Thursday, 2 May 2013


So last night I went along to the new menu launch at Morblas Seafood and Grill at the Hilton in Glasgow.

I've only been in the Hilton once before for a pretty disastrous work Christmas party EONS ago... let's just say things got messy... Anyway, I hardly recognised it at all when I arrived last night, fresh outta work and hungry for grub. 

Nice toenail-clippings light feature! I jest, I actually thought this was pretty cool. BF and I were early, OBVIOUSLY, such is our extreme enthusiasm for a munch, so we hung about the pretty lobby until it was socially acceptable to go on over and grab some beer/Prosecco from our lovely host, Tracy from DADA. Holla!

Here we are having a gander at the menu, which is annoyingly all blurry cos I'm trying to snap this photo and hold my drink AND apply my kissable balm stain at the same time. Soz.

Anyway, once the wee tasters started coming out, highlights included butter-roasted scallops, kind prawn bruschetta, Loch Fyne oysters which I was too chicken to try, ham hock terrine, dry aged Scotch beef, smoked haddock with a tiny wee poached egg on top, mini burgers and spring pea and garlic risotto. SCRUMMY.

wee poached egg!

Wanted to take a pic with me holding these at my boobs but decided against it. Can't take me anywhere.

Pudding of rhubarb crumble.

I think my favourite thing of all was the king prawn bruschetta which I didn't even get a snap of I gobbled it up so fast! The prawns were cooked in butter and were so so so tasty! The mini burgers were scrummy too, as was the smoked haddock AND the beef. Wasn't overly keen on the veg tagine, but it's the kind of thing I wouldn't ever order anyway. Oh, and the risotto was amazing too!

BF and I are total gannets and were a bit worried we might not get enough to fill wur giant bellies but actually the samples appeared thick and fast and I got to try one of almost everything which was pretty awesome. By the end we were totes full which is like, pretty good going! #hollowlegs

Here's the chef (whose name escapes me - oops!) talking about how his deal is all about cooking good food simply. I get that, it definitely felt like the ingredients used were pretty top notch, and when that's the case, sometimes the less you do to them the better. Or something? Maybe? Check me chatting like I know the first thing about cooking!!

But yeah, nice wee way to spend a Wednesday. Before, I'd never have really have considered looking at hotel restaurants if I was booking a meal out, but after this it's definitely something to keep in mind. I'd definitely go back to Morblas for sure.

Have you ever been to The Hilton for food?

Ps... hungry face. Roffle.

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