Friday, 30 December 2011


OK, so this is a shameless reblog, but I can't stop looking at how beautiful Dakota fanning is on the February subscriber's cover of Elle UK...

Those matte, velvety pink lips and nails are to die for, no?

I've always loved Dakota Fanning's look. Although younger sister Elle is classically more model-esque, Dakota's features are interesting, and there's just something about her face that draws me in...

Definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for this when it hits the shops.

Happy Hogmanay eve!

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Say hello to my new winter/spring tweed boyfriend coat, courtesy of the irresistible Mulberry sale...

I have something similar from Topshop but it's totally done, and I couldn't resist this bargain - £275 down from £595! Real tweed and check out those gold buttons... Swish.

I love a boxy, mannish coat so I do, total epitome of dress up or down. Seems like a bit of a splurge but I mainly just got money from Santa and I was privy to a cheeky wee tax rebate recently so BAYUM, I just went and bought it! Cannot WAIT for it to arrive.

There's hunners of other things in the sale, including that gorgeous dress Fearne Cotton wore on Children and Need (totes stunning - when she gets it right she gets it RIGHT) so have a swatch, but be quick!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Warning, I rant in this one!

This fairly unassuming collection of grungy jeans, hoodies, leather jackets and boots might actually be one of the most controversial high street collections ever. That's because H&M have teamed up with Trish Summerville - costume designer for newly-released American remake The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - to create a collection inspired by it's brooding, hard-assed, punkish heroine Lisbeth Salander. And some folks are WELL offended.

In the original trilogy of books by Stieg Larsson, Lisbeth's unique, gritty style is hinted at embodying an outward representation of her traumatic past (interestingly this is speculated at by Blomkvist, never confirmed herself). She is not only a kick-ass investigator, rebel and all-round awesome female lead character, but also a rape survivor. Because of this tenuous link between her harsh, relentless, genderless style and the years of sexual abuse she suffered, many are up in arms with H&M's decision to create a collection which directly emulates her signature look.

Rooney Mara plays Lisbeth in the remake which is out now.

None moreso, it would seem, than journalist and rape survivor Natalie Karneef who posted an open letter on her blog (which then found its way onto in which she criticises the collection for being 'irresponsible' and claims it 'glamourises gender-based violence and rape:'

"H&M have created a line of clothing based on her character: a woman who has suffered a lifetime of abuse, who is violently raped, and who is hunting down a man who violently rapes and kills other women.  Lisbeth has been through hell, and her clothing is her armour.  That's her choice, and it's an understandable choice.  But [they] glamorise it, putting a glossy, trendy finish on the face of sexual violence and the rage and fear it leaves behind.

"What message is H&M sending to the world? "Look at the trendy rape survivor? Look how strong she is, that she can get through all that hell and still wear cool leather jackets?"'

But I have to say, neither this collection, nor the interpretation of it's inspiration offends me.

Firstly, I would never dream of disrespecting Natalie Karneef's opinion and obviously I am not drawing on any personal experience of rape to form my own. But nevertheless, I am as equally entitled to it as she is. I say this because I was recently publicly chided on Twitter by a blogger who told me I was essentially stupid and childish because I wasn't morally outraged, as she was, by the collection. What a silly girl...

Number one, when Natalie Karneef's describes the character of Lisbeth she places her SOLELY in the rape victim box, and ONLY in this box. This is extremely one dimensional, and, as far as I'm concerned, wrong. While Lisbeth's traumatic past is perhaps a contributing factor towards her style, it is not the only factor (her difficult childhood being the far greater factor in my opinion), and 'rape victim' is only once facet to an extremely complex character identity. In fact, I have a hard time even using that word at all when describing someone like Lisbeth - survivor feels much more appropriate. It seems to me that H&M have chosen to focus on her independence, strength, survival instinct, willpower and rebellious nature in this collection, rather than her portrayal as a victim - of ANY kind, rape or otherwise. It's a mistake on Karneef's part to assume that we all identify Lisbeth as first and foremost a rape victim. Because I certainly don't, and never have H&M mentioned that this part of Lisbeth's character had anything to do with the collection. In fact they say completely the opposite:

"Though we think Lisbeth is a strong woman who stands up for her ideals, we are not trying to represent her specifically. Our goal is to rather offer a collection that we see in today’s trend picture that will appeal to many customers."

Number two, if we are to take the message Karneef is preaching as gospel, then where on earth would it stop? What about goths and goth brands, should we hassle them for emulating death and horror? Likewise, what about brands like Topshop who sell t-shirts emblazoned with pentagrams and upside down crosses on the front - should we boycott them completely for glamorising the Satanic and occult? Of course not. We buy these things in their droves without placing the inspirations and connotations on trial. Obviously Karneef's particular issue with the alleged glamorisation of rape since it is what hits home with her in particular - which is tragic and genuinely heartbreaking - but it is wrong to again assume that it's something which will resonate universally. Rape is neither the first thing I think of when I think of Lisbeth, nor does it come to mind when I see this collection. And that's OK.

Number three, as I told whoever it was on Twitter (I can't remember now, it was a while ago but she was swiftly unfollowed due to her condescending attitude, willingness to shove her opinion down my throat and general odious nature), I feel an opinion like this grossly underestimates the general public's ability to tell the difference between FICTION and FASHION. I can tell the difference between a made up character, a fictional series of events, and a collection of clothes which I can hold in my hand. My issue here is not so much with Karneef's opinion but with that blogger who attacked me on Twitter, who seemed genuinely affronted when I told her I was intelligent enough to know when something is and IS NOT glamorising rape. 

The crime of rape is despicable, horrific and can NEVER be taken seriously enough, but I believe some reationaries to this collection have taken the inspiration of Lisbeth Salander too seriously, too literally. The blogger in question's reaction in particular smacks badly of jumping on a  bandwagon. Give some of us more credit - we weren't born yesterday and can tell this from a mile off. How about instead you do some research and form your own opinion. Perhaps this blogger also has an issue with the apparent heightened sexuality of the American actress Rooney Mara as compared to Noomi Rapace as the original Lisbeth in the Swedish films - does she think rape victims portrayed in films should look or dress a particular way?  Why should this be? Or what about the popularity of the books in general - does she balk at the millions of dollars the worldwide franchise has doubtless made? Does she consider all of this to be profiting from the glamorisation of rape? I wouldn't have thought so.

It's been pointed out that it was perhaps naive of H&M not to expect some sort of backlash to this collection, but whether they genuinely didn't, or did and went with it anyway is irrelevant. Potential for a minority to create controversey is no reason not to do something.

Anyway, I fear I've digressed. Congrats if you've made it this far! To sum up, I like this collection and I might well purchase something from it. It doesn't glamorise rape for me, and neither do the books. I've yet to see the film but I suspect it doesn't either. And I'm more than a little upset that Lisbeth has been reduced to ONLY a rape victim/survivor by all this controversy when in reality she is so much more, and would never dream of referring to herself as such.

I sympathise with Natalie Karneef and empathise with her opinion, but I don't share it. And to the aggressive blogger who thought her opinion was much more important than mine, pipe doon hen. You had no idea who you were dealing with, which is forgivable once. But don't cross me again.

Peace! I really hope I haven't come across like a total cow - it's just my opinion and we are all entitled to one.

Oh, and let me know what you think, please! It might  not sound like it but I do genuinely appreciate a good debate. Have you seen the film yet? What do you think? Will you be buying anything from this range?

Monday, 26 December 2011


Merry Christmas, everyone!

So far, my festive period has been utterly awesome. Friday was spent catching up with an old pal I've not seen in months and resulted in about 14,000 empty bottles of wine (and beer and gin - boke) and a sare heid on Saturday for visiting my wee Grandma and Maw for early Christmas present-unwrapping.

Traditionally I spend Christmas Eve with Maw but this year I headed to the local pub with my pals for more boozing and embarrassing dad-dancing...

Christmas day was a little different - spent the morning visiting my other wee Granny in the home (it's an amazing place, donate!) and then headed over to Kirsten's Aunt's house for a massive roast with all the trimmings :) Then out again to local haunt The Shed for a boogie and bed.

Today I had Christmas dinner take two with yet more turkey and trimmings at my Aunt's and now I'm at work battling through the worst food coma/extended hangover EVER!

Hope you all had a lovely few days and that Santa was good to you!

Oh, PS, I wore this Topshop dress:

SUCH a drama getting it shipped to Glasgow as Aberdeen was the only store in the country with any left in stock. Grr! Thankfully it came, JUST in time.

This week is for working heinous late shifts, sleeping, recovering and planning a humongous diet for the New Year.

Lots of festive love! xxx

Friday, 23 December 2011


In the latest in a series of quirky collaborations, MAC has announced it's newest muse as New York style legend, 90-year-old Iris Apfel, which IS AMAZING!

Talk about an icon. A former employee of Women's Wear Daily and interior design guru (responsible for revamping the White House under a succession of  9 US presidents), Apfel was featured in an exhibition at the MoMA in 2005 entitled Rara Avis, which explored her unique sense of personal style and interior design tastes. She comes across in interviews as a right GAME AULD BIRD with the most delicious New York accent in the world:


I remember reading an interview with her AGES AGO where she talked about celebrity fashion these days and how young female celebrities look bland, dried out and generally awful. And I can kind of see what she means. When was the last time you saw Jennifer Aniston rocking something unique or extravagant? Does she even HAVE her own personal style? I don't think so, the woman is BLAH to the max. 

Stuff that, man. When I'm 90 I wanna be like Iris, decked head to toe in garish accessories and mis-matching knits, loving life and not giving a HOOT. She reminds me of that poem Warning by Jenny Joseph...  

Anyway, I digress.

The collection will be released in January and will feature all the usual stuff - lipsticks, nail lacquers, eye shadows... Just don't expect any peaches, beiges or taupes. It's all about COLOUR, dahhling.

Here's some more awesome snaps of Iris to whet your appetite until then...

I'd pretty much die to have a rake around her apartment.




Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Yesterday, after yet another day of pampering at Blythswood Spa and a humongous curry for tea, my friend Jenna and I trotted along to the Theatre Royal to indulge in Scottish Ballet's winter offering - the sumptuous spectacular that is The Sleeping Beauty. I've talked about my love for the ballet before and this time I was thrilled to be given the chance to wax lyrical to my heart's content in a wee article for the programme:

This isn't sad at all...

Back in October I was invited along to Scottish Ballet's southside HQ to investigate the painstaking costuming process involved in a grand production like The Sleeping Beauty, and found that heaven DOES exist in the huge warehouse-style hangar that is the wardrobe department. If you have a spare five mins gie it a read - click on the pictures to enlarge:

It truly was an amazing show. The 1940s costumes in Act III looked stunning contrasted with the earlier extravagance of the late Regency gowns. My favourite costume was Auroras when she has her first proper dance with the Prince after she awakes... It's just a simple, light and airy white dress (almost like Victorian undergarments) but it looked so elegant and innocent, especially with her hair down, dancing such a beautiful, romantic duet.

I also loved the other four princesses dresses, and especially enjoyed seeing them updated for Act III - for example, Snow White's traditional fairytale gown was transformed into a smart navy and white skirt-suit with a quirky poisoned apple-shaped fascinator!

The Lilac Fairy was my favourite dancer of the night. Unrivalled fluidity and grace - gobsmackingly good.

The baddies.

Aurora and her pals.

One of the many fairies who bless Aurora at her Christening.

All in all, yet another smashing success from Scottish Ballet. If you fancy going along, and WHY wouldn't you, booking details can be found here.

Monday, 19 December 2011


And now for something COMPLETELY different...

Say hello to Bubble Betty - a new Scottish brand which aims to bring back that "chic" vintage rainwear staple from the 50s - yes, the humble rain bonnet (or Rain Mate as my Grandma calls hers) and make it uber cool again.

No, seriously!

But we're not talking just any old clear, plastic rain bonnet, these ones have COOL PRINTS, YO, to make 'em chic and fashionable...

They also come in nifty wee tins to keep em safe in your handbag:

I was very kindly sent the red lace version to try out and while I'm really not sure this is my kind of thing, I can't dispute the sheer HANDINESS of something which, under Hurricane Bawbag-like conditions, manages to keep yer DO in place perfectly. A little weird to get used to but utterly practical and a godsend if you've just had your hair done and it's raining cats and dogs outside. Which, let's face it, it always is here in Glasgow.

I imagine the leopard-print or tattoo-print Bubble Bettys would be perfect for glamorous, vintagey/pin-up-esque girls who love a coiffed 50s do and red lip, or for folk who just can't bear wrestling with an umbrella.

Each Bubble Betty is priced at £6 and available to buy here.

What do you guys reckon - will the Bubble Betty catch on?

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Following on from yesterday's post, and since it's payday and all, I just bought myself this badBOY as wee PUNKY crimbo treat.

I've been enjoying wearing a bit of colour recently, but as soon as I clicked the BUY button for this awesome, over-sized Boy London Tshirt, I got that familiar comforted feeling - like the cockles of my grungy, goffy soul were basking in a right royal warming. Ahhhhh!

I imagine it'd look pretty cool with my Acne leather jacket, grey leggings and creepers or white docs. I don't actually HAVE white docs, but that's a purchase for another month...

Safe to say I am now officially SKINTED.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Howdy, y'all.

Currently obsessed with Christmas shopping, but it seems I can't trawl the shops these days without arriving home LADEN with treats for myself too. Shameful!

 In case you're wondering, here's a selection of STUFF I've been buying the last few weeks:

Topsop 'Fluro' ombre jumper. Just trust me when I say it's much nicer in real life. It's a little bit pinker at the top and quite slouchy and over-sized. Perfect for these really dull winter days when the sun never seems to properly rise.
This was ACTUALLY the only piece of clothing I've bought in the last wee while you guys, SO unlike me! The rest of my purchases have been more makeup/skincare based...

Topshop Pillow Talk lipstick. If you follow me on Twitter you might remember a while back I was asking you guys for some nice pale pink lipstick recommendations and this badboy got a lot of hype. I only bought it today so I can't tell you what it looks like on, but hopefully it'll suit me. I have fairly dark browny/pink lips naturally so I hope this has enough pigmentation to properly cover them up and not sit in the cracks and gross chapped bits. Boke! That actually makes a nice segway into my next purchase...
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant for lips. I get really bad chapped, broken and sometimes bleeding lips in the winter which I constantly bite and pick at - HOW ATTRACTIVE, GUYS. For the last few years I've been religiously using my Smiths Rosebud Salve - cult fave - but this year they've been particularly bad and I felt it just wasn't cutting it.
I'd heard from a friend this was the way to go, but I got a PURE shock when I realised it was £18! However the girl at the counter assured me that for sore, red, chapped lips there really is nothing better, so I shelled out the moolah. SAW ME COMING, EH?
I've only been using it for a few hours but already my lips feel SO moisturised and much less inflamed. I was worried the texture might be gloopy or thick like the Burts Bees lip balm which I just DO NOT get on with, but thankfully it's light and there's a slight sheen too. I also like the citrus smell and white packaging so all in all, so far I'd say it's worth the money.

Sleek Storm i-Divine palette. I'd been hearing about the Sleek eyeshadow palettes for ages but never really felt much need to get one - usually I'm happy with a generous slick of liquid eyeliner and lashings of mascara, however, for this Christmas season I really wanted to try out some warm, browns, berries and golds.
I'm sure I've mentioned to you all before about what a beginner I am when it comes to makeup, but I kinda felt like only a PROPER DONKEY could go wrong with this particular palette. There are a wide range of shades to blend together (some shimmery and some matte), and a nice wee mirror and applicator, though I might chuck that out and get a proper brush.
I've been using it for a few weeks, on and off and I find the colours really pigmented and easy to blend. I'm still getting used to seeing my eyes with eyeshadow and not just eyeliner as it's quite a DONE sort of look, but for nights out I think I definitely quite like it.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. So I've been using my Skin 79 Intense Classic Blemish Balm solidly for a while now as I felt like I needed the extra coverage and slightly satin finish it gives me. Plus, it matches my skin tone EXACTLY. However, recently I've been watching more and more YouTube tutorials which feature this foundation and I love the look of it. It's not cheap though, I paid over £30 for this beast, so I have pretty high expectations. It should arrive in the next few days so I'll let you guys know what it's like. Anyone out there use it? What can I expect?

Mac 187 brush. To use with the HD foundation innit. I usually just use my fingers, or my flat Ruby and Millie foundation brush to apply foundation but I like this swirling, buffing motion I keep seeing and hearing about (amateur guys, I told you) and I fancy giving it a go. This is probably a bit of an unnecessary splurge but WHAT THE HELL, it's Christmas!

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil finishing power.  Simply the best finishing power I've ever used. Fact! This is a much-needed and long-awaited repurchase.

Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel and Clearing Mattifier. In my tireless, NEVER-ENDING quest for the right skincare to tackle my evil, spot-prone skin that hates me, I stumbled across a YouTube video of Lisa Eldridge using the clearing mattifier and chatting all kindsa good stuff about how it helps control oil and stop breakouts etc etc, and I totes trust her word so, BAM, I just shelled out over £60 for these two products.
I'm really hoping these make a long-term difference you guys. I'm so sick of trying new products with my hopes all up and then nothing happening. Or in the case of the Alpha H Liquid Gold, a totes unexpected painful burning sensation and immediate breakouts the next morning :( If I'm honest though, my skin has been slightly better than usual the past 2 weeks, and that's thanks to my next new buy...

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I am SO glad I bought this. At first it was a bit weird smearing the white cream all over my dry face, but now that I'm used to it I can say that WITHOUT A DOUBT it's the best cleanser I've ever used. The process can be a little time-consuming what with all the rubbing, rinsing the cloth, wiping away, rinsing again and repeating, but the results are totally worth it. After patting my face dry it's completely smooth and comfortable - by that I mean it's not bright red and tight as it usually is with soapy or exfoliating cleansers. I haven't noticed a dramtic reduction in the apperance of blemishes but the overall texture of my skin is much improved. The soft, calm effect is still there in the morning when I wake up and I've noticed that I don't need to use a moisturiser in the morning any more. And it literally removes every single stitch of makeup - waterproof mascara, lipstick, you name it - without all that nasty aggravating scrubbing or harshness of astringent removers.
Seriously guys, this is my new Holy Grail product and I've been raving to everyone I see about it. It's about £18 for the largest size in John Lewis but you can get a smaller amount for cheaper if you want to try it. And seriously, YOU DO WANT TO TRY IT.

Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie. Not clothes, makeup or skincare-y based at all but something else I'm totally loving at the moment - the Christmas Cookie Yankee candle! The others in the Yankee Candles Christmas range, like Christmas Eve, Happy Christmas and Christmas Tree are all nice enough but it's Christmas Cookie's sickly sweet and warm cosiness I can't get enough of! Sweet scents aren't for everyone and I might not get this as a present for someone unless I'm sure they really are into it, but personally I have a massive sweet tooth that just won't quit so this is perfect for me.
I love giving Yankee Candles as gifts. Sometimes candles can seem like a bit of a namby-pamby cop out but the Yankee range is so well-known and credible, which such a massive range to suit everyone that I can't imagine anybody being disappointed with one under the Christmas tree.
*cough* Hint, santa?

Finally, something I WISH I'd bought recently...

Large Mulberry Evelina satchel in black.
Please, Santa? GO ONNNNN!!!


Saturday, 10 December 2011


I'm starting to feel all festive, folks! Been looking over the myriad of Christmas party dresses and gift idea blog posts with much festive glee and eager anticipation of that famous, fat, jolly bloke sliding down my chimney in two weeks' time... BUT WHERE, OH WHERE are the posts celebrating that rare and special beast - the hideous Christmas jumper - I ask?

Nowhere to be found, so it would seem. But fear not, a quick google had thrown up these - my favourite examples of horrendous festive-wear. Enjoy this terrifying compendium and rejoice in your normality this yuletide:
Check out the demon snowman in the middle... Those vacant, coal eyes and evil grin haunt my nightmares.

Not only is this truly tackily boke-worthy but it's also too wee. A double-whammy of WRONG.

Look how proud she is of this awful jumper with its toe-curling pun. Maybe you can't really see her eyes cos she's actually crying bitter BITTER tears of shame at being forced to wear this piece of crap.

Not massively offensive or nowt, but that thumbs-in-pockets, model-esque stance suggests THEE most unwarranted swagger ever. Girl, look in the mirror before you strike that nonchalant pose.

Just out of shot are the men in white coats poised with huge, human-sized butterfly nets ready to pounce on this GENUINE lunatic. Terrence here chose to wear this. HE CHOSE IT. Ponder that for a second...

You know the saying less is more? Lost on this fool, who clearly believes you can never have enough tassells or ACTUAL REAL BELLS on your jumper. Mate, you is wrong.

I don't even know where to start. I think this has literally just blown my mind. Guy... On... Right...

Aw, what an adorable cheeky chappie! shame no-one will talk to him this Christmas (or ever again) thanks to his Santa hat, festive jumper and mug overkill. Social outcast forever more...


One of Snoop Doggy Dog's less ridiculous looks, but still completely mental. Several questions come to mind like why is the gangsta snowman blowing hearts out of his pipe if he's such a badass, and WHY oh WHY is it so damn long? The mind boggles.

Behind Maureen's disturbing, forced smile is a killer instinct to hunt down the bastard that got her this for the office secret Santa, and destroy them.

Surly teenager basking in shame. He's accepted his fate. No-one can help you now...

The only thing worse than those ridonculous "occupy wherever" protesters would be one with this on. Can you even imagine? Contro, but true.

And finally, because sadly, hideous festive jumpers are not confined to Christmas alone, this proud young man shows off a truly awful Hanukkah counterpart. Wipe that smile off your face, Tobias, you look like a pillock.

Ho, ho, ho, isn't it funny to laugh at others' festive-themed sartorial mishaps? You BET it is!

Ps, thanks to all who entered my Monki giveaway! Mairead was lucky winner who was chosen at totes random. More giveaways in the new year, innit.
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