Monday, 2 May 2011


I confess, I have mixed feeling about backpacks.

Having worn an assortment of heinous variations throughout primary school and the first five years of secondary (sixth year I was only in for 2 hours a day and pretty much just carried a pen and notepad in the infinite depths of my blazer when I absolutely HAD to), I've never had one on my back since then.

What I remember most about them was, as a petite teenager (read SHORT-ARSE), the backpacks I carried were always stupidly massive and had to be slung as low as possible round my bum in that typical moshery way... Cool kid.

But they were also insanely practical! I could carry my entire makeup bag, all my jotters and books, pencil cases (multiple), diary, phone and STILL have room for an ample packed lunch and maybe even my battered copy of The Bell Jar for reading round the back of the bin sheds when I was feeling particularly misunderstood. Which was often... Anyway, practicality WIN!

So now that I see they're enjoying somewhat of a fashion resurgence, part of me is like HELL YEAH, perfect excuse for me to dig out my brown cord H&M badboy with the hand-sewen coloured beads all and Nirvana patches all over it, and head out to the skate park to get my mosh on!

...But then I give myself a shake and think, dude, that is most uncool. You are 23, this will not do. Added to my Angela Chase centre-parted bob, acid-wash Levis denim jacket and creepers, I'm afraid I might be pushing the boundaries of my 90s obsession A TAD TOO FAR.

What do you guys think - the modern backpack - rad or lame?

Cool bag, but Uggs? Naw mate.

pics from Lookbook and Google.

WARNING: Backpack porn:

Alexander Wang Marti leather backpack. Uuuhhhft. NEED!

If I bought a vintage black leather backpack (and promise not to write angsty lyrics and quotes all over it in glitter glue) would you guys still talk to me?


Eloise said...

I think I like them! Dunno if i could pull em off though


cwalla said...

Nah man totes mcgoats get involved in the rucksack trend - amma rock my vintage Nike "JUST DO IT!" yin tomorrow, coz nothing says business like a neon nike tick - right??xxx

millmollmac said...

i think with your new 'do, you'd totally rock 'my so called life' Claire Danes vibes

Vintage and Cake said...

Yeah I have a love/hate thing for them, I think like any bag style they can look amazing teamed with the right items. I think when I have had one I just look weird, I use to have a P.V.C one like Nancy in the craft as I adore her and I was a goth. I don't know I think why not :)

asha said...

I love backpacks, as long as they are leather and soft, not too structured. That dusty pink one is an awesome example.

Penny and Lola said...

Not too sure on the teenage , back in the day , round your knees back pack but I deffo love the modern day leather look ones xx

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