ON YERSEL, Alex! Huzzah!

Thursday, 29 November 2012


If you were ever in any doubt of Yoko Ono's insanity, maybe her collaboration with Opening Ceremony will prove to you once and for all that, YUP, she's utterly MENTAL.

The capsule collection entitled 'Fashions for Men 1969-2012' is based on a book of illustrations by Yoko given to John Lennon as a wedding gift. And what were these illustrations? Oh, only some garments INSPIRED BY JOHN LENNON'S "HOT BOD":

"I felt it was a pity if we could not make clothes emphasising his very sexy bod. So, I made this whole series with love for his hot bod and gave it to him as a wedding present. You can imagine how he went wild and fell in love with me even more."

Um... Okaaaaay?

Just... Seriously, just wait...

It's a bum.



Yes, that's a jock strap. And, YUP, those are knee pads. Where is my wee wide-eyed emoticon when I need him?!

No denying it, this is absolutely batshit insane, but I kind of applaud it for that. In Yoko Ono's world, what guy wouldn't love a pair of black breeks with a massive white hand cupping their junk?! Not John Lennon, that's for sure. Now there's an interesting visual...

If you are crazy enough to want to buy something from this collection, it's on sale over at Opening Ceremony now. (Along with these Mishka wooden-heeled boots. I DIE.)

Just some random mentalness folks. AND WHY NOT.

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