Monday, 18 April 2011


Phew, what a day Saturday was! I feel like I've come back down to earth with an almighty BUMP and I don't like it one bit - can I just live at the Blythswood Square Hotel, dress as the white rabbit every day and pirouette my way through life please?

I'm actually not having an(other) episode, simply referring to my day out on Saturday at the Scottish Bloggers event with Scottish Ballet.

I'm so late posting this, loads of the girls who were there have already been on raving about it - and rightly so - not to labour the point but it was SERIOUSLY fantastic!

The day started at 11:30am at the fabulous Blyhswood Square Hotel (the only AA 5* hotel in Glasgow doncha know!) but I was typically a bit late so had to burst in, red-faced and peching like a goon. Cool move...

After a screening of a short film about Alice, we were taken back through to the Monte Carlo suite for a delicious afternoon tea and lashings of bubbly, accompanied by a demonstration of a ballet-eque up do by stylists from Rainbow Rooms International.

mmm! And hey Ayden and Claire, I see you!

Afterwards we had the chance to get our hair done by the ladies from RRI, hand massages courtesy of the spa at the Blythswood, and our makeup touched up by Jane from Smujj.

Claire indulges in some fabulous red lippy!

Check out Amanda's gorgeous gaga-inspired bow hairdo! REEM!! (must stop saying reem at every opportunity...)

Kirsten gets her paws- I mean HANDS massaged...
(Thanks to Amanda for letting me pinch her photatoes)

I honestly can rave enough about how awesome this part of the day was! Leon from the spa at Blythswood Square was lovely and made sure all 22 of us were totally taken care of - nothing was too much bother :)

Next it was on to the main event - Scottish Ballet's latest spring offering: ALICE!

Like Cinderella at Christmas, Alice is no ordinary imagining of Lewis Carroll's nonsensical romp of a children's story. Instead of a rabbit hole, Alice falls through the lens of a camera into Wonderland, which is actually a lavish and sometimes-creepy representation of Charles Dodgson(AKA Lewis Carroll)'s mind.

In terms of the flow of the story, I felt that Alice followed a much less linear plot than Cinderella. Her awesome, dream-like interactions with characters like the Caterpillar, Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the Queen of Hearts were quite episodic and I actually found myself losing my way a little bit with what was happening... But it was only afterwards I considered that maybe that was the whole point and that like Alice, the audience also had to work hard to make sense of the bizarrely-beautiful Wonderland on stage....?

Or maybe I'd just had one too many free glasses of wine?

I also really loved the fact that Lewis Carroll was represented as an actual character, guiding Alice through her strange encounters. I found the duets between him and Alice the most moving, beautiful and tender pieces out of the whole show - at one point I felt a little teary? Pretty sure I DEFO sank one too many...

Of course, just like Cinderella, the costumes were once again out of this world! Out of them all I think my favourite was the White Rabbit:

Amazing, no?

After that, those of us that could went for some food, chats and more booze and the banter was truly top notch - I don't wanna sound like a full on sado here but I genuinely felt puuure full of love for everyone I met :) Such a lovely bunch of ladies!

I'll be honest, I was a little nervous as to how it would all go down and I think I maybe came on a wee bit Strong at the beginning - pure gawn up to girls I'd never met, all like, "HIIII I'M KIRSTY FORTY FOUR SUNSETS LOL!" but gradually I calmed down... I think.

Chatting with everyone made me feel dead proud of my blog, and of blogging in general, and having people say nice things about FFS really boosted my confidence. Aw shucks, I felt like I was part of some kind of awesome creative blogging community or something...

God, did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit... You did, right?

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, none of this awesome day would have been possible without Ann from Girl in the City Glasgow who organised everything and arranged our AMAZING goody bags which contained, among other things, gin, facial treats, Osis hair goodies, a stunning Thomas Sabo bracelet courtesy of Rox, and vouchers for the spa at Blythswood. Amaze BALLS.

Alice has finished its run in Glasgow now but you can still catch it in Edinburgh, Inverness, Cardiff and Aberdeen. Booking details here. You should absolutely go see it if you can.

Also, if you can't make it along, you can catch the dancers warming up back stage from 7:30pm this Thursday on the Scottish Ballet live streaming site...

Finally, shout out to all the LAYDEEZ:


beewaits said...

I feel like I can't gush enough. Know how you felt about nerves...I just felt like I was talking too much being like "HEARISPENT£7ONKEBAB".....I'm a wit like no other. True facts. Either way everyone was just dead good. Can't wait to go back to the Blythswood with spa voucher. Excuse for another meet up...I think so. xx

Kirsty said...

Haha yeah totes, inside at points I was like SHUDDUPWHATAREYOUCHATTIN?!! And yesyesys to Blythwood meetup again! :)

Also LOL @ our HP chat in Bunker... obsessed much? xx

Ayden said...

Haha claire did tell me about her spending £7 on one kebab! When you're pished enough to do that, you know its been a good night. Great post gal, was so lovely seeing you again and I defs think we should use our thermal vouchers for a wee trip together! xx

beewaits said...

Hah yes I remember it well. "Aunt Petunia...MY HEART"..after my exam tomorrow I'm going to watch HP7part the first and gut over Dobby...and be a bit sad there isn't more Kreacher. We are so cool. x

BeautyH2T said...

LADIES- MEGALAWLZ, love it Kirsty, I was nerves to the max, delighted it was Reem though, was amazing to meet everyone and could defo be up for getting our spa on. i will wear a fetching victorian style long john onesie swimming costume.



girlinthecity said...

well if Ruth is going in a long john onesie, i'm breaking out the yellow duckie rubber ring... last one in's a loooooooooooooooooohserrrr! ;)

pleasure as always toots xx

Vintage and Cake said...

OMG this looks amazing!!!! Glad to hear that there was a cool event up there, makes me what to leave London ASAP (I love Alice In Wonderland) Aww I'm sure the hotel won't mind you being a white rabbit, I'm sure you would be a fashionable one! I have read a couple of other peeps who went, glad you all had fun, it's great to meet other bloggers xxxx

Rachelous said...

This sounds amaaazing! A goody bag with gin? Best ever surely. Ok, no really, the ballet sounds beautiful, loving the costumes and the dream-like quality you mention. Why ain't it coming down sarf to London?
On a serious note, thanks for your comment, cheered me up a wee bit :) xx

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