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You know those after party photos you always see in magazines of fashion-folk and it girls and models all drinking and schmoozing and dancing and generally looking like they're having a blast?

Yeah, these photos are NOT like that.

If the snaps are anything to go by, last night's British Fashion Awards were a pretty demure affair! By definition I was expecting photos of daring, outlandish, exciting dresses and outfits... But sadly all I got was this bunch.


Alexa looking BO-RING. I hate to say it because I know loads of folk love her, but she totally gives me the yawn factor - here and everywhere else.

Even Henry Holland and Charlotte Dellal look quite safe and pedestrian. A frilly collar and bow tie does not an interesting outfit make. If anyone was going to bring the young, fresh and cool vibe I would have thought it would be these two. Seems I was mistaken.

OK, finally a rare exception. Daisy is working this gothic Elie Saab gown to perfection. You can't see it in this photo but she also wore a cool bracelet-chain-ring thingmy and rocked it. At least this is A SMIDGEN out there.
Another hit. Edie Campbell would look beautiful in a bin liner covered in potato peelings. Doe-eyed bohemian chic at it's best! She even looks gorgeous sporting the I'm-here-with-a-really-ugly-creepy-hasbeen-rocker look...
Oh Erin, I adore your face, but why oh why can't you ever look happy and smiley? Come on, GIVUSASMILE for once??

London fashion scene's resident eccentric goth Gareth Pugh with Daphne Guinness. Love Gareth's look, HATE Daphne's. What's even going on in this photo? It looks like he's just trouser-trumpeted and she's sniffing it... TOO FAR?
Aye, OK Lara. We get it. You're a stone cold fox. I have no idea if this dress is a Calvin Kein but I'm willing to bet a tenner that is. Frankly, the minimal look doesn't do it for me (can you tell?) and since I have more than a bit of a girlcrush on Lara, I'd have liked to have seen more of her bangers. She has a smokin' bod and this dress does nothing for her.

Couple of legends for good measure. At least they're smiling! But Claudia, get yer roots done hen.

Lily Cole, where on earth have you been, I love you! Like the jacket, love the dark hair, hate the dress underneath.

Thank god for Louise Gray, you have just saved the day! Everything about this works - I never want to stop looking at it!

(photos via fashionology)
Here's a quick run down of the winners:

Designer of the Year: Phoebe Philo for Celine

BFC Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design: Lee Alexander McQueen

Designer Brand of the Year: Mulberry

Accessory Designer of the Year: Nicholas Kirkwood

Menswear Designer of the Year: Patrick Grant for E.Tautz

Model of the Year: Lara Stone

Emerging Talent Award — Accessories: Husam El Odeh

Emerging Talent Award — Ready-to-Wear: Meadham Kirchhoff

Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator of the Year: Nicola Formichetti

British Style Award: Alexa Chung

Special Recognition Award: Naomi Campbell

Digital Innovation Award: Burberry

Nick Knight also showed this film as a tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen. Watch it if you want to be touched, perplexed, saddened, moved, impressed, stunned and entranced. The haunting score is by Bjork - "but there is hope, there is so much hope out there..."

OK, I just read that back and I sound like a complete jake, but this really honestly is yet another perfect example of fashion as art:

PEE ESSS - 50 followers?? Amazing! Thanks so much everyone. I've never really considered doing a giveaway but I'll have a think about it and let you guys know, since this is a bit of a milestone, no?

What does everyone think about giveaways? I usually enter them but I've never thought about doing my own. What would I give away? hmmm....

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lucy mcswedge said...

You are so funny chica!! I totally agree with everything except Louise Gray. Daisy my never fail me <3 xx

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