Wednesday, 4 May 2011


THIS jumpsuit from Mango:

I spotted it in the window of Mango today after a mammoth TV day at uni (high five TV team, we smashed it!) whilst striding through Buchanan Galleries looking for mustard tights. FYI - the high street is sorely lacking in such an item - had to make do with "rust" ones from Miss Selfridge, far from ideal...

ANYWAY I'm not really one for a jumpsuit since I'm wee and bottom heavy (wow, what a combo eh? Jeeeze, God, give someone else a chance already.......) and I often think they make me look wee-er and arsey-er. However this one just screamed my name and surprisingly it fits really well... the top half manages to balance out my ample BOOTAY quite well if I do say so myself.

£50 ain't cheap, but it's worth it for something a little special, especially if it's been well cut and finished as this has been.

Wearing it to the ECA fashion degree show tomorrow night with yellow nails and a coral lipstick (Rimmel's Coral Lady or something? I just picked the first one I saw - make up SCARES me no end). Not sure about the shoes yet since I'm going straight from uni so need to be comfy during the day. My heart says black Rick Owens wedges since they are the comfiest shoes in the universe, but my head is saying something brown a la the styling in the second pick... Hmm who knows.

Anyway, so looking forward to tomorrow - CAN'T wait to see all the collections by my friends (one of my bezzies in particular) so expect a bumper review over the weekend!

Also, a really cool wee styling job came my way today, but unfortunately I had to turn it down due to being in uni all week. BOO HISS :(

 But more of these sortsa things please, universe, yeah...?


Jasmin said...

oh that jumpsuit is gorgeous!!! x

Eloise said...

That is so lovely, and would go ace with a faded denim jacket


Wonderland Girl said...

That's stunning!!! I never try jumpsuits cause I always think I'm too short and curvy but you have given me hope!
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

jo_annie said...

I LOVE that jumpsuit!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS. It's gonna look amazing on you:D xxx

Rachelous said...

hah thanks for the comment, although no make up isn't a look I favour! I have to say that jumpsuit looks loverly, can't wait to see a pic of you in it! I'm also small and booty heavy so... xx

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