Saturday, 28 May 2011


So, I've been at it again - spending money like there's no tomorrow y'all!

I don't feel too bad though, as most of the clothes currently residing in the worlds largest ironing pile in my front room, or bursting out my drawers (always enjoy writing 'bursting out ma drawers!') are totally autumnal yo, and really unsuitable for the season ahead.

 - I say AHEAD because regardless of the fact it's allegedly almost June, summer has yet to arrive here in sodden, windy and decidedly chilly Glesga.

Anyway, hopefully the weather will gie itsel' a shake sometime soon, so with that in mind here's a wee peek at a couple of new summery purchases:

 Urban Outfitters t-shirt
Just cos I DO enjoy a slouchy t-shirt with a random word in French emblazoned on the front - and who doesn't! Seriously though -  a recent reccy of my tops situation showed I have vastly more shirts and blouses than I do casual t-shirts and the like so REALLY, if you think about it, I kind of HAD to get it didn't I...? 

Urban Outfitters striped maxi skirt
Still loving and living in stripes at the moment. I've been looking for a stripey maxi skirt for ages but can never seem to find one that fits just right. I bought this and the top online so haven't tried them on but fingers crossed this one does the job - really hoping the waistband is tight enough to sit right on my waist as I'm such a short arse it'll no-doubt drown me otherwise.
I'm imagining wearing both this and the t-shirt together, with some oversized black sunglasses, the Alexander Wang Rocco bag and some chunky black sandals like those in the pic. Summer perfection, no?

Zara floral kimono
OK, OK, last thing I really need is yet another blouse, but this is such a vibrant shade of yellow in real life I couldn't really resist. I wore it to the GCU fashion show which I was filming on Thursday night and it was so comfy and pretty, and went perfectly with my coral Rimmel lippy. I'm going to Venice for a holiday in September and can't wait to wear this wafting around on a gondola sipping prosecco and stuff, pure classy like...

Whistles Wishlist

I was Tweeting recently about how I never usually tend to shop in Whistles or Cos or Reiss, but actually the calibre of clothing - both in terms of quality and fashion-forwardness -  going on is super high, perhaps expectedly so considering these stores fall under the higher end of the highstreet. In other words they are EXPENSIVE!

I was doing some more assisting for the Sunday Herald fashion department last week, and we went to pick up a few items from Whistles in Princes Square - which is where I fell in love with the following:

Turquoise lace dress
Rather hilariously I have been invited to attend the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace in July, as my Dad is a Justice of the Peace and was selected to bring an unmarried daughter aged 17-25, and BINGO that's me! An absolute lolocaust, right? I mean, I can only presume it's so as to try and match me up with some kind of Duke or Lord or summat! SCORE! Anyhoo, obviously this means SWANKY NEW DRESS, and this would be perfection!
Nowhere else have I seen Christopher Kane's fluorescent lace of SS11 translated so well. I love the length, colour, belt and panelling neck detail in particular, and yet again keep imagining it with that coral lipstick. Sigh. Shame it's £275 odd quid.

Coral knitted cropped sweater
I'm really in need of some summer knitwear, as ridiculous as that sounds! Like I mentioned, it's still cold enough to feel a chill without a jacket, but I don't always want to wear a jacket if the sun's shining so this would be perfect. AND it's cropped so would work with my high-waisted leather shorts or even the stripey UO maxi skirt. Plus it's coral and I'm definitely more than a little obsessed with coral at the moment, in case you haven't noticed!

Striped jersey maxi dress
Another one for Venice I reckon. Very Jill Sander esq, it's voluminous without being overwhelming and all I'd need with this would be some big sunnies, a wide-brimmed hat and sandals. Chic to the max.

Orange loveheart bikini
Love this orange heart print to death - Whistles do it in a more traditional bikini and swimsuit, but I'd definitely opt for this high-waisted retro version. I much prefer a bikini with an underwired cup as I just don't trust those stringy buggers not to ping off at any moment...

So there you have it, whaddya reckon bloggies? Seen any must-have summer buys in the shops recently?
Let me know!


Eloise said...

I love the zara kimono! You could even probs get away with it in winter avec a denim jacket


Wonderland Girl said...

That turquoise dress is perfection! And yes its expensive but it looks really expensive and whistles clothes are very well made so it would totally last forever. The neckline panelling is my favourite bit but the belt and length and colour are just perfection. And how often does a dress come around that you love everything about?!

I am ever the voice of reason is the voice of reason is supposed to encourage spending... lol!

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

beewaits said...

Enjoy your royal garden party palface. Turqouise lace seems to be the only sensible option. You have to do it.
On the subject of Cos...I frequently upset myself by going in there and stroking dresses. Anything that isn't primark is out with my budget at the mo. LE SIGH.
Maxi skirts still make my heart swoon. Pretty sure I got one from HNM for like £5 a while back....xx

Gillian said...

That turquoise dress is perfect in so many ways. I need it in my life! Could definitely imagine myself wearing it at a garden party eating tiny sandwiches and drinking tea haha.

p.s. in answer to your Double Wear question - I would definitely reccommend DW Light, it's a lot less heavy and doesn't dry out my skin. The coverage is obviously less than DW but I find it's enough for me, as long as I use a good concealer to cover up any blemishes. Hope this helps! :)

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