Thursday, 19 May 2011


Another quickie effort as I'm still in the burgh with limited internet access (although I seem to have been tweeting feverishly over the last few days - gotta calm it down!) however I couldn't NOT share with you guys these beautiful shots of Kirsten Dust for Bulgari's new fragrance Mon Jasmin Noir:


I know this isn't BREAKING NEWS as the images have been floating around since the end of April I think,but oh I do love me a gorgeous Bulgari campaign! Remember Julianne Moore last year? I blogged about it, duh! This is on a par with that. Maybe ever so slightly better.

The campaign is inspired by Bulgari’s Mediterranean Eden theme: an imaginary place where history, fantasy, and dreams combine. A paradise immersed in warm amber light that transforms a classical 16th century Italian-style garden into an almost-imaginary setting full of enchantment and seduction.


I absolutely adore Kirsten Dunst. I think she's a fantastic and underrated actress - The Virgin Suicides, Crazy/Beautiful, Drop Dead Gorgeous anyone? Plus she seems like a really sound person too. She's relatable and down to earth, and somehow I always find myself rooting for her.

As an actress known mainly for her understated, laid-back style, I love that Bulgari have pulled her out her comfort zone by placing her in this opulent, glamorous campaign and she looks like she was made for it. Totally smokin' hot.

What do you guys think of the campaign?

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fashioneggpplant said...

i loev it, well i love everything she does anyway :)

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