Monday, 16 May 2011


Bloggies! I have been totally off the radar for well over a week, right? Unacceptable!

Forgive me - I am currently holed up at The List magazine in Edinburgh staying with my friend Kirsten who doesn't have Internet access in her flat, bless her, and it's proved impossible to find time to blog what with working 9-6 every day and trying to write essays/drinking/writing essays/eating pizza/drinking/having a laugh/making dens out of pillows and watching The Notebook... etc. You get the picture.

I'm having a great time and working my socks off, but I am ACUTELY aware I've neglected FFS and lost two fickle followers during my absence too - sob!

Please bear with me bloggies, Normal service will resume this weekend. In the meantime enjoy a few of my...

Edinburgh Fashion Observations:

Folk in suits and trainers. 

Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE! In Glasgow I never see this kind of thing - it's not that Weegies dress smarter, I think it's more that Burghers just don't give a crap what they look like at the end of a hard day. Come 6 o'clock they're just like, "Eff it, I'ma stride home up Nicholson Street in my Armani/Viv Westwood suit rocking my Reeboks, AND WHAT OF IT?" I've honestly seen several tens of people doing this every single day. Gotta love the commitment to comfort.


Again, absolutely everywhere. Most of the guys I've seen, young and old, ain't shy of a considerable face rug. Apparently the longer the better... *innuendo bingo alert* Hey, I'm not complaining - I can't help but find the more Gandalfian efforts strangely alluring... Just me? Ahem. Anyway, obviously bearded men cut about Glasgow all the time in their droves, but through here it's like every second person could be hiding a nest of rare baby birds a la Peter Griffin from Family Guy style in their beard. What's with that?

Geek Chic.

Wow, so apparently this look is still going NOWHERE FAST out East. So many cardigans and vintage specs all over the shop - I feel positively preppy and posh, even in my battered Levis denim jacket. It also appears that the plaid-shirt mafia have a serious strongholding here too... Very 2007/8, no?

Ombre Locks.

It still won't die. I don't actually dislike the ombre effect, I'm just sick to the back teeth of it, and in Glasgow, folk are beginning to move away from this done-to-death look in favour of darker, more muted styles. Or red of course. Red hair is EVERYWHERE in Weegieand but surprisingly I've hardly seen anyone channeling the Rihanna look through here (thank GOD cos I hate it). They are most definitely still loving the ombre.

So aye, don't desert me faithful followers/readers/stalkers. Back to Glasgow on Friday night and blogging again Sat.

Catchyeez!  xx


Rachelous said...

Working on a magazine? Sounds like fun, no wonder you've been busy :p I'm not too fond of full on beards, I'm more into rugged stubble personally.. xx

Wonderland Girl said...

I hate to generalise or stereotype but it kinda sounds like Edinburgh is a bit, err, behind?
Having said that, I can be partial to a bit of beard so I shall not complain.
Hope you're having an amazing time anyway, sounds like it ;)
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Kirsty said...

Hello ladies, yes it is great fun - had a feature online already and have been working on the big Summer Festivals feature for the next issue so been kept pretty busy!

I like a beard in pretty much any shape or form Rachel, I am NOT fussed ;)

And yeah, Roisin, I know what you mean. I think I've maybe made it sound that way but to be fair I've only really been hanging around one particular bit of the city so I have no idea what the style is like over Princes St/George St side.

I've just been noticing that it's so clear Glasgow and Edinburgh have two totally different vibes, but I love em both! xx

Angela said...

Wow, working on the List sounds amazing! Sounds like you've been pretty busy! Love all your observations about Edinburgh style, I don't get out of Glasgow enough to visit but the few times I have you can really see a difference in the styles of the two cities like you said! x

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