Monday, 31 January 2011


Andy Murray lost in the final of the Australian Open on Sunday...

Gutting, right? Well, yes, but...

Lunging goon = CRYING with laughter. Forgotten all about poor Andy :)



Give up? It's only Ashlee Simpson-Wentz looking smoking hot with a new bleached-blonde pixie crop. Wowaweewa!

Seriously, how amazing does she look here?! Love a short do, feel like I've been hearing more and more about them recently...

If I looked like Ashlee this is the look I'd be rocking.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


I think I've found my new favourite shoe porn site...

Solestruck is an American website which stocks, amongst others, Jeffrey Campbell (of Lita fame), Dolce Vita, Carin Wester, Sam Edelman (of Zoe fame) and brand in question Gee Wa Wa.

Check out their Fantasia boot. I'm in lust:

I know, RIGHT?!

A classic chunky black boot will NEVER age, and these are on the right side of quirky/weird with that unusual shaped sole to add enough interest but remain totally wearable. Dressed up or down, this boot's a killer.

I'm actually quite skint at the moment, or else these would have been in my basket like yesterday! Oh, did I mention they ship worldwide FOR FREE?????


OH MY I do love a bit of Sam Riley from Control fame. Swoon!

Here he is, riding a scooter like a pro, in the new adaptation of Graham Greene classic, Brighton Rock - a book I always feel like I've read somehow but actually haven't. It's definitely on my TO BE READ list now.

Anyway, after the amazing Ian Curtis/Joy Division biopic Control, Sam Riley can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. I'll be happy to go an see any film he stars in, but chuck in some gangsters, mods, a 60s soundtrack, Brighton Pier and saucy dame, Helen Mirren and, HELL, hold me back.

Whaddya reckon? Awesome, right?

Also, check out my pal's film blog if yer into films and that, ken?

Sunday love x

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Yet another collection review - I hope you guys aren't totally bored or put off by these? I know there are hunners of high street/what I wore today blogs, loads of which I like and read regularly, but high fashion and runway shows just do something weird to me man... It's literally a physical thing.

Like, for example,  when I saw Yohji Yamamoto's latest menswear collection for AW11, I actually felt my heart skip a wee beat - NO FREAKIN' JOKE.

I'm not hugely up on my menswear to be perfectly honest - but this guy I dig. (photos from here too) reliably informs me that Yamamoto is well known for astonishing tailoring skillz and use of bizarre Edwardian imagery, but even if I didn't know that those were his THINGS I would surely have guessed at it from this collection... Take a look at my favourites:

Rev Run much?

 Fav 1

Fav 2 

Ohh how I enjoy a sartorial oxymoron... the suit, formal, smart and usually tailored to a close fit, here is transformed to be comfortable, luxurious, baggy and casual. "The suit as security blanket" say, and they're right. Never before (though I am no authority) have I seen suits/tailoring done in such a way that conjures up an idea of snuggling up inside one to get comfy. Relaxed tailoring was a trend I highlighted in my ELLE intern application, and I see it's also represented in menswear too.

And how about the "alternative" models! Love it. Can't help but find it ironic that this goes completely unnoticed in menswear shows, but in womenswear it would be front-page fashion news. Shame.

Friday, 28 January 2011


My friend Carlin has always had a great wee film blog over at Spokenword, but she's recently switched it over to blogger - take a few mins to have a swatch and follow her if you like what you read. I can personally confess to LOLing heartily at her witty banterrific posts:

Girl on Film


Also, that reminds me, going to do a post in the next few days of cool blogs that I love and read all the time, just trying to narrow down the massive list. Anyway, have an excellent weekend bloggies!

Thursday, 27 January 2011


The Givenchy SS11 Couture collection is still my favourite of this year, but Jean Paul Gaultier comes a very, VERY close second. Inspired by the early London punk scene (again?) it's more than just a re-hashing of previous work - it's a wondrous hybrid creation.

There's a few different things going on here. Empire lines, fishtail gowns, pearls - some of the last pieces conjure up a ladylike, 20s-style demure vibe, while his take on the classically-punk Mohawk looks positively futuristic. Sci-fi even. But both these strands of inspiration weirdly work together and juxtapose beautifully with Gaultier's punk aesthetic we're so used to seeing. It SHOULD be wrong - it sounds it on paper - but something is SO right about this.

Some of my favourite looks (I'll try not to post too many, I'm aware it gets a bit overwhelming/boring to have too many pics):

Joint overall favourite 1

 Joint overall favourite 2


OH AND BY THE WAY - this is pretty much my last chance to plead for your votes to win the Elle intern competition. It closes tomorrow so I promise I won't hassle you after then! I'm currently 10th - thanks SO much for those who have voted already. Please gimme a few more, I can't tell you what it would mean to me to win :)



Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I'm not really one to jump on a pop star bandwagon (GAGA*ahem*) however I have to confess a bit of a random style-crush on Jessie J. I've totally sickened myself with that song, Do It Like a Dude, but I can most definitely still appreciate a hot outfit on Miss J, and this is no exception:

The rest of the outfit is OK but I am crushing HARD on those House of Holland star-print tights. Very Miu Miu SS11, no?

Uh-oh I predict another tights-buying frenzy... Mind the super suspenders from last year? Mark my words, these badboys will be the next of Henry's kitsch hosiery to sell out...

OH AAAAND for those of you who commented on my LEATHER DILEMMA post, I picked up my ACNE Rita leather jacket today and will most definitely be keeping it! I loved the other one too, but in the end the textured effect, boxy shape and silver zips/studs combine in this piece to give a timeless rock n roll look - something I know I'll never tire of.

Thanks for your feedback though, it was a hard decision!

FINALLY!! I am now 9th in the voting lineup to win the Elle internship, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote - yes, I'm begging - if you have a spare few seconds, as it would seriously make my entire life. Voting closes on Friday.

Not to be dramatic or nothing...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Browsing pictures of haute couture shows always makes me ridiculously giddy... Fantastical and breath-taking, couture collections serve to remind me that fashion designers are first and foremost artists - masters of their field, and rare, unique specimens able to cope with the intense pressure that comes with being blessed with a creative vision.

I have friends who study fashion design and take it from me (via them), the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that it takes to produce a one-off couture collection is immeasurable, and unfairly underestimated. Of course the same can be said for any collection, but with couture it's possible to witness themes, imagination and inspiration represented in its rawest, most visceral form.

I've seen the photos of the HC Armani, Chanel and Dior shows, and there are stunning and exquisite as expected, but my favourite so far is most definitely Givenchy. Other bloggers have posted about how eagerly they've been anticipating the Givenchy HC show, and who can blame them - Riccardo Tisci is a genius.

I'm never ever disappointed by Givenchy. My favourite HC collection so far (before this) was Spring 2008 (Gothic ballerina with a Tudor influence anyone?!) but this Asian inspired dream has taken the biscuit:

Favourite overall look... ^

Japanese-inspired and modelled by all Asian girls, this collection epitomises what I love most about HC. Wearable it is not, but art it most certainly is. The one I've labelled as my favourite overall look makes my tummy go all funny... I can't really describe it.

EDIT: If you needed more persuasion that this collection is truly something special and breath-taking, chew on this little extract from The Guardian's Jess Cartner-Morley - "One dress, in pale lavender silk, has a textured surface, as if tiny smooth pebbles were trapped under the surface, along the hipbones. Up close, you can see that the pebbles are pearls and semi-precious stones, caught between the many layers of fabric. The dress has been rubbed so that the pearls and gems begin to show through; Tisci's idea being that as the dress is worn, and as it is passed down through the generations, the fabric will gradually reveal more of the jewels beneath. You don't get that in River Island."

Do you agree/disagree? What's your favourite couture show been so far, and what ones are you looking forward to?

PEE ESSS - If you have a spare few mins please click here to gimme a vote and make my entire life. Cheers! x


Gary, ya genius, ken?

Happy Burn's night to my fellow Scottish bloggies and non scots alike.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


plus +

equals =

I actually REALLY love this cardigan. SO unlike me since it's pink and I haven't worn pink in like... forever.

Acht well.

The Selima Optique specks were part of my Net-a-Porter prize - really needed new ones (totally lost my Ray Ban's somewhere, put em down and can't mind where - so scatter-brained it's ridic) and these are perfect.

Also, went to see Black Swan on Friday:

Natalie Portman + Ballet + mad lesbian tendancies + mounting feeling of suspense and dread + more than a few creepy/gory scenes + costumes by Rodarte = THE BEST NEW FILM I'VE SEEN IN AGES.

Go see it immediately.

FINALLY - Please continue to vote for me here over at if you like what you see on my blog. I'm freaking out cos I'm so far behind... Just takes a few mins and it's very much appreciated.

cheeeerz big earz.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


You never did learn to let me be...

And you did always say that one day I would suffer
You did always say that people get their pay
You did always say that I was going places
And that you wouldn't have it any other way

Makes me feel lonely.

Friday, 21 January 2011


One of the first things I knew I wanted to get with my AWESOME Net-a-Porter prize was a smokin hot leather jacket... As soon as I saw the Burberry quilted beauty I fell HARD for it. Alas it wasn't to be - production issues mean it's not going to be re-stocked in a size 10. Gutted doesn't even begin cover it...

However, I'd like to think I've moved on from my grief and I feel ready to love again...

But I need your help. I can't decide between these two contenders:

First up we have the classic style of the ACNE Rita leather biker jacket - the aviator version was seen everywhere this winter (Cheryl Cole and Alexa Chung being two of its biggest fans) and for SS11 ACNE have re-released it sans shearling collar.

You can't really beat a classic biker style can you? The whole point about an expensive leather jacket is that it'll last forever, and I can't ever imagine not digging this look.


Consider, if you will, contender number two - Zadig and Voltaire perfia leather jacket with awesome studded collar and removable sleeves... sigh! Sold out on the website but I have it on reserve.

I love that this is a bit different, and the studded collar is totally hot to trot, no?

HELP! What one do you like better??

PS only one week to go to VOTE FOR ME to win the internship at Yet again I'ma plead for your votes sistas... I hate myself a little bit every time I ask people to vote for me but I'ma still do it cos THAT'S HOW MUCH I WANT IT. Read my application and if you like it click the little Pick Me link.

Over and out.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


"I need somebody..." *ahem* OK, seriously bloggies, I need some serious help here:

Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me, vote for me!

No doubt you'll all have heard about's competition to win a paid internship... Amazing opportunity, right? RIGHT!

I wanted to enter from the beginning but I doubted myself more and more as the volume of entries increased almost hourly. But two days ago I threw caution to the wind and entered. I tried to answer the questions truthfully and confidently with as much personality as I could muster without sounding corny.

I'd love it if you could read my entry and if you like what I've said then please vote for me.

I'm WELL AWARE I'm a complete and utter outsider and total underdog compared to the big blogging names who have entered and already ammassed loads of votes... But I'd honestly rather people voted for me because they geniunely think I have a nice style of writing or know I would value the opportunity or believe in me or whatevs...

SO yeah, please have a read and vote/comment  if you would like to see me win :)

Thanks, self-promotion over.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Trawling Etsy tonight I stumbled upon IKAN, a New York-based vintage shop... Check out these lovelies:

Shiny black and white striped shirt. Not yer average... Oh aye. 

Cos who doesn't need a opulent, swagalicious leopard-print cape? Turquoise and leopard is a combo I cannot help but adore... (reminds me of something Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style would wear, no?)

One word - PRINT. Second word - SILK. Just beautiful. Perhaps not particularly practical but so what...

Can't you just imagine this layered over leather shorts with a faux fur stole thrown on for good measure? The length is what takes it from just OK to awesome.

Good Lord, I'm not even sure what this is... Jewellery? A cape? Who cares, LOOK AT IT!

 Leopard print coats were a bit of a guilty pleasure for me throughout winter. Never actually bit the bullet and bought one, but seeing this beauty makes me wish that I had...

Alsooooo, just purchased this wee grungey 90s number from another Etsy Favourite of mine, Decades Vintage:

For spring I'll be pairing it with the Alexa (obv) and these bargain boots from Topshop I managed to score last week (£75 down to £15 in the sale!!):

Like? Dislike?

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