Wednesday, 13 March 2013


It's been AGES since I've done a recent purchases post. Like I mean months and months. Don't be fooled, it's not been because I've not been BUYING stuff... AS IF! I guess I've just been lazy about keeping track of it all. But over the past few weeks I've made a consented effort to keep a note of where all my money's been going... To GUILT myself into a spending ban, if nothing else because SERIOUSLY, it really is out of control.

Anyway, yeah, here we go.

Antipodes Apostle skin brightening and tone correcting serum
Sigh. Yes, another brightening serum - they are my own personal brand of heroin and I am DEEP into my addiction. I'd run out of my REN Radiance Perfecting serum (did I even mention that in a blog somewhere?) and to be honest I wasn't wowed at all. I never DON'T use a radiance/skin tone correcting/brightening serum though, so I guess it's hard to gauge results. But retailing at over £30, I had expected to see SOMETHING happen and, honestly, I didn't. Thankfully the same can't be said for this! It's dispensed via pipette (like ANR) and the weird red fluid and smells like crushed up fruit, because basically that's what it is. It smells GENUINELY like you could eat it.
After patting in twice daily for about four/five days now I can say that some annoying scarring from a few recent breakouts has definitely reduced. Also, a few minutes after putting this on, any residual redness on my skin has completely vanished. It can leave your face feeling a bit tight so a moisturiser on top is a must, but overall I'm really loving it so far - feels and looks like it's actually doing something. Yay!

Caudalie Eau De Beaute Beauty Elixir
This is a firm favourite I've gone without for ages and I don't really know why. Well, I do really - the price. It's basically some lovely oils dissolved in water that smells heavenly and can be spritzed under or over makeup, but it's not cheap.
I caved though, because I love it so much. I use this in place of a toner, which I always felt was a bit of an unnecessary step, but this definitely wakes my face up a bit (wow, clarity), closes pores and makes whatever you put on next (the serum usually) sink in much quicker. I don't know exactly how it works but it does and I love it.

Caudalie Divine Oil
I blame Estee from Essie Button on this ENTIRELY. I have no idea what video it was but I was watching one of hers on YouTube (actually I think it was a winter favourites or something) and she mentioned this multi-purpose body oil and how it smelled AMAZING and that was it. Hooked.
I've been using a Soap and Glory body moisturiser for a while - God knows what one, there's hunners! One that comes in a squeezy tube not a tub - and it's been working OK but nothing to write home about. The sweet scent is nice but after weeks it can start to grate a bit and I've been after something a little more sophisticated smelling for a while. This is DEFINITELY it. I used the NUXE multi-purpose oil a while back and loved it, but this is even better since it comes with a spray pump and smells ACTUALLY heavenly. Sweet, woody, rosey, mmmm just actually SO GOOD! For best moisturising results I spray it all over when I'm still a bit damp after a shower and it sinks right in.
[Every time I write the word "multi-purpose" I have to fight my fingers not to type multi-porpoise. FACT.]

Joico K-Pak Reconstructor
This was a totally random, last minute basket-addition on Feel Unique. I had in the back of my mind that I was MAYBE looking for a nourishing hair mask of some kind, but I'd done no research and I'm pretty sure I just bought this cos there was some money off. Like £5 or something, but still....
My hair has been kind of dry and damaged recently. I had some highlights (how 90s) put in a few months ago and then decided to lighten the ends myself a bit for a sort of UBER soft ombre effect. I used the L'Oreal Wild Ombre kit in number 2 by the way, and I was really pleased with it. It didn't make a massive difference but I wasn't looking for one so it suited me fine, but if you were looking for a dramatic ombre effect you might be disappointed. AAAAAAAAANYWAY, as a result my hair hasn't been in the best condition. Some days are better than others but it's generally a bit dry, tuggy and breaks easily.
I've only used this once and I liked the results. It made my hair feel smooth and nourished without weighing it down, but it smells REALLY weird, like over-ripe bananas and oats or something. Kind of like it was once a "fresh" product that went off. Not sure if I can really stomach it to use it often... Every time the wind blows and you get a waft - BOKE. We'll see.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hour eyeshadow
Jumped on the bandwagon and bought On and On Bronze. Can you believe this is my first foray into cream eye shadows? I like it I guess, but I never normally have a problem with eye shadows creasing anyway so I wasn't looking for it to solve any particular problem really. It's very creamy, blends nicely and lasts all day. Am I BLOWN AWAY? Nah, but it's decent enough. Although it's a bronze, it's quite cool-toned which doesn't work brilliantly with my colouring so bear that in mind, and it's SUPER shimmery.

MAC's Satin Taupe
I've wanted this FOREVER but the stupid MAC concession in Silverburn has been out of it for weeks and I've given up trying to get anyone to serve me in Frasers - actually a shower of rude, ignorant eejits working in there and I don't care who knows it. SO many times I've had a bomb burning a hole in my pocket ready to drop on loads of stuff, but no one has approached me even though I'm OBVIOUSLY mooching about totally clueless, or sales assistants have blatantly ignored me and carried on their own conversations behind the till. I've walked out loads of times absolutely fuming and spent the money elsewhere.
Rant asise, I finally manged to get my hands on this and I'm completely underwhelmed. The formula is lovely, typically of MAC shadows it's high quality, soft, blends like a dream and lasts all day, but the colour is totally wrong. I should have known it wouldn't suit me - GAHD! When will I learn, I only suit warm-toned bronzes and browns on my eyes and this is very grey and ashy, it almost leans a little purple in some lights. Basically it makes me look like I haven't slept in a week/have the beginnings of a shiner forming. Not good. If you have brown eyes go get it though, bet it would lovely.

MAC 217 brush
I've been using a cheap No7 version of this for donkeys but finally got the real deal and it's as good as the hype - blends amazing, feels sturdy and solid but can be really gentle and subtle. Never picks up too much product and reduces fallout. It's pure good.

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse 301 Dating Coral
This looks super pink in the picture but in reality it's a lovely soft peachy coral colour. Still obsessed with coral lipsticks and this is just the latest edition to an ever-expanding collection. I'm really loving creamy lipsticks at the moment, as opposed to matt, drying ones, and I prefer the formula of these to the Revlon Lip Butters as I find them a bit sticky whereas the Rouge Caresses are much more moisturising. I do find that this acts as a slight stain on my lips as after the glossy/creamy finish has worn off the colour hangs about for another couple of hours. It's a subtle shade but warms up the skin and looks amaze with a tan. Love it.

black Topshop playsuit £40
Another whim, but you can never have enough LBPs for going out, right? Topshop is the only place I can buy playsuits that actually fit me thanks to their petite line - everywhere else, and even the regular line in Toppers, playsuits are cut for GIANTS. Saggy-crotch is not a cool look guys! Anyway, this fits nicely - the sleeves are quite tight and the shorts are VERY short but with tights it's all good. It's tight enough to fit me properly at the waist as well and not BAG out which is always nice. Bit fancy, bit goff, bit bangin. Done.

Stripe Topshop dress £38
I bought this without trying it on as I was pushed for time and figured it might be nice for work but I REALLY should have bothered because it's a very weird fit. I got a 10 but it's cut really big so the shoulders and waist are stupidly baggy. Obviously, because it's me, the ass bit fits fine but it's everywhere else that it's too big. Comically so. An 8 will be out of the question due to my BOOTAY so I think it's going to need to go back. It's such a frustration when dresses that look like they're cinched in at the waist aren't quite cinched enough. Proper grinds my gears. If you are boyish I'd say this would probably work much better but go a size down to be safe.
Kurt Geiger leather Winchester Chelsea Boots - £50 in the sale
Such a bargain, these were originally £130! Spotted them in T5 when I was down in London but they had sold out in 5s and ordered me one of the last two pairs left to be delivered to the Silverburn store. They're really comfy and shiny and (though you can't tell from the pic) VERY pointy which makes me think/act like I'm one of the Horrors circa 2007. Mind them? Anyway, yeah, love. I'm not convinced they suit me massively cos they come up quite high and cut my wee legs off right at the bit when my calves start to get a bit fat but C'EST LA VIE.

Volkswagen Polo S white - PURE HUNNERS
Yassssss! Actually so excited for this! I've had a lovely wee yellow VW Fox for about 4 years now but it's getting a bit past it and I'm doing more driving with my job so I wanted something a bit more sturdy. The Polo is inbetween the Fox and the Golf and my new wee one is white and has amazing, mind-blowing things like CENTRAL LOCKING and a bit for your IPOD and AUTOMATIC WINDOWS and lots of fun things like that which the Fox, bless it, never had. I pick it up on Friday and I'm so so so so pumped I can't even wait. Jesus, I am so sad.

So there you go, reasons why I've been skint recently. I also went on a mini break last weekend which was SUPPOSED to be a romantic getaway but because my life is ACTUALLY a farcical chick lit plot, THAT fell apart and I ended up going with my awesome pal Laura instead. We stayed at the Isles of Glencoe hotel in Ballachulish next to Glencoe and it was honestly so beautiful, I've never seen scenery like it. Hutch and I are not big OUTDOORSY types but we managed a walking trail thing up a big giant hill and did lots of boozing and sleeping and laughing and eating and it was generally brilliant. So yeah, I guess that counts too cos it wasn't cheap either.

And, not to be a pure cheeseball, but it just goes to show that even if things turn to utter shit it's nothing that good pals, good booze and good times can't fix. FOR. REAL.


BeautyH2T said...

I am sporting Dating Coral as we speak ( love ) and dont you got making my antipodes habit any bigger, currently loving their divine oil and manuka honey mask and hankering after MORE! glad you had a good getaway in the end treacle xxx

Kirsty said...

The Manuka mask is my FAVOURITE ever! Love love love it! Thanks pal xxx

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

I need the Antipodes serum - currently using the Origins Mega Bright and not loving it! Also might need to invest in an actual 217 sometime soon :L

Hope your okay, glad you had a good time with your friend!

Jessica said...

Can I just stick my oar in with the girls at the Mac concession in Frasers? Unbelievable rudeness. Countless time have I wandered about in there brandishing a tester at any of their plentiful, tranny-make-upped staff and I just got the absolute dingy! I feel like I could ram a £50 note up one of their nostrils and they STILL wouldnt help me find anything/give me advice/put me out if I was on fire. I'm always in there visiting the lovely girls at Benefit and usually have a mooch through Mac on the way out, and I'm always in a pure huff by the time I get to the door. I've only ever actually bought one thing from Mac (lippy in Morange, obv) and I got it in Paris where the staff were actually less snotty and hateful - way to let down Great Britain ya cows. Anyway thats my essay over, even though I could literally rant about this topic for days.
Great post! Xx

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