Monday, 30 May 2011


Evening all! Just a quick, photoless post to pimp out my Edinburgh College of Art fashion show review article which has now been published online at The List website HERE!

Gie it a gander if you have a spare 5 mins and comment if you're that way inclined. I'm super excited to see the fruits of some of my unpaid work-experience labour finally beginning to pay off!

I'm currently looking into trying to get some more experience sorted in London for a few weeks over summer - so I ken it's a SUPERMASSIVE LONG SHOT (now humming Muse in my head) and a mega competitive industry, but if anyone has any amazing contacts or knows of anyone I should harass get in touch with in LDN who could help, hit me up at I firmly believe in good karma and helping folk out, and I'm always happy to return any similar favours. It's bitch-eat-bitch out there...

Oh aye, and 'like' my Facebook page if you want...

OH MY GOD I might actually vom after so much shameless self-promotion! Normal service will resume later, I promise!

(by the way, at the risk of sounding like a pure ginormous loser, I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who reads the blog, comments on my posts, Tweets me or whatever else! It makes me really embarrassingly happy to know folk are into all the mince I chat, so cheers y'all. *sniff* I promised myself I wouldn't cry.......)

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