Thursday, 23 December 2010


Still HUGELY excited about this - grinning all day like a loon! Placed this order today with my lovely personal shopper Seun...

However, I'm currently on the waiting list for these:

 Burberry quilted leather jacket. I cannot describe how badly my soul needs this. It wasn't sold out in a 10 yesterday but it is today. Almost howled "nooooooooooooooo!" at the top of my lungs today in a busy newsroom. Had to heavy reign in the despair. Seun assures me it is expected back in shortly though...

 Burberry shearling-lined boots. Decided on these over the Miu Miu ones cos of the kick-ass zip detail. Nom.
 Alexander Wang Rocco bag. I know I already ordered the Alexa which I've wanted for ages, but I see it as more casual. This is a bit more special methinks, but I'm less hopeful about it coming back into stock soon :(

OK, so what do you think so far? The Rocco bag is a maybe depending on availability and if I get all three that pretty much uses up most of my budget and I still haven't got any jewellery yet! But I'm trying not to stress too much over my choices and just go with what feels right, since I've got nothing to loose. Can't help but notice I'm a little leather-heavy though... I am also seriously considering adding these Alice by Temperly high-waisted leather shorts to the haul - I have a pair of vintage ones but they're becoming baggy at the waist and I love the belt detail to clinch these in.
 Ahhhh!!! Thoughts?

Cannot stop smiling :D


Hannah said...

Were you literally wetting yourself when you found out you won? An Alexa and Rocco is what I would put first in my bag, if NAP did Chanel it would be a 2.55 though!!! I really must stop reading now, the jealousy is making me ill lolz!!!!

Imagine the cost of the outfit you could put together!!!!

Hannah xx

asha said...

This would be an absolute dream come true for me. You are SO lucky! You made excellent choices too- Mulberry is my bag of choice (although I'm a bayswater girl) and that wool coat is to die for.

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