Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I am SO ready for winter! I can feel it getting colder in the evenings, and it's starting to get dark earlier and the whole thing makes me so excited! Soon you'll be able to smell the frost in the air...

I don't even care if it's to be 20 degrees tomorrow. I'm just going to ignore it and pretend it's time to look at investing in some warm and snugglies for fireworks night etc (EEEEEEEK!!). Today I stumbled upon Yokoo's Etsy shop. I was like, "hmm, I'm sure I recognise her face from somewhere..." UM, yeah turns out it was from Vice magazine ages ago!

She's a one woman knitting machine! These are my absolute favourites but I would happily wear any of her creations:

I think the top one - braided spice necklace - is probably going to be my first buy.

PS - Turns out I have to confirm my Pal Pal account or something, which will take a day or two, so once that's up and running I will be ALL about the eBaying.


I don't know what I'm doing anymore, I don't know why I persist
I don't know what I'm doing anymore, how did I get myself back into this?

Monday, 30 August 2010


So today my two friends and I cycled round our local park in the glorious sunshine. It was a really beautiful day here in Glasgow and I wore my trusty Levi's shorts and pink Topshop cropped tshirt, which I later discovered I had slittered my Fab ice lolly all down...Great.

However, I feel slightly guilty. You see, I can put on a good front, but deep down my heart's just not really into this summer stuff. I get FAR more excited by AW that SS and though it felt lovely to be out and about with bare arms and sunglasses on again, I just couldn't help coming home and perving over coats and boots and scarves etc. I am of the opinion that the park's pretty boating pond is infinitely more gorgeous when iced over.

With that in mind, check out this absolutle GEM of a coat...

It's from Oasis, which isn't usually somewhere I would shop - tends to feel a bit too straight-laced or officey for my liking - but even I was bowled over by this. The shearling is achingly on trend, but I especially like the drapey, waterfall effect rather than the more obvious aviator jacket that's everywhere right now. Frankly, of the affordable Burberry rip offs out there, the majority are pretty cheap looking, especially since most are PU and not realy leather - and many of the real leather and shearling jackets are just too ridiculously priced to consider, so this is really the best of both worlds. Different and striking, but affordable at only £80.

It comes in a lovely chocolate brown too which would look great with some tailored trousers and heeled boots, but knowing my own style, I'll definitely be going for the black. COS IM A GOTH! OK, no, but I just prefer it in black, and I have been buying a lot of black recently...

ALSO tomorrow I will be resurrecting my eBay acount from the dead and attempting to sell loads of old clothes and accessories. Keep checking out FORTY FOUR where I will post the link once its up and running and you might pick up a wee bargain. Expect to see loads of things I bought this year for Benicassim, including a Wildfox vest going for half price (never even worn) and loads more...

Sunday, 29 August 2010


So I've been in a foul horrible disgusting mood this weekend - I couldn't get time off to go to that fashion show on Friday and I've been working ten hour shifts ever since, then coming home and watching crap telly and gorging on Thorntons factory rejects, cuddling my cat and cursing the world. SO to get out of my almighty FUNKITY FUNK I've decided to concentrate on...


1. Going back to uni!

I'm so unbelievably excited about going back to do my Masters in Multimedia Journalism. It's been a year since I graduated the first time, and I'm more than ready to get stuck back in. Writing essays and researching stuff are pretty much all I ever want to do, and I can't wait to breeze down the hall to my first shorthand class in my new winter coat, possibly with one (or all four) of these in my bag?

Topshop notebooks. Michael Jackson's my favourite, brilliant! Actually, I've been looking about online for some cute/quirky stationary but with disappointing results. Anyone know of any good websites? Cos you know, with 2 weeks to go before I start, I've got to get my priorities right...

2. Britney's POP cover. I had planned to do a whole blog about Britters but frankly it's 11 on a Sunday night and Family Guy is on in the background, PLUS Tavi has beaten me to it and damn, she's smart.

However, unlike Tavi, I actually remember Britney BEFORE K-Fed, before she became first the shaven-headed, braless, Starbucks-swigging nutjob we're more used to seeing recently. I was in primary 7 when Hit Me Baby One More Time came out and OHMAIIGAWD I loved her like only a 12 year old could.. Unconditionally.

I made up dances to the hits, I rejoiced when she got with uber-hot Justin and I cried when they broke up. In truth, I still love her. I can't help it, it's some kind of deep-rooted thing. To this day I STILL feel like if we met we would be total best mates. So yes, I can appreciate this cover for its satirical and sartorial commentary, but really I just want stick it on my wall. And I probably will. Enjoy...

3. The Runaways. I should hate it. I SHOULD mock the thought of it like everyone else. I mean, I pretty much hate Kristen Stewart - so god-damned miserable all the time, in serious need of a slap. Plus, the Bella from my imagination looks nothing like her (she looks like me...ahem!). And Dakota Fanning doesn't do it for me either, either in Twilight or anything else I've seen her in. I remember watching her being interviewed after doing Charlotte's Web or War of the Worlds or something, and she was so vile and insipid... Yuck! So yes, technically this film should hold no appeal, but what can I say, I'm a 15-year-old emo at heart. Plus, anything that can make Kristen look this rank:

..Is worth a few hours of my time.

4. Getting my tattoo. So I've been thinking about it for years, changing my mind again and again and shitting out. But now more than ever feels like the right time. New start, new beginning at uni, new chapter in my life.

When I first met my ex-boyfriend he had one or two dubious tattoos, and 3 years later he's COVERED. He now has a full sleeve, several arm pieces, two back pieces and a chest piece. His style was old school sailor tattoos, and I adored them. They're not for everyone, but on the right person they can be so perfect.

These are a selection of my favourites by Paul Slifer at Red Hot and Blue in Edinburgh - if you are considering getting anything old school done, check him out.

However, sorry to disappoint but I am not getting something like this done, I'm FAR too vanilla for that! Plus, my Dad would kill me. 23 and I can still say that with absolute certainty.

Instead I'm going for a short quote in French from Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Cliched? Perhaps. Perfect? Definitely. I'm keeping it under wraps for now, but it should be done by the end of next week and if I can find my camera I might post a pic...

At the end of the day, like I told my ex - his tats are beautiful and I love them, but for me it's all about the words, and it always will be.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Damn you Urban Outfitters sale! I can't resit a bargain and when I spotted this beauty reduced from £75 to £49 I didn't even realise what I was doing until I found myself starting at a "thank you for your order" email... It's a sickness!

Vaudeville and Burlesque bow front dress:

I love the draping but the material is really thin and stretchy, and I'm worried I might rip it just pulling it on. Another thing is that it's slightly tight across my bust. I would never normally consider going bra-less TRUST ME - with a somewhat ample bosom it's just not a good look. However this dress would look so much better if it just draped and hung nicely down my front rather than bulged unattractively... So I will consider it. I've been invited to attend a fashion show tomorrow night and if I go I'm going to wear this with (hopefully) some berry-coloured tights and the Carin Westers. If only I had a Westwood bag to complete the look!

Also inspired by the styling in this photo I decided it was about time for a new pair of glasses. It wasn't very long ago that I bought new tortoise-shell Ray Bans (NOT the Wayfarer ones everyone is sporting in a tribute to geek-chic) but I just don't like them much any more. I know, pathetic excuse to buy new frames, what can I say, I'm fickle when it comes to accessories.

Originally I had my eye on this pair after they were listed on ELLEUK.com:

However, they are £134 which is a little pricey, especially when you consider I'd have to pay around the same for my ULTRA MEGA SLIMMED DOWN lenses to be added. My prescription is so horrendous (-9.5 and -8.0) that I have to have them slimmed to the max before they stop looking like milk bottles, and it's an expensive hassle. PLUS they are now sold out... That phrase is the bane of my life.

Sooo I settled on these quirky bad-boys from MODvintageshop on Etsy:If I get them and I don't like them then I intend to sell them on, so I'll let you know on here and if you want them just gimme a shout! I did have an eBay account but can't remember my password, I should probably look into that. I much prefer to buy than to sell...

I digress. Finally I had an hour to kill in Urban yesterday before meeting a friend for dinner, and I ended up with this. Something to go with the glasses, obviously? Practically a necessity.

The one I bought has black polka dots on the top, not flowers. I tried on the floral one but in the end the spotty one had a more quirky feel.

I have GOT to stop spending all my money on clothes. I go back to part time as from next week and I'll just not be able to afford it. But I figure, get everything I need (want) now right?? RIGHT?? I need help.


So The September Issue was on More 4 again the other night. I must have seen this now about 4 times and every time the same things always strike me... One is the age of all the women at the top. It seems to me, that if we go by the example of the US Vogue offices at least, the fashion industry is run and managed by women in their 40s and 50s. It's comforting, I guess, to see such an institution like Vogue clearly favour worldliness and experience over youth and enthusiasm - especially in this reality TV world of The City and Running in heels, which perpetuate the idea that all you need is to be hot and carry a Mulberry Alexa to secure you an amazing job at a fashion magazine. Come on ladies, Anna Wintour herself is 60! All the positions at the top are filled by women of a certain age - Grace Coddington, the magazine's Creative Director is (if my maths is right) 69! That's the other thing that always moves me about this film - just how much of an absolute star Grace Coddington is. Infinitely more accessible and likable than Anna Wintour, with a unique creative eye and unrivalled passion for aesthetically beautiful pictorials. I would have preferred The September Issue so much more if it had been about Grace's story alone - the sweat blood and tears this woman puts into the issue is remarkable. What an utter legend.

The video is not the best quality but there's something about the crackly lines that gives it a nice vintage edge. It's a pretty moving bit of the film when you consider her interesting life and unique talent.

Here she is modelling back in the 60s before the car crash that shattered her eye socket:

On the cover in 62:

After her accident she began as a junior editor for British Vogue and now is the Creative Director of US Vogue. While US Vogue is generally considered to be the less edgy and 'out there' or daring of the Vogues (and I would tend to agree, especially when contrasted with French or Italian Vogue), it is clear after watching The September Issue that this is not for the lack of trying on Coddington's part. In one particular moment after the 'Texture' shoot where Anna discards the pictorial on rubber (I think it's something by Rodarte), Grace is visibly fuming and mutters, "So rubber ISN'T a texture?" and laments at the waste of $50,000 worth of work.

Still don't believe me that she is an absolute legend? Take a look at the Hansel and Gretel pictorial from December 09 (google it as well as this photo doesn't seem to be the best quality for some reason):

Yes, that is Lady Gaga. Proof that we should all, most definitely, respect our elders. All hail Amazing Grace.

Monday, 23 August 2010


What can I say really... this speaks for itself I guess. Love every single image in this video - but most especially the image at the end of Raquel smoking. Just divine.

Friday, 20 August 2010


"Unlike models, most twenty-somethings are not tall and are most definitely not reed thin." Just one of the glaringly obvious yet at the same time so often forgotten - both by us when we are beating ourselves up on a fat day, and by the fashion industry at large - truths "exposed" by Robin Givhan in the article, A New Femininity in September issue of ELLE UK. Anyone else read this article? Thoughts?

See this is why, in my Masters interview, when asked what was my favourite magazine, my answer was UK ELLE. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the desired answer they were looking for, but it's the truth nonetheless. Simple, well-thought out, intelligent and insightful articles, often touching, seldom patronising (Marie Claire) and free from high-fashion jargon (Vogue).

In this particular article, Givhan rejoices at the long awaited move away from the "preening rock n roll youngster with her self-conscious need to sparkle and shock" - for which she uses the example of Balmain with its jewel-encrusted, shoulder-padded, bum-skimming mini dresses which saddens me slightly as I adore Balmain, but I can see the point she's making - to the image and ideology of The Woman and Womanly Beauty.

Perhaps, she continues, this was most obvious in the AW10 collections of Prada and Louis Vuitton:

Prada Fall RTW AW2010

Louis Vuitton Fall RTW AW2010

What Givhan is getting at is that neither skinny waif-like adolescents NOR grossly overweight models represent this new Womanly Beauty. Rather the new ideal woman has breasts, hips and a killer waist and can work a full fitted skirt with the kind of slammin' strut that takes years and experience to perfect. Sexy in a demure jacket suit, yet not "sexed-up" in one of the flashier rock n roll dresses of previous AW seasons (namely Balmain), the new Woman is sophisticated, often older (Elle McPherson who is a veteran of the industry looked Amazon-like at LV) and has grown into her curves. Surely this message is a positive one for all us twenty somethings who aren't 5ft 11 and reed thin. Surely this type of aspirational beauty is a healthier and more achievable alternative to the androgynous skinny 17 -year-old cardboard cut out that has plagued the runway for so long?

Looking back at the AW10 collections on style.com, it seems to me that the waifs were there on the catwalk as usual of course, but they were interspersed with the curvier, older, sexier and more beautiful models without the type of fuss that a whole show of purely plus sized models would have created (take heed Mark Fast.) And ultimately, according to Givhan and I would have to agree, the normality of the Woman on the catwalk has signalled a quiet but very definite shift in the relationship between fashion and the female body. Like she says, the spectacle of real Women strutting down the catwalk with girls half their age and with half their curves seems to say, "look how fabulous ALL of you can look."

Which is perhaps one of the main reasons there has been so much discussion about this shift in focus. But why do we ALL care so much these days about what models look like? Why should we, the ordinary woman on the street, care about high fashion since it is a world so few of us ever experience? Well, says Givhan, this gulf between the everywoman and fashion is closing daily:

"Between reality television and bloggers, Topshop and H&M, everyone has access to fashion. Fashion is no longer this rarified world that can operate with impunity. Average folks feel comfortable taking designers to task for their oversights or insults. And designers would do well to understand that, no matter what they might think, they're no longer speaking a secret language to the initiated. We are all invested in fashion.

Let the revolution roll on."

*In 2006 Robin Givhan became the first fashion writer to win the Pulitzer Prize for criticism.


My good friend Marie has been blogging for a while about all things literature-related over at Little Interpretations, however she's also started another blog called at Culture Doll. Knowing Marie as I do, if you prefer your blogging about movies/books/fashion/culture more... cultured, then her blog is definitely for you. She is one smart cookie!

To encourage you to check it out, here is a photo of the two of us... Marie is on the right. Love! xx


Things that I am currently lusting over online:

So recently, maybe over the last 6 months or so, I've found I much prefer to buy clothes/accessories/anything at all online. Partly it's the convenience factor as venturing into town for a marathon shop after a 10 hour shift (or on a precious DAY OFF) is about as appealing as a 10k run at 6am in the rain with a hangover, and partly its the excitement and anticipation factor. Waiting anything from one day to two weeks for an individually wrapped package to arrive can keep me perky and fulla-the-joys for days. Here is a list of things I have been feverishly adding to my favourites and lusting over late at night in a more-than-just-slightly seedy manner...

Urban Outfitters BL_NK leather fringe bag. Words can't describe how much I want this bag. It reminds me of an All Saints number from a few years ago that had two fringed panels down the side. DIVINE! And at £160 it's tantalisingly within reach, however since I can't afford to get it now, sod's law dictates it will no doubt sell out in a matter or days, and God knows I've been burned before - see Carin Wester wedges later. I must find the money from somewhere...

Vivienne Westwood large skull bead necklace. Macabre yet colourful - VW never gets it wrong. I am lucky enough to own several pieces of jewellery by Viv and can account for the quality, value for money and beautiful packaging - again at £160 on Hervia, this is a close second to the bag.

Topshop Boutique velvet tie-dye smock. I don't know, velvet AND tie-dye usually would make me boke, but somehow the boffins at Boutique have perfected this beautiful textured maroony/blue hybrid, and I WANT.

Urban Outfitters sheepskin-lined multi-strap boot. A shameless blatant imitation of the Burberry AW10 sheepskin boots, but I am only human after all and these are still hot. Red hot.

BDG Baseball mesh maxi. Now, I am under no illusions about how horrendous this dress would look on me - the fact it even makes this size 6 model look curvy does not bode well for my frame. Trust me. HOWEVER, just look at those sheer sleeves coupled with the mid-length. I love how Urban Outfitters have styled it in this pic, with the chunkier boots and long pendant. If I was a waif I'd be wearing this right now.Topshop Ashby heeled clogs. All summer I wrestled with clogs. I loved them in theory, but wearing them I felt, honestly, like a bit of a fanny. However, THESE I could most definitely get on board with. Provided they are real leather.

Dainty Doll makeup range by Nicola Roberts. This used to be available at Jelly Pong Pong and a tiny sample is still being sold on ASOS but I happened to catch Nicola on GMTV this week talking about an imminent relaunch. I'm very excited to try the foundation as I can never find one light enough for my skin. I'm currently using Lancome Tent Idole Ultra in 010 but it is STILL too dark. I constantly find myself asking the folks in the beauty bit of Boots or Frasers, "Yeah but it is this the LIGHTEST shade you do?" I've decided to ditch the fake tan for winter so it's only going to get worse. This relaunch can't come quick enough.

Things that I have recently purchased:

Sterling silver Molar necklace from Verabel on Etsy. I originally thought it would be cool if it was a real tooth, perhaps not human as that's a bit gross, but maybe like a wolf fang or something, then I saw this beauty. I purchased it last week and I'm still waiting for it to arrive from the US so I'm currently surfing my eager-anticipation high.

Topshop chain shoulder mesh-insert tee. I guess this is my version of the BDG dress. It's much nicer on than this photo shows, and the metal detailing on the shoulders is very Balmain. Love it.

Toshop belted boyfriend coat. Despite the fact it is still frustratingly warm, Autumn says two things to me - NEW BOOTS and NEW COAT. This week I went on my winter coat hunt. I tried on loads, some from Toppers, some from Zara, some from Urban (disappointing selection, maybe it's too early for them?) but as soon as I put this on I knew it was the one. The deep V of the collar, the pocket detailing, the belt - everything is perfect. I also like it sans belt as it's not fitted and without it, it hangs in a delicious boxy, vintage way. There's at least two or three different looks going on here, and at £75 it's a bargain! Only issue is the sleeves are stupidly long, like proper comedy sleeves. I'm heading out today to get them taken up. AND it goes perfectly with... ..this little beauty - Fake Fur Cossack hat, again from Toppers. Wow, is there a theme emerging? I almost felt bad buying this as I know I could easily pick up a real fur one from any vintage shop in Glasgow, but call me crazy, the idea of putting something over my hair that someone else has been wearing for years and years just doesn't tickle me. I get the boke a little when I think about it, plus this is fake so I guess it's more PC, right? Although I really have no issue with fur as long as it's vintage, but that's for another post. Anyway, wearing this with my new coat I look like some sort of Russian spy - GOOD LOOK.There is a definite theme emerging here, as this cobweb long-sleeved top is also from Tophop, but truly, they have most definitely stepped it up for AW. With their new sleek website came several new collections, slick and stylish with a much more fashion forward vibe, especially within the Boutique section. This is from the Dark Nouveau collection which I like, but my favourite is The Outsiders... However, I digress. I love this top and it goes swell with my beloved old leather studded skirt.

Urban Outfitters, Truly Madly Deeply animal cross tee. I'm not a big fan of animal print actually, but I couldn't resist this t-shirt. Punky, grungy, it makes me feel like I should have half my head shaved or something when I wear it. Makes me want to buy a pair of DMs.

Finally, the Carin Wester leather wedged heels in black. These were once upon a time available on the Urban Outfitters website for a ridiculous sum, and despite pooling almost all my wages together I was still unable to buy them before they sold out which was FAST. Imagine my unbridled joy when only weeks later, upon dejectedly perusing one of my favourite blogs, Kingdom of Style (check the Blogs I Like section at the top) I see that Queen Michelle is selling her pair for a much discounted price. You know when you buy a pair of shoes that you know you love so much more than all your others? That are so perfectly in equal measures smokin' hot AND comfortable to wear? So perfect in fact, that you would happily throw out all your other night-time going-out shoes and only ever wear these for ever more? These are the shoes. 'Tis a beautiful thing when you find your shoe sole-mates (AHHHAHAHA!......).

Thursday, 19 August 2010


So, I couldn't keep away. I bring you the Alexander Wang Fall 2010 video featuring my current girl crush du jour aka Abbey Lee.
Pretty much speaks for itself however let me just add an enthusiastic WOWAWEEWA both in appreciation of a smokin' hot Abbey and an amazing collection from Mr Wang. He can officially do no wrong. SS10 was good but this is better.
I also love the remix of The XX in the background, and SPEAKING OF MUSIC how good is this??

I'm going out tomorrow night and this will be getting turned right up to 11 wilst I'm getting ready. BOOM!
Kirsty x
(EDIT) Ironic since I like JUST said I really wasn't planning to post much about music. Oh dear, I've been at this too long tonight.


Well hello!

My first post! How exciting! Can you tell by the exclamations that I am excited?!! Well I am. I wholeheartedly embrace this blogging lark and I'm jumping on the bandwagon all guns blazing. However, contrary to the fact that lately it seems that every young girl with the vaguest interest in fashion/music/books/art has a blog (so basically every single young girl), it is in fact HARD to set up. You have no idea how long it's taken me to get it to look pretty and colourful and I'm still not convinced it looks right... I liked to think I was pretty savvy at the old computertronics but this has been an eye-opening experience, and I must admit I'm sorely disappointed in my lack of HTML know how. So like, typing <.PINK> or whatever, DOESN'T actually make the words pink? Maaaaan. Toto, we're not in Myspace anymore.

Anyhoo, due to the fact I've been scratching my head, hunched over my (new shiny) laptop, guzzling green tea and sighing emotionally/frustratedly for about 2 hours now, I'm pretty much too damn tired to blog about anything in particular, except, it seems, how excited I am about this new blog and the fact I'm computerly retarded.

But fear not, you can expect some decent, hopefully interesting posts in the next few days concerning many things, including fashion, music, books etc. But mainly fashion if I'm honest since it's the one out those three that gets me most excited. I guess it ties with books actually, and music comes a close third. Well maybe it's a little further down the list than third - to be honest I don't give as much of a crap about music as I used to, so there may be very few posts on music. Let's not set the topics in stone man, this is only my first post, let's go with the flow, ken? BUT I can promise Some of them will include photos, if I can cope with the uploading/resizing/placing ordeal.

I've become a cliche and I frickin' love it!

Kirsty x
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