Sunday, 24 April 2011


Happy Easter, bloggies!

I'm afraid Easter doesn't really mean much to me (sept a monster sugar coma DUH) and I've been working all day instead of out and about enjoying the relatively mild/dry weather SO I'm in a bit of a spring grump.

To cheer myself up I've been taking yet another evening to appreciate this stunning collection. Why? Cos it makes me happy and cos I CAN. SIGH. Indulge me...

Christopher Kane AW10



Pics from Tumblr

Uhhhhft! I CANNOT understand why the highstreet didn't pick up on this trend/print.

Aaaaaanyway, soon as I saw this badboy back in December on Net a Porter, I knew I had to have it:

Christopher Kane galaxy print modal tshirt


Excuse the crappy toilet shot - I don't have a tripod or a white wall or the BALLS to take full outfit shots... Anyway, yeah, pretty much my most favourite tshirt in the entire world now :)

I know I go on and on about this galaxy/nebula print but I seriously think that the highstreet has missed a massive opportunity to make a killing by replicating the Kane AW10 look. I mean come on, I don't know about you but... I would do heinous, unspeakable things to own this badboy:


 Over and out for tonight bloggies.


Jasmin said...

i wish the high street had picked up on this trend more, this christopher kane collection still gives me goosebumps and with celebrities like alexa chung championing it it's strange that topshop didn't knock out a few dresses and tees. i really want to try and make a galaxy effect dress but really wouldn't know where to start. your net-a-porter purchase is absolutely beautiful! x

Kirsty said...

Hey Jasmin, I know, me too - it's by far and away my favourite! I'd love to know how to recreate the print but I'd be clueless! xx

Wonderland Girl said...


jo_annie said...

I just came across some of those pieces on polyvore recently. I absolutely love the two dresses on the right in that first photo!

sarah said...

ahh, totally agree! i posted a couple of vaguely galaxy-printed things from monki months ago, but unfortch i'm not gonna be in sweden any time soon so that's not much help! i haven't seen any of it on the uk high street, very annoying!

Anonymous said...

i completely agree, this print is amazing and I am so jealous of your top. it looks amazing in both pictures and in your photographs! I WANNTTT!xxx

beewaits said...

i'm not entirley sure why they over looked it.....seriously. silly things. by the by...galaxy nails are good. so goooooooood. xx

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