Saturday, 11 September 2010


Despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm really not one for prints. I like a well placed muted floral, and the odd splash of animal print here and there, but as for all over prints, they make me a bit dizzy and since I'm small and curvy, I feel they can sometimes make me look a little chubster.

Having said that, there's one print I've been noticing around more and more recently, and it's one I can really get on board with - A beautiful cosmic space print.

The coveted Your Eyes Lie space print vest sold out on Topshop a while back and alas they haven't yet got it back in. They do have a selection of others, just not that particular one.

How stupid of me not to go straight to their own website, where there it was in all its glory, and most importantly, still in stock:

I ordered it in a medium - hope it's not small made as I really want it to drape and hang well. I've been day dreaming about this vest for ages, I don't know why I didn't just google Your Eyes Lie sooner!

This one's also a peach:

With Topshop Unique already hinting at space prints for SS11, I'll eat my faux fur cossack-stylee hat if this print isn't everywhere next summer.


beewaits said...

Your eyes lie really is a hit or miss for me. The galaxy/nebula prints are pretty much made of heaven, but there is a lot on the site I find waaaaaaay to cutsey. I do need me some galaxy print and your eyes lie is in budget..kind of.


Kirsty said...
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Kirsty said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Kind of like Wildfox in that respect, a few really cool prints but the majority are a bit too sickly-sweet. I'm
becoming really obsessed with that galaxy print... Seeing it EVERYWHERE! x

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