Monday, 13 September 2010


This week I went back to University to start my Masters in Multimedia Journalism.

Without wanting to sound PURE SAD, recently the circumstances of my life have changed, and over the last few months I've felt as if I've slowly been waking up from a dream. I could have carried on living the way I was, in fact it would probably have been easier. I've been working full time, plodding along in neutral not really engaging with my life - and then suddenly in June I made the decision to stop floating and start moving in the direction I want to go. In the past I've felt or been made to feel guilty for having career ambitions and subconsciously I think that's why it took me so long to make the choice to wake up.

It was empowering to make a potentially life-changing decision and follow it through - and I feel stronger for it.

And so on Monday, along with hundreds and thousands of fresh-faced undergrads, most of whom are 5 years younger than me, I once again got up early and trudged through the horizontal rain to my first class of the day.

I'm loving it so far! It's certainly jam-packed - 9-5 every day and I'll be working part time at the weekend, so I'm expecting to be pretty exhausted for the next year, but I am SO ready for it :)

Bring on the shorthand...

This time next year I'll know what this scribble says. YASS!

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