Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Just a quick yin cos I'm currently the online editor for us masters students' assessed Newsweek BUT I couldn't not share with you my picks for the best and worst dressed at last night's MET Gala in New York.


Crystlal Renn - Channeling Black Swan slightly, no?
 Adore your swagger pal, but please stop telling folk you're plus size - blatant LIE.

Christina Ricci can be very hit or miss and I fear that on anyone less quirky than her this might have looked ridonculous, but as it is she smashes it in this sexy LBD.

I hummed and hawed over Dakota's mad dress for ages but I've definitely settled on a win. Love the loose, laid-back hair and glad shes gone for no jewellery as less is more with a fussy frock like this.

I actually overlooked Isabel Lucas in this stunning gown and headpiece with matching earrings... Shame on me! LOOK at it! Totally gorgeous. I do feel the vibrancy of the red carpet takes away from the overall effect of the dress though, and I would love to see this look shot against a white background. It's coral, no? Loving the little tassel on the bag too - it's all in the detail.

70s-TASTIC, Eva, gwaan yer bad self! So sexy in Stella McCartney. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen Eva Mendes looking bad...

Daphne Guinness was just one of the guests who chose to pay homage to the late, great Lee McQueen. This gown is straight off the runway and seems made for Miss Guinness here. Perfect.

Ignore Jennifer Hudson - sorry pal but your effort is passable at best (and I preferred you with more meat on yer bones) - and let's just concentrate on Vera Wang... Mesmerising, no? Fabulous colour for her skin tone and can't get enough of those long, straight locks.

Lol @ my last rant about how I'm so NOT into Chungy, but even I have to admit that the burd's got balls to wear this tricky but STUNNING Christopher Kane dress to an event like this. Again, on anyone else I'm not sure it would have worked but she pulls it off. Fine, fine, props to Alexa...

Love the length of the dress, love the shoes, love the scraped back hair.
Would like to see a darker eye on Leighton Meester here, but overall it really works. I always enjoy shots of Leighton on the red carpet - never afraid of trying something different. Props!

Now, unfortunately, for the WORST:

Oh dear, Christina. I'm sure this is just a bad photo and that you in fact DIDN'T wander around all night looking like you'd fallen off the special bus... But really! First thing I'd be doing here is cutting off those weird half-sleeve things - they just look strange and totally ruin it for me. But I don't feel too bad bashing Miss Hendricks here, she's been looking WAY TOO HOT for her own good recently!

Dakota got it right, but shame her little sister Elle Fanning got it so wrong. I like that she's pushed the envelope a bit, and that she's wearing something of a shorter length, but the overall effect is weird and coupled with that strange pose she looks like some kind of creepy doll.
 It's a bit too fussy and overworked for me. And flats?! Just no.

Something about the colour of this dress on Jessica Stam makes me want to puke in my mouth. It's not really THAT bad I suppose, but I just do not have the stomach for a sugary-sweet dress like this today. And coupled with that hair and the overly smoky eye, it's a thumbs down.

Christ almighty, Rihanna, who is your event stylist? This is just latest in a long line of red carpet horrors... The horrendous side plait is killing it for me - far to asymmetrical for a dress like that. The earrings and shoes are nice, but that's literally about all I can even muster to say.

Soooo what do you guys think - have I left anyone vital out?


Jasmin said...

oh my i loved the met gala so much!!! i loved sarah jessica parker's dress too, but i think christina ricci's may be my favourite of the night. it was just so perfect for her. and alexa looked as stunning as ever, only she could pull off above the knee christopher kane at the met ball! x

Julia M said...

Oh dear lord, Rihanna looks awful...and Jessica Stam's dress looks a size or two too tight for her. Christina Ricci looked so so so amazing though!
Also, what's going on with Crystal Renn's horrorshow pout?

Quiapo Ilalim said...

Ohmygosh I love rihanna but is that a train in front? :O

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