Friday, 29 April 2011


WELL! If you didn't know that today was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton... THEN WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Oh I do love a good wedding, bloggies! And of course, it is all about the dress really, isn't it?

Speculation over the designer and style of the most famous dress in the world (an estimated 2 billion people watched Kate arrive at Westminster Abbey a few hours ago) had been building for months, but reached fever pitch last night.

The reason? Sarah Burton - head designer at Alexander McQueen - was seen arriving at The Goring Hotel in central London where Kate spent her last night as a single woman, and the grainy shot of a hooded figure in ballet flats slipping into the side entrance of the 5* hotel pretty much sealed the deal... KATE WOULD BE WEARING MCQUEEN!

And indeed she was. Those of us waiting on tenterhooks to see the dress were NOT disappointed (I actually shrieked and spilled my tea down my jumper... glamorous):

Stunning, stunning, stunning! Pics via Getty Images and ELLE

According to the Telegraph, "the dress was made with ivory and white satin gazar. The skirt echoed an opening flower, with white satin gazar arches and pleats and the train measured two metres 70 centimetres. The ivory satin bodice, which was narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips, drew on the Victorian tradition of corsetry and is a hallmark of Alexander McQueen's designs. The back was finished with 58 gazar and organza covered buttons fastened by Rouleau loops and the underskirt was made of silk tulle trimmed with Cluny lace."

Sarah Burton DONE GOOD I think we'd all agree. I had predicted and hoped for something just like this - demure, gorgeous, slightly 50s in essence with lace sleeves and deep V neck: old fashioned but with a modern twist - and the reality more than met my expectiations. I especially loved all the tiny details like the tiara and veil, no necklace and embroidery on the bottom of the gown. Her hair was half up, half down - a style with which Kate clearly feels comfortable.

Really, it was an absolutely faultless overall look. I have to confess, bloggies, I came over more than a little misty-eyed when I first saw it in all its glory! A poignant moment for the late great Lee McQueen and British Fashion in general... *SNIFF!*

Sarah Burton was quoted on ELLEUK as saying: "It was such an incredible honour to be asked, and I am so proud of what we and the Alexander McQueen team have created.

Burton declared herself "delighted that the dress represents the best of British craftsmanship. Alexander McQueen's designs are all about bringing contrasts together to create startling and beautiful clothes and I hope that by marrying traditional fabrics and lacework, with a modern structure and design, we have created a beautiful dress for Catherine on her wedding day."


However, although I had hoped against hope that Sarah Burton would take inspiration from one of my favourite, if not my absolute favourite wedding dresses of all time - Grace Kelly's - I couldn't have dreamed that the inspiration would be interpreted in such a fittingly literal way. The similarities, both between the dresses of Grace and Kate, and circumstances of their marriages into royalty are notable.

Grace Kelly the American actress (and therefore "commoner") married Crown Prince Rainier of Monaco in April 1956. Kelly's wedding dress, designed by MGM's Academy Award–winning Helen Rose, was worked on for six weeks by three dozen seamstresses:

The resemblance between the two dresses (and women of course!) is undeniable, but the subtle differences in detailing, neckline and hair styling brings Kate's McQueen gown into the 21st century. Truly, a dress that will be remembered forever.

Never has a potential future Queen looked as stunning since gorgeous Grace herself.



Jasmin said...

completely and utterly agree. this is perfect. x

Rachelous said...

I thought it was lovely as well! xx

Anonymous said...

my only complaint is that the bouquet should have been a bit bigger in my opinion, but she did look very good!

Anonymous said...

she just looked perfect, the dress was amazzzing. xxx

jo_annie said...

I agree-- it's a BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT gown!!!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so sweet. x hivenn

Gillian said...

Her dress was amazing, she looked so gorgeous yesterday! I would love to get married in a dress like this (except maybe without the price tag haha!)

Margaret said...

I think that she looked stunning !

Julia M said...

She was so beautiful, I shed a tear when she first appeared on the screen in the car! The dress is EXACTLY as I thought it would be, except that I thought it would have a slash-neck for some reason. It's pretty much exactly how my future wedding dress will look like, hopefully!

ki said...

so sad it's over!

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