Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Oh hey! So I've been up to a whole host of stuff lately including stuffing my face, shopping, boozing... The usual.

Over Easter weekend, while most folk were gorging on Easter Eggs, I took a trip into town to visit Urban Outfitters. I've sorely neglected Urban recently - the lure of Silverburn proves too great most weekends for an UBER LAZYBONES like me - but there's only so much Topshop/H&M a girl can take, so I wandered in for a swatch. Got myself a few things but to be honest I was SUPER restrained as there's hunners of good stuff in just now, including a pretty good sale. 

Couldn't decide between this dress and the blue version at half price but ultimately went for this as I figured the colours were nicer and I'd probably get more wear out of it in Spring WHEN IT EVER BLOODY ARRIVES. Harrumph.

Just your basic silky black t-shirt but I find myself living in t-shirts most weekends and this silky, floaty version feels a wee bit smarter than my usual tea-stained efforts. It's nice with dark jeggings and heeled boots. Works for a more casual look at work too. Blummin £40 though!

Bargainous faux-leather wee studded bag in the sale. I'm normally a carry-everything-around-but-the-kitchen-sink type gal, but sometimes a wee bag is called for. Plus I have a weird rash type thing in the crook of my arm from constantly carrying heavy bags around - looks like little burst blood vessels. GROSS, but true. Must start utilising my shoulders yo.

I had my eye on this 90s style tie dye Evil Twin dress ages ago but at £90 I just couldn't really justify it. Spotted it in store at £50 and was SOLD. Perfect for summer WHEN IT EVER BLOODY ARRIVES. They only had a small left and it's a leeeeeetle tight on the bust, but I mean, I can just like hunch or something. Couldn't NOT get it.

Last Wednesday I was very kindly invited to the launch night of Munro's on Great Western Rd - or the old Captain's Rest as I kept calling it. It was a lovely wee night of craft beer (which I actually drank and loved despite always claiming to hate beer. My favourite was the Caledonian Deuchars or something, mmm!), nibbles and lolz.

I took the bf (because YES there is a bf this time - told you, actual life of a chick-lit novel) and we both thouroughly enjoyed. Think bf was still mourning the loss of Captain's Rest as the new pub looks quite different - sort of shabby chic with comfy booths and quirky light-fittings etc. but I really enjoyed the new feel.

Hunners of craft beers so if you're into that then Munro's is your place. If you like tasty bar nibbles,
pizza and wine you won't be disappointed either. Win.

Over the weekend I was cat-sitting Southside again so on Easter Monday we ambled along to the Glad cafe in Shawlands for a nosy at THEIR nibbles. 

Serious and silly. Also, look at my Jeremy Beadle hand!

Cool wee place with a nice vibe. The food didn't WOW me to be honest (I had the soup and sandwich deal) but I really liked the decor and arty feel. Apparently the Glad Cafe is a social enterprise with the legal structure of Community Interest Company. As a social enterprise they have a social purpose to eventually plough profits, (once loans have been repaid), into affordable music lessons for local people. Right on, man.

They have some interesting art up around the place and their wee Glad Rag magazine publishes poems and short stories from local writers. There's also a music venue area through the back. Southside is the new Westend folks, you heard it here first. Check it out if you're in Shawlands. 

Assorted miscellaneous pics from my weekend include...

A random back garden we passed while running about like hyper eejits round Linn Park yesterday afternoon. The picture doesn't show it all that well, but someone had strung silvery streamers on the fence so they shone all pretty and glittery in the sunshine. GOD, LISTEN to me! But from far away through the trees it did look quite magical... Just take my word for it. #photogfail

And general kitten cuteness.

Hope y'all had a nice Easter. Now where the HELL is Spring?


Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

We're you sitting by the door at the Munros thing? Thought it was you then didn't want to be like HI ARE YOU KIRSTY in case it wasn't. Which would have been embarrassing... Love the black silk tshirt and the Evil Twin dress! Also, switching to a shoulder bag like NOW.

girlinthecity said...

Kirsty's got a boyfriend. Kirsty's got a boyfriend.

man I'm such a grown up ;) x

BeautyH2T said...

hahaah ^ Ann just stole my comment- LOVE IT! xxx

Kirsty said...


Yeah Roisin, I was near the door. I never spotted you though, no idea you were even there! Wish you'd grabbed me to say hello, next time for sure xxx

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