Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Today I trekked through the snow and ice to get to uni to pick up some books and came straight back home again. I literally wish I could hibernate when it's as cold and snowy as this!

HOWEVER I nipped into Topshop on the way back to Central Station and bought these lovelies:

Topshop camel Jamie ultimate skinny jeans.

This is a HUGE deal people, I've not worn jeans since 2007, and I've not bought a pair since way before that... Mainly because I tend to think that jeans make for a lazy styling. Not always, but usually. Yes they are comfy, go with almost everything and can be thrown on in about two seconds, but there's no imagination in them. No spark. They rarely serve to spice up an outfit or add a different dimension. They blend in and bore me.

Oh yeah, and the fact I'm packing some considerable junk in the trunk. It's such a pain finding ones that fit properly. They tend to hug my thighs and hips but gape comically at the waist showing my thong to all and sundry. And trust me, no one wants to see that, AIIIIIGHT SISQUO? So shut it. Gok Wan would advise me to buy boot-cut or even flared ones to balance my ass out, but, resisting the urge to be crude, sack that.

Anyway after years of searching I just gave up and decided that never wearing jeans was just going to be my "thing" and yes, it's definitely forced me to think a little harder about what to wear, especially on days when I really can't be bothered.

But I tried these on nonetheless and I was totally smitten. I love the colour for one - I imagine they would look fantastic with a wine coloured blouse and some black brouges. I've tried them on with my cropped velvet tshirt and sheer black blouse, and so far so good.

It's at this stage, if I did oufit posts, I might put up a wee pic of me in them. But sadly I just don't really feel cool with that just yet, so just trust me when I say they rock!

Sooooo in honour of this monumental event, here's a wee vid to brighten up your evening. Anyone else heard the rumour that he's playing Benicassim next year? If that's the case I'll sell my soul to go. Bowie 4EVA.


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