Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Whilst perusing the New Yorker site (which I do aw the time cos I'm so cultured and that) I noticed the cute cover illustration - New Yorkers in Love - by Luci Guti√©rrez.

I don't know why but there's something very Love Story about these two, no? I can't recall if Ali MacGraw actually wears a beret in Love Story (my heart and fuzzy memory says she does) but still, it's a sweet image.

The New Yorker ran a wee feature on it, including a few pictures of similar cover illustrations from the 1920s which were so cool I had to share em...

My favourite is the sailor and floozy - ooft!

Not convinced about this last one but I guess you could argue the couple in love here are the two in the foreground having A TOTAL LOL.

Anyways, d'awwwww! 20s New York, I'd like to be in you.

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