Thursday, 21 April 2011


Following on from where Danielle Scutt left off, the next big designer jewellery collection for Topshop arriving on May 19th is by New York silversmith and designer, Pamela Love.

LOVE-ing your hair, doll.

I LOVE Pamela Love! I first came across her designs through Net a Porter (will talking about that win EVER get old? Nae chance!) but all her gorgeous pieces like the arrowhead ring or the heart locket, were always sold out or super expensive... In the end I settled for an Alexander McQueen bird skull ring and a few Monica Vinader rings, but part of me always regrets that I didn't wait it out for a Pamela Love piece.

Imagine my excitement then, when the rumours which circulated after her front-row appearance at the Topshop Unique SS11 show turned out to be true - she WAS designing a range exclusively for Toppers!

A few images have been circulating online but so far fashionologie seems to have the best pics - see what you think:

Loving the signature Hearts and Arrows influence, oxidised silver, bronze & pewter, dreamcatchers and that whole cool rock n' roll Navajo vibe. Think Ivy from 90210, gone gothic. My favourite is the bracelet and heart-drop earrings - yes please!

There seems to be a consensus online that not everyone is happy about "hip," underground designers collaborating with retail giants like Topshop as it allegedly kills the cool-factor or fashion credibility of the designer and makes the pieces less special...

This smacks of fashion snobbery to me... Only a small minority of people will ever have the funds/chance to purchase Pamela Love piece in the real world (the arrowhead ring retails for around £500) so to be given the opportunity to own something of hers for a fraction of the price is a gift, y'all. She gets her name out there, Topshop make a killing and we all get to rock smokin-hot jewellery. Win, win, win.

I must admit, I was disappointed with Danielle Scutt's Art Deco-inspired jewellery collection - just a personal preference - but this is MUCH more up my street. Roll on May 19th!

Just for the hell of it, here's a wee interview with the woman herself from The Independant website:

Where do you find your inspiration? From travelling around the country, particularly the south-west United States. I love Native American and Mexican design.

Describe your aesthetic.
A mix of masculine and feminine. I think a lot of people assume I am a goth, but I actually really love florals.

Who wears your pieces?
Someone who appreciates design, detail and is looking for something that they can wear for the rest of their lives.

What's your background?
I studied film at NYU and spent a while working with [the painter] Francesco Clemente. I was also doing a lot of styling, which is how I started to get more involved in creating my own jewellery.

Cool as.


beewaits said...

this makes me so happy its redic. everything. just...everything x

Julia M said...

That cuff....I must have it.

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