Friday, 1 April 2011


Today I have nothing much to say, sartorially speaking, so instead hows about a posed and overexposed laptop shot of the new do?


*BAYYUM (poison up in yo body)* :

And just because I look super sad and serious, here's a ridiculous rubbery-chops photato to take the edge off...

Such a beauty.

Aaaanyway, if my lips look a bit weird in those photos it's because I am actually wearing this Topshop lippy called Desert:

Might look semi-OK in the pictures but in real life it makes me look like a corpse. Correction, MORE like a corpse than ususal. It also clumps inbetween the cracks of my lips and goes all slidey and greasy and generally boke. Maybe this would suit someone will a more olive skin-tone, but for me it's a ginormous thumbs down :(

In other news, I went to a charity gig on Wednesday for the Japanese Tsunami at Stereo, where Scott from Frightened Rabbit did a wee accoustic session.

He played this song at the end without a mic, and the entire sold-out audience hushed up and sang along - some better than others it has to be said..... LOL @ me bellowing out the first word "POKE..." a good 4 bars early while everyone was dead silence... *shakes head*.

Anyway, magical doesn't even come close to describing the atmosphere. Just listen...

Should look through some old photos, I adored you in every one of those.
If someone took a picture of us now they'd need to be told
That we had ever clung and tied a navy knot with arms at night
"I'd say she was his sister but she doesn't have his nose."

And now we're unrelated and rid of all the shit we hated
But I hate when I feel like this and I never hated you.


Jasmin said...

aww i love frightened rabbit so much, they had a residency at ibiza rocks last summer so i must have seen them a crazy amount of times in such a short space of time! your hair really suits you even if the lipstick doesn't! although it doesn't look bad at all in the photos, definitely not corpse like! :) x

Kirsty said...

Aw thanks Jasmin! I'll be honest and admit that I was never really a big fan, but after Wednesday I'm converted! zz

Katie Styles said...

hair looks amazing. you gorgeous gorgeous girl xx

Anonymous said...

haha, love the fact you were a bit eager singing along ;)
you look lovely in your pictures:) the lipstick looks nice in the photographs but I know what you mean about looking different 'in real life' its a shame :(
Your hair really suits you :D xxx

Julia M said...

Frightened Rabbit seem like a band you have to see live to appreciate :)
The lipstick looks good in the pictures, shame it's not as good in real life. Is the formula really rubbish too?

Kirsty said...

Hey Julia, yeah it's really crap :( I think it's due to the colour - on the website it's described as a "nude" shade but it's actually really orangey, and although it's matte it goes on really slimey and slides all over the shop. I just really didn't like it.

Serves me right for a stupid online impulse buy! xx

Adele @ THOMASSENLAND said...

don't be daft, the lipstick looks fine. but then again my hg lippie is mac hue, totally corpse like so maybe im not the best person to judge! x

Anna said...

I really like the colour of that lipstick.

Ayden said...

Hair is awesome lass! Lookin' goooooood! That's a shame you were disappointed with the topshop lippie :( It does look nice in the pics tho! I saw frightened rabbit at the death cab gig in edinburgh a couple of years ago, they were awesome. Glad the charity do was a good'un xx

asha said...

Your eyebrows are awesome!!!

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