Sunday, 3 April 2011


This weekend I have been mostly reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, subtitling Songs of Praise and getting weirdly weepy at the mad Warbler-esq harmonising SKILLZ of those school choir kids, reliving my undergrad Glasgow Uni days with my best pal Marie at the Captain's Rest last night and meeting my maw's new puppies, kittens and lambs up at her smallholding. Spring has sprung innit.

I have, however, NOT been writing up court reports. Bad journo, bad bad bad.

In terms of my style at the moment, this new hairdo has kind of thrown me off kilter a bit. I wore it sleek and straight last night with fuchsia lippy and a black sheer blouse, which was cool I spose, but to be honest the grown-out-curtains vibe of this bob is pulling my more and more towards 90s grunge - an era/look that feels really natural for me. Beautifully fugly, you could say.

Dangnabit, my brain has kind of decided it can't be bothered making up words to describe what I mean, so here's some pics instead:

all images from google/tumblr

The more eagle-eyed of you may well have noticed several pics of Angela Chase aka Claire Danes in My So Called Life all up in this collection.This is no mistake people... Pretty much in love with her.

Anyhoo, feeling inspired I took to the ever-reliable Etsy, desperate for one item in particular - the perfect oversized vintage denim jacket. Oh, I was NOT disappointed!

Just check out this sweet acid-wash Levis number:

It was up for only like £19 - what a bargain! STUPIDLY though, I added it to my favourites in work with the intention of coming home to buy it, but I left it too late and by the time I logged on at home it was gone.

So gutted!

However, other items along the same lines currently favourited by me include:

all images from Etsy

Still SUPER gutted about that denim jacket though. Gonna annoy me for AGES now!

Anyhoo, I'm off to listen to some more Pearl Jam. I'll leave you with this little gem. Night folks :)

PS  Hello to my new followers! I'm getting really close to 100 and I just wanted to say hi and thanks so much for your comments and feedback - I appreciate it more than I can really say without looking like a sadsack loser...
.. Or MORE of a sadsack loser than usual anyway.

But yeah, thanks :) Contemplating a 100 follower giveaway as per the norm for blog milestones, but still mulling over what on earth I would actually give... away.

Blerg, bed calls. Clearly.


Jasmin said...

love your etsy picks, always a fan of a check shirt or two! and claire danes is amazing!!! x

Adele @ THOMASSENLAND said...

I really like that checked shirt with the floral detailing on the back xx

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