Thursday, 16 December 2010


OK, really meant to blog about this yesterday but I was literally snowed under with uni work! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, thank God! Aaaaaaanyway...

Wow, what an amazing Tuesday I had! It was my first day with Becky White PR, then dinner at Jamie's Italian on George Sq with the Maw, THEN a delightful evening at the ballet doncha know, courtesy of the lovely Ann from Girl in the City Glasgow.

Firstly my day with Becky was brilliant! After I finally found the right address - who knew the Merchant City was so complicated to navigate - we got straight down to business. She works with some exciting clients, so expect some posts about them in the near future. It was really interesting to see how fashion works behind the scenes - I know I'm going to learn oodles from her and I'm super excited about it :)

Next I rushed over to Jamie's Italian on George Sq to meet the Maw for wur dinner. After a hard day's work I was ready for something hearty so I went for the shaved truffle tagliatelle with a side salad and then sorbet for after. Maw had scallop and squid ink angel hair with salad and then ice cream. We both thoroughly enjoyed what we had, but to be honest Maw's looked amazing, wish I'd picked hers! The service was outstanding - from order to plate in 15 mins and our waitress was attentive without being annoying. You can't book though, which is a little annoying if you wanted to go on a Friday or Saturday night for a special meal, but the food was delicious so worth the hanging about for a table.


The opening night of Scottish Ballet's Cinderella at the Theatre Royal. Wow, words can't really describe how magical this was! From the Westwood-esq  costumes to the Warhol-inspired set, to, of course, the dancing... Where do I start...

The Fairy Godmother - my favourite costume!

I can't claim to be a ballet-buff, I've only ever seen one other (The Nutcracker when I was about 13) but Darcy Bussell used to be my idol when I was really wee - I still well up a bit when I see footage of her dancing (I think she's retired now). Just perfection... 

The lifts and pirouettes, the weightlessness of the dancers, the drama of the music - ballet's always held a magical appeal... Anyway, the dancing in this was exquisite. In particular the Seasons' solos in the second half were truly captivating. I think it was Tomomi Sato's Spring who got the biggest overall applause - absolutely outstanding!

There was also an abundance of humour in the performance, brought to life principally by the bratty, cruel Stepsisters. It was refreshing to see classical ballet performed by dancers dressed in fabulously brash Westwood-inspired costumes in an array of candy and fluorescent colours. On the right side of tacky and sickly sweet.

But the best thing was meeting up with fellow bloggies Ayden from Little Blog of Horrors, Kirsten from Saskia the Style Fairy and Rani from Cupcake Couture. I was a little nervous but everyone was lovely :) I think there's talks about a wee Scottish bloggies meet up in the new year over on Ayden's page, so let her know if you're up for it.

As invited guests we were treated to wine and cupcakes at the intervals and lovely goody bags which contained, among other things, a voucher for the spa at the swanky Blythswood Square Hotel. All in all we couldn't have been more looked after - and we had the best seats in the whole house! Jeeze!! Thanks again to Ann from Girl in the City Glasgow for making the evening possible, we all had a fabulous time - I've been raving about it ever since to anyone who will listen!

Jings, not a bad way to spend a random Tuesday eh?


Ayden said...

Thanks for the mention gal :) was so great to meet you, and your wee mammy! haha. I'm gonna totally geek it up and read back on your old blog posts! :) Would really love to meet up with you and the girls again, and more scottish bloggers so be expecting a wee email from me in the new year once Ive got my thinking cap on.

I'm glad you liked the beauty and the beast set at the citz, your comment made me blush! Great to hear feedback from other people - I'm so chuffed it impressed! :) Muchos love &hearts xx

beewaits said...

Keep seeing the posts about the ballet! It looks beautiful. I keep saying this but I'm dragging the boyfriend.

Becky White PR - been seeing them everywhere. Was emailing them last week about a wee something something. Glad working there is going well. Is it on placement or like a real life job thing?


Kirsty said...

Honestly Claire it was truly amazing! I feel like a bit of a douche going on and on but it was such a lovely night :) Aye man I'm an intern there for the foreseeable future. Loving it already after just one day! Xx

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