Thursday, 26 August 2010


Damn you Urban Outfitters sale! I can't resit a bargain and when I spotted this beauty reduced from £75 to £49 I didn't even realise what I was doing until I found myself starting at a "thank you for your order" email... It's a sickness!

Vaudeville and Burlesque bow front dress:

I love the draping but the material is really thin and stretchy, and I'm worried I might rip it just pulling it on. Another thing is that it's slightly tight across my bust. I would never normally consider going bra-less TRUST ME - with a somewhat ample bosom it's just not a good look. However this dress would look so much better if it just draped and hung nicely down my front rather than bulged unattractively... So I will consider it. I've been invited to attend a fashion show tomorrow night and if I go I'm going to wear this with (hopefully) some berry-coloured tights and the Carin Westers. If only I had a Westwood bag to complete the look!

Also inspired by the styling in this photo I decided it was about time for a new pair of glasses. It wasn't very long ago that I bought new tortoise-shell Ray Bans (NOT the Wayfarer ones everyone is sporting in a tribute to geek-chic) but I just don't like them much any more. I know, pathetic excuse to buy new frames, what can I say, I'm fickle when it comes to accessories.

Originally I had my eye on this pair after they were listed on

However, they are £134 which is a little pricey, especially when you consider I'd have to pay around the same for my ULTRA MEGA SLIMMED DOWN lenses to be added. My prescription is so horrendous (-9.5 and -8.0) that I have to have them slimmed to the max before they stop looking like milk bottles, and it's an expensive hassle. PLUS they are now sold out... That phrase is the bane of my life.

Sooo I settled on these quirky bad-boys from MODvintageshop on Etsy:If I get them and I don't like them then I intend to sell them on, so I'll let you know on here and if you want them just gimme a shout! I did have an eBay account but can't remember my password, I should probably look into that. I much prefer to buy than to sell...

I digress. Finally I had an hour to kill in Urban yesterday before meeting a friend for dinner, and I ended up with this. Something to go with the glasses, obviously? Practically a necessity.

The one I bought has black polka dots on the top, not flowers. I tried on the floral one but in the end the spotty one had a more quirky feel.

I have GOT to stop spending all my money on clothes. I go back to part time as from next week and I'll just not be able to afford it. But I figure, get everything I need (want) now right?? RIGHT?? I need help.

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