Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Alexa Chung covers next month's Vogue UK:

..I'm underwhelmed.

I hate to admit it, since I'm bound to get a lynching from her vast army of followers, but I'm not usually Alexa's biggest fan anyway, and this lacklustre cover just seals the deal. One. Trick. Pony.

Firstly, I DO like the Erdem dress, pendant and darker hair on Alexa - it's a grown up, classy look and frankly I'm just happy to see her out of her old battered brouges and tatty blazer combo which is normally her scruffy uniform. It's a very "English Rose" style and I've always felt she looks far better when channeling a feminine aesthetic like this...

But yet again it's the same gamine, coquettish look we've all seen ten million times before. I REALLY dislike her expression in this shot - she looks like she seriously can't be arsed, and the crossed arms add to that almost petulant attitude. Her cheekbone and collarbones seem really defined too - perhaps too much retouching? It reminds me of Lady Gaga in Born This Way. Plus, that weird sort of half-smirk?

Hate to hate but... Nah. I just don't dig it. Am I chatting mince? Tell me!


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

i don't have a huge problem with her, but i'm really just not a fan! she's beautiful but i think she misses as often as she hits with outfits. but she's a cultural phenomenon so people love her.
anyway, glad you liked the song! i love belle and sebastian but i've never heard of the view so i will check them out! :)

Anonymous said...

I do quite like Alexa Chung, however this cover isn't very 'cover' is it? I mean, she just looks like she's strolled in, had her hair and make up done and she's stood there like 'blllahhhh' I can't even think of a word that describes the half arsed attitude this picture portrays! She's a good looking lass but she's being far too safe and easy with this image... Do quite like her hair in this without the ombre ends that she's known for though, credit where its due! However she needs to raise her game! :) xxx

Jasmin said...

I LOVE alexa but actually really don't like this as a cover. It's just not popping or grabbing enough to merit a cover but she is so beautiful. x

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