Thursday, 7 March 2013


SO, last weekend I got to do something SUPER exciting... I got to go to London Fashion Weekend!

One of the brands I work for was sponsoring the GILES show and although I did try to wangle a pass for that, alas it wasn't to be, but I DID get to go along to scope out or presence at the consumer show part of LFW held the weekend after London Fashion Week proper. Exciting!

Although I was there TECHNICALLY for work purposes, still an excuse to buy a new outfit, obviously, and I settled on this brightly coloured patterned top and skirt from Toppers:

 I don't feel like it comes up all that well in this picture but I was really happy with it in real life. It was smart but still fun and COMFY, which, given that I was flying down and back in the same day, was a big consideration.

Coffee and stylist on the 8.30 flight from Glasgow. Sorted!

Blue skies all the way!

OH HEY, I'm in a lift in London. I'm wearing that suit thing from Topshop, my Topshop coat, Zara bag and Urban Outfitters shoes. I had wanted to wear my Burberry trench and Mulberry bag (dahhling) but I'm very protective of the trench and couldn't trust myself with it for a full day. SPILLAGES people. Also, that Zara bag fits EVERYTHING in it, Mary Poppins style.

British Museum from the back of a taxi.

I was meeting a client who was running late so NATURALLY I spent a fortune on these wee mini version of three of my favourite books from the Somerset House gift shop. Over £30. Worth it.

Front row for the Hilary Alexander-styled trend show!

Nice breeks

Nice tache

Nice, um, kaftan thing.

Pretty headdress

My favourite trend - Dolls House. Lots of pink and PVC and huge shoes.


Very boozy "working" lunch at Tom's. Properly scooped by now...

So much so I spent 15 mins in the toilets taking moody black and white selfies and massively holding up the ginormous queue that had formed behind me. SORRYNOTSORRY!

Somerset House looking CHILLY.

So after the shows and schmoozing and eating I found myself in Rokit in Covent Garden stumbling between racks and racks of hugely-overpriced vintage stuff. Almost spent a fortune on a fleece-lined denim jacket... MISTAKE. I blame the champers.

Where the big bucks got spent... Terminal 5 duty free.

Cath Kidson stand awesomeness.

Plane boobage.

In terms of the trends on offer at the shows I was most impressed with Eastern Influence and Doll's House. The others were fairly predictable and didn't feel very current, but these two were right on the money coming out of what was shown at LFW in September and I think, if you stick to a pretty statement Kimono jacket or lots of edgy candy pinks and chunky sandals this summer you'll be BANG ON. Zara already have both trends fairly well covered in store at the moment... RANDOM ASIDE. Anyway, check me trying to talk about trends like an expert! WHIT.

If I'm honest I was just pumped to be in London for the day. Hopefully we'll have an even bigger presence in September and I MAY get to go to a show but who knows. It was a nice wee day out nonetheless, even if I did drop a small fortune at duty free.

Ended up getting talked into an Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which I've not used in about ten years but I'm sort of loving it again. May well do a wee review on it and why it works for me when I would usually go for a satin or dewey finish foundation as a rule... OH GOD does anyone care? It's 16.59 on a Friday and I've lost it.


LynseyMac said...

So jealous, it looks amazing! I've just been looking at the posts my friend has put up about it, she won a place in a bloggers contest to take photos at London Fashion Weekend, I'll pop a wee link to her posts here, they're really good!

Love the Topshop suit, and your eyeliner looks amazing in that black and white photo!

Lynsey xx

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

Love the skirt and top combo, and the 3 mini books were defs all kind of worth it ;)

girlinthecity said...

oh yes toots.. I care - geez your foundation chat.

I love that you got to go to LFW.

I also loved your slightly sparkled tweets.


a x

Girl in the City Glasgow

Laura Albini said...

Nice dress and kaftan especially.

Anonymous said...

you write like an idiot. who the fuck has problems with "spillages" anyway ?
and boobage? you dumb whore

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