Saturday, 4 December 2010


Happy Saturday bloggies!

So, some exciting things lined up for tomorrow... After working 8-1 (ouch!) I'm going to be filming the Glasgow Restaurant Awards at the Citizens Theatre :)

I imagine it'll be hectic and quite stressful since I think me and my friend Carlin are in charge of backstage interview duty (Michelle McManus hello celeb, and Kirsty Wark freakin IDOL). But I'm super chuffed about getting to schmooze with restaurant folks and the best thing about it all is the 1930s dress code... Swoon!

Busy or what? HOWEVER as if that wasn't enough, in the interim two hours between work and filming I'm meeting up with Queen Marie and Queen Michelle from the wonderful Kingdom of Style to discuss all things blog/Glasgow/style/fashion related., excited doesn't cover it!

I have a million things I'm dying to ask them, but if anyone from blogland wants to get a specific question in then leave me a comment and I'll do my best to get it in somewhere.

Without wanting to sound like a superjake, KoS is probably my favourite blog - if I was being FORCED to pick. Marie and Michelle are pretty well known in Glasgow for the blog and I'm more than a little nervous about meeting them together - what on earth can I wear that's appropriate for work, filming and a royal visit (of sorts)?!

If you've not checked out KoS before, make sure you do. Seriously.

Queen Michelle and Queen Marie.


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Super exciting huh, how will you sleep the night ?

Krist Ward has interview some great people huh,Her interviewing skills are great too.

Michelle seems dead down to earth so I'm sure you will be fine there.

cant wait to see what you wear... share soon

have a good one, good luck xxx

Kirsty said...

Yeah, I think I'm marginally more excited about possibly meeting and maybe even speaking to the Wardinator, than McManus... lolzers! But only marginally...

I'm thinking my Vaudeville and Burlesque black bow dress, and those new heels I bought a few weeks ago. Don't want to look too over the top fot the awards - I am working after all. But still, the tempation to go all out is very high... We'll see!

Yuh, I've met Michelle before actually and she's lovely. Super excited. If there's anything you're dying to know about KoS reply or tweet me @kirsty44SUNSETS >>

Megan Blair said...

so lucky :)
hope you have a great time and the snow goes away :D

Eva said...

You lucky fish, I wouold have loved to be able to see the Glasgow restaurants awards live. As luck had it I missed it on the telle and had to catch up online the following day. It must have been one hell of a night.

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