Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Pretty much a visual representation of my mood today:


Ah, that was nice, eh? Refreshing to see just some pics without me nattering on and on and on...

Sometimes I think I harp on a bit too much and it maybe puts folk off? I dunno...

I have a wee formspring thing over on the sidebar there near the top <--- so if you guys want less writing more pics, a wider variety of posts (what's happening in my life, not just abstract fashion) or WHATEVER, I'd be really interested in hearing your thoughts.

Post me a wee comment, it's anonymous, and it would really help me switch up FFS, as I'm aware that at the moment the posts are all a bit of a random bag - mad as a box of frogs you might say....


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I can't stop trawling the Net a Porter site for new delights - it's a form of self harm, SERIOUSLY!

I only actually have £60 left to spend of my £5,000 win, and I am reeeeeely struggling to find something I actually want for that. I had decided that I could be doing with some new accessories, but I'm afraid a Marc Jacobs iPhone cover (practically the only thing for £60 on the entire site) just DOESN'T get me going the same way that bags/shoes/jewellery/sunglasses do.

Ah sunglasses. When it comes to sunnies, I like mine BIG and BLACK...


Here, Abbey, geeze yer specs?

Check out my favourites from Net a Porter - don't they make you lust hard after a beer garden in the sunshine?

 The Row - favourites. Everything about these is right.


Alexander Wang - OK, so not black but whatevs. Still effin cool.

Linda Farrow - croc skin. Mutha-luvin croc skin!

Right summer, I'm ready for ya. Hurry up and arrive already!

OH, AND ALSO, my very talented photographer friend Nadine Yardley wants me to model for her tomorrow... LOLOCAUST! If you know me, you'll know my extreme discomfort at having my photo taken in any kind of posed manner (remember I tried doing outfit posts? Yeah, that went well.........).

However, hopefully with loads of editing it won't even really look like me. This is the sort of thing she's going for:

Photo byVictoria Zeoli for Dazed and Confused

I'll let you guys know how it goes, and possibly post the result in due course. Wish me luck trying to pose for her - I'm thinking a cheeky mid-afternoon zinfandel will help...


Sunday, 27 March 2011


This week I have been mostly suffering with a stinking bloody cold, sitting a NCTJ newswriting exam, subtitling Catherine Cookson adaptations, assisting on shoots with the Sunday Herald, watching Norwegian Wood (disappointingly lacking in substance - review here), gaining Twitter followers :) and losing blog followers :(
- well ONE but still, stings like a smack roun' the chops with a wet cod.

Oh, and chopping off virtually ALL my hair. More on that later...

I've been neglecting FFS somewhat - but my actual life must unfortunately take priority. So frustrating when I keep constantly having great ideas for blogs, scribbling them down on random bits of paper/receipts/subway tickets then losing them all over Glasgow. Such a scatter-brained eejit it's amazing how I'm still alive... please stick with me!

ANYWAY one of the things I had noted down from donkey's ago was to do a quick review of The Row's AW11 line... Jeezeballs, just getting round to it now.

The Row, if you didn't know, is the fashion house of uber-cool, fashion-tastic it girls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Love em or hate em, those ladies KNOW fashion, darling.


I think it's fair to say just about everyone scoffed when, in 2007, they announced they were turning their tiny, ring-adorned hands to designing. But five seasons on it's clear we should take these miniature moguls seriously.

The distinguishing thread running through all previous Row collections has been a minimalistic tailored vibe, despite the fact that MK pretty much epitomises grunge-boho, New York-eclectic chic.

But their AW11 offering stands apart, raising the bar in luxury for RTW...

I mean, who doesn't need a fabulously-oversized, real mink hat and faux-leopard coat combo of a chilly afternoon in Glasgow? This look makes me KICK MYSELF for not buying an animal print coat this year. Won't be making that mistake this year... Oh, and the slipper-esq shoes? Love.

Love everything about this. How to make a plain jumper infinitely better? Fur.
Oh how I love the mix of fur and lace as well. Bravo.

Sleek tailoring makes an appearance, along with leather sleeves. This look has been literally everywhere, from Topshop Unique to Burberry, so you can bet it will be all over the highstreet come September. But what I love most about this is the bag and newspaper (looks like a FT?) - like she's just off to work. GLAM.

Just... YES. Yes to everything, but most especially the shoes. Check those badboys out...

MK and Ashley aren't usually associated with colour, so again this powder blue was a refreshing change, but of course it wouldn't be The Row if it wasn't hugely luxurious and bourgeois, so naturally this jacket's done in fur. Obv.

It's plain, it's white, but I love it. Go figure?

Well hello, sexy dominatrix-y croc skin and leather. And there's that hat again. Swoon.
 Love the deep chocolate colour as opposed to black - adds something else to the rich and elegant overall feel, like dark chocolate and red wine...

So, yes. Aspirational is the word. But all these are looks than can easily be recreated and copied - faux fur will be everywhere next season, even moreso that it was last year, and it's due in part to this stunning collection.

What do we think?

I also really love the shoes, not a sky-scraper heel in sight. Interestingly, these particular cashmere slipper-style flats are a collaboration with American brand TOMS, and are set to retail for around $150 - positively cheap when you imagine how much those coats/bags will go for!

OH, almost forgot. I mentioned earlier that I* whacked a massive TEN INCHES off my hair on Friday... Here's the result:

Awesome toilet shots, yes?

*I say "I" but I actually mean Uconcept in Battlefield - GGow ladies check em out - they were brilliant!

chow for now! x

Monday, 21 March 2011


I can't stop looking at these INSANE photos of Canadian Model, Rick Genest (aka zombie boy) for MUGLER (formerly Thierry Mugler) AW11.

Rick with Mugler's creative designer Nicola Formichetti

I first spotted photos of this guy's amazing FULL BODY TATTOOS on Tumblr ages ago but at the time I assumed it was just makeup... NO, those are his actual tats y'all!

There's something so captivating and beautiful about him - perhaps not one to bring home to the maw and paw, but jeeeeeze I can't tear myself away from these! Here's a wee vid as well for your pleasure:

I don't tend to pay a huge amount of attention to models (unless it's Stone, Moss or Lee-Kershaw) but this dude has IT. True, his is a look that wouldn't work too well commercially (understatement of the century?) but for MUGLER's apocalyptic/futuristic/alien vibe, zombie boy is the obvious choice.

Gaga clearly felt the same, since her video for Born This Way also features Genest, and the mad vibes echo MUGLER's direction, so I guess it makes sense. Still REALLY wish the actual song was better though...

What do we think??

Saturday, 19 March 2011


This week I have been mostly quoting Juno under my breath AND feeling stripes.

On Wednesday, whilst under the influence of a ridiculous whim I purchased this delightful Vaudeville & Burlesque velvet and sheer black shirt from Urban Outfitters:

Swoooon, right?

I think I posted a similar shirt from Etsy a while ago and mused as to how much I was lusting after it...Anyway, I just literally could NOT stop myself.

Some other stripey pieces in at Urban online include these gems:

Just a nice simple layering piece.
 Seriously, do you realise how hard it is to find a plain black and white striped bodycon dress? Lemme tell ya, it's HARD. I kinda want to wear the vertical striped shirt over this, just to, like, MESS WITH PEOPLE'S HEADS...

Cool, am I right? I'm not wrong....

Won Hundred so prisonner chic...and the result is fabulous! Love the simple styling of a berry-red lip, plait and boots.

We used this skirt for one of the Sunday Herald shoots and I've loved it ever since - really like the combo of dusky pink and navy together. Hello Spring!

OH, PEE ESS, thanks a heap coyote ugly, this cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment.


Oh dear, I am STUPIDLY late at posting this...

On Thursday I was invited along to this event by Jonathan from Les Garcons De Glasgow

Greek luxury jewellers Folli Follie had challenged Jon to photograph their most stylish Scottish shoppers. The lucky 14 were styled and photographed by him and the photos were unveiled on Thursday in the St Enoch's Centre store. Guests and customers could then vote for their favourite look and the winner gets to keep their favourite accessory from the shoot.

I say GETS because you can still vote at LGDG up until the 27th of March. I think I'll be voting for this lady:

Hello, mad shoulder harness HINGWAY! Love it.

I really meant to go to this because it looked super fun (nothing at all to do with the 20% in-store discount on the night....) but UNFORTUNATELY I had double booked myself.

Where did I end up instead???? Oh, only SHAWLANDS SPIRITUALIST CHURCH with my maw and her pal. Random is not even the word....

I'll be honest, a large part of me was a little disappointed it wasn't more like this:

If you get a chance, watch this week's episode on iPlayer... Skip to about 2 mins in - Raymond Day is on fire in this one. "Total effin C. She's telling me he's a total effin C." Classic.

Brain of a 14-year-old boy, ACTUALLY.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Here, turns out Radley got cool. Who knew?!

Radley you say? No thanks, I'm not a middle-aged mum looking for a rather bland leather purse to house my M&S receipts, but cheers all the same.


WAIT, hear me out! Granted, Radley's not really a brand I knew/cared much about, except that their logo is that wee Scottie dug and they ain't shy about plastering it all over purses, bags, umbrellas, wallets... You name it, the dug's on it.

That was until I spotted THIS badboy. Behold, the studded Grosvenor Satchel:


It's black... It's leather... It's studded... It's a satchel... It MUST be mine.

This bag's still rocking a smart, sophisticated vibe, but without a Scottie dug in sight. Hurrah!

Though I am forever and always a cat lady, here's a wee promotional vid featuring 8 of the mutts, actually looking pretty damn cute if I do say so.

And, just for the ruddy hell of it, here's a wee full length photato of me from earlier today. Bad case of randomitus today...

Well helloooo rubber puss...
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