Monday, 29 April 2013


On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Scottish Ballet's latest production - Highland Fling.

Originally produced in 1994 by Olivier Award winning choreographer Matthew Bourne and presented exclusively by Scottish Ballet, Highland Fling is a wonderfully imaginative reworking of the classic romantic ballet La Sylphide with a wickedly wry Scotch twist.

"Highland Fling follows the antics of James – a young Scot with sex and love and rock and roll on his mind.  Recently married to his beloved Effie, his addiction to excess finds him in the fateful company of a beguiling gothic fairy.  As his love for the strange and beautiful sylph becomes an obsession, he embarks on a fateful journey that takes him from the mean streets and nightclubs of Glasgow into a magical world beyond reality and reason."

I have to say, this was MAYBE my favourite Scottish Ballet production I've seen thus far. Bold statement but it really was brilliant.

I took the bf and, as it was his first time, I was a little worried he might be left twiddling his thumbs towards the end. Though he's a fairly cultured sort of guy (ROFFLE), ballet isn't for everyone and in a packed, warm Theatre Royal it's easy to become fidgety and restless if you're not totally engrossed by the story/choreography.

Happily though, we both loved it. In particular, Scottish references like the Rangers and Celtic adornments in the council flat backdrop, and the wee auld granny getting right into the festivities in her mobility scooter tickled wur funny bones something awful. But there was a nice contrast in the second half as it became decidedly darker, taking a turn for the macabre with copious amounts of fake blood and a haunting pas de deux that almost brought a tear to the eye, helped in no small measure by the SEVERAL red wines consumed during the interval...

Overall it was the perfect introduction to ballet for a novice, and a refreshing break from the classics for myself. Funny, imaginative and engaging, one not to miss FOR SURE.

Plus, it was a great excuse to dress up on a Saturday and make a night of it. I got to wear my fab new bright orange stilettos...

...while bf stuck to the Scottish theme with his trusty Harris Tweed jacket. Lol at it getting a sneaky AIR OOT beforehand!

(This was by far the classiest thing we did all weekend, Sunday being spent mooching around Primark, and consuming Pop Tarts and Pez in front of the tellybox. Oooft!)

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