Tuesday, 30 July 2013


...just taking a few months off from blogging.

It wasn't intended and I've been feeling SUPER guilty and all panicky about it, but the truth is I've just not been as interested in blogging recently.

Partly due to a mix of a particularly hectic period at work, trying to find a flat, some stupid boy drama and AMAZING sunny weather, the last thing I've felt like doing recently is sitting down to write about clothes and makeup... Which is WEIRD cos I freaking LOVE clothes and makeup!

So, yeah, without getting all One Tree Hill up in here, things have been up and down and sideways and I've just been feeling a little STRETCHED, and FFS accidentally took a bit of a backseat while I got on with my actual real life.

But I DO feel bad and that's because I genuinely enjoyed posting content I was happy with and INTO and getting involved in the wee blogging community I built up, and I'm sick of HARPING ON AND ON about how I never have time for blogging and starting every post with an apology for my absence... Something has to change!

SO, I'm going to approach this like I would a project at work and concentrate my efforts into an SHINY NEW RELAUNCH IN SEPTEMBER!

Give me another month or so to get my head back in the game, redesign the layout and fall back in love with it again and I'll be back, I promise.

In the meantime I'm still Tweeting away at @kirsty44SUNSETS and Gramming obsessively under that name too so you can hit me up there.

Catch ye in the Autumn :)

Dugs, pals, booze, birthdays, sunbathing, shopping, more booze, more shopping, boys, more sunbathing, more pals... You get the idea...


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