Saturday, 9 April 2011


I usually hate posting about the same thing I've seen on other blogs as it feels like cheating a bit, plus I guess it must be be pretty boring for folk to read the same blogpost over and over and over...

But in this case I'm making an exception!

Get a load of the new SS11 Meadham Kirchoff collection for Topshop! I originally saw these photos yesterday over at Coco's Tea Party (seriously, that girl is always one step ahead for fashion news!) and then again at Kingdom of Style, and since then I've had the images stuck in my mind...

Over the last few weeks I've been coveting pictures on my desktop of anything 90s/tie-dye/denim/acid rave/grungy-inspired (catchy!) and this collection is pretty much the combined sartorial smorgasbord of all these cool vibes I've been feeling.

I can't begin to describe how much I love this collection, so I won't even try. Just look...

*sigh* I could look at them forever!

Loving the pieces individually, but they really come alive through the amazing styling.

Layering the sheer floaty pieces over breton-striped tops and leggings gives a gorgeous contrast in texture. It's a bold look, but even if you didn't want to copy this idea exactly, you could take inspiration could by simply mixing up florals and stripes. And there's that dip-dyed hair again...

I have to confess, it's making me wish I'd stuck with my long locks and got the ends bleached and then dyed a cool blue or purple... Uhhhft.

Anyway, yeah. Safe to say I adore this.

The collection has already landed at larger Topshop stores, but be warned - it is pricey! As for what's available online, THIS will be my first purchase:


Oh, and finally, I'll be boycotting today's Grand National because I disagree with horse racing. Having grown up riding horses as a child, I can't bear to watch races where the horses are whipped, pushed to the edge of physicality and sadly often die (either literally on the course or shortly after). I'd encourage you guys to have a read at these two articles before placing a bet or watching it on Telly.

Peace :)

EDIT: Two horses died in yesterday's Grand National - Ornais, who broke his neck after falling at the fourth fence, and Dooney's Gate who broke his back after attempting to jump notorious Becher's Brook. The Aintree crowd and TV audience of millions watched the horror unfold and there has since been controversy in the press over the commentators' comments describing the bodies of the dead horses as "obstacles."

Even the winner, Ballabriggs, had to be rushed off the field immediately after the race to be treated for extreme dehydration and his jockey has been banned for using his whip with "excessive frequency."

Of the 40 horses who began the race, only 19 completed the course successfully. There has now been 20 deaths at the Grand National since 2000.

I don't think I even need to comment on how disgusting, shocking and abhorrent this is.


The Robyn Diaries said...

Ella of Coco's Tea Party is actually on my Uni course, oh hey competition! Anyway used to ride da ponies as a kid too so will also be avoiding all aspects of it! Love the collection, Rx

Rachelous said...

I agree it all looks pretty awesome together. I can see myself buying the skeleton socks, they're pretty cool! x

TheMadTwins said...

There are so many people who post the same thing, but I must say that I adore this one very much :D
The collection look so cool!

Ayden said...

I like the skeleton leggings lots :) think that's the only thing I could come close to pulling off from the styles above! :( Haha. Thank you for your honest opinion on the grand national, I read your post yesterday and then was all WHAAAA when I heard 2 horses did actually die :( So awful xx

Kirsty said...

Cheers ladies! Ayden, I've since updated the post to include what happened at Aintree yesterday, but there's a good article over at The Guardian about it if you want to read more.

Just horrific. xx

--Sanam-- said...

Wowza, 19 survivors out of 40 is definitely a shocking statistic, I never knew horses actually died in races. & I had no idea Kirchoff was doing a collection for Topshop, thanks for letting me know, I will definitely be checking that out :)


Kirsty said...

Hey Sanam, should have made that clearer. 40 horses began the race but only 19 finished successfully. Of those that didn't ten fell, two died and the rest lost their jockeys or avoided the jumps meaning they were disqualified. Hope that's cleared it up. On average though, 1 in 9 horses die at every Grand National, either through falling during the course or collapsing directly after.


Dresses.Shoes.Lipstick.Love. said...

So glad have found someone else who thinks the way the horses are treated is totally wrong and boycotts with me! Literally makes me shake with anger!!

Love the topshop collection though :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Amazing. x hivennn

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