Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I've had this post fired up and ready to go for days but things have been getting on top of me a bit and I've hardly had a spare minute. GOD KNOWS when an Oscar's red carpet round up will get done, AND I was at London Fashion Weekend just there and have hunners of pictures from that to upload too... ARGH! Plus, yi know, real life shiz needs doing too, like paying parking trickets, taxing the car, getting a haircut, spending time with pals...

Could do with a few days just to catchup with everything, know what I mean? All these self-imposed deadlines really suck, especially on top of ACTUAL deadlines, but I guess I maybe need to give myself a bit of a break. Prioritising is tough.

HOWEVER, I can't ignore Meadham Kirchhoff's AW13 collection. Totally jaw-dropping.

After a candy-bright couple of seasons, MK went DARK for AW13. Although the feel was more menacing, with touches of the Victorian Gothic and Japanese Lolita style, it was no less impressively opulent.

Ed and Ben described the collection as a sort of flip-side to their last - in other words , where last season was about over-the-top extravagance and luxury without consequence, this was meant to represent the dark side of striving for the extremes of perfection.

People often describe Meadham Kirchhoff collections as "moving." I have to say, I'd never really felt that myself, although they are one of my favourite design duos and always astound and stun me, I've never felt MOVED emotionally by them before...

But a weird thing happened with this collection. I first saw the images last week when I was having a bit of a shitty time, frankly. Just dealing with some crappy stuff over a rubbish few days - one of those times when you know you've really made a huge mess of something and can't turn it around... where you're frustrated with yourself and upset and CANNOT reign your feelings in. Yeah, THAT. Anyway, it was in this mood that I flicked through these images and found myself feeling like I was looking at a funeral. I felt totally overwhelmed with this weird sense of grief and loss, like something REALLY important was ending.

Extremely weird I know (it was a weird week) but I'm sure, even if I wasn't in this gloomy mindset, I'd still have felt something similar looking at this collection. I feel as though I've invested A PART OF myself in Meadham Kirchhoff and that I'm on a journey with them, of sorts. I guess everyone feels that way about their favourite bands or artists or authors or whatever, and designers are no different. But, yes, this was the first time I felt actually moved by a collection, and I'm glad it was Meadham Kirchhoff to do it.

Do I sound clinically insane? SORRYNOTSORRY.

Monday, 18 February 2013


I know, I know, I'm massively late posting about ANYTHING to do with New York Fashion Week since London Fashion Week is in full swing already, let alone a review of Alexander Wang AW13 which was at the beginning of the month - eons ago in fashion time.

But I don't care. You guys know I'm an utter Wangaphile so it's to be expected, right?

Here's some of the details from his AW13 show inspired by BOXING. Models strutted the catwalk to Eye of the Tiger... Totes apropes.*


I totally love the bleary-eyed effect, as if I'm looking at this collection straight after being punched in the face... Any texture (wool, mohair, fur) was brushed back to stand up and out, creating this air of foggyness and blurred any harsh edges, which sits in contrast to the sharp, angular feel of his last collection.

I also thought it was so cool how he mirrored the style of those dressing gowns boxers are always slinging on in between rounds, with the dropped waist details, drapery and tie fastenings on jackets and jumpers, along with boxing gloves made of fur and obviously those balaclava snood head-protector things...

It may have been softer round the edges, but it was still classic Wang. Oversized, leather, outerwear, shades of grey - you'd know it a mile off. This is why I love Wang, his collections are instantly recognisable but at the same time totally unique to each other, with genius inspiration that's both obvious and subtle, and it always works on several different levels.

Waaaah!! I could not be ANY MORE PUMPED for Balenciaga at PFW!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


OHHHH I've missed this!


Marion Cotillard killing it in a svelter, more peplumy version of THAT Dior dress that JLaw so GALUMPHINGLY wrestled with at the SAG awards, except in a stunning lemon yellow which is by far the hotter hue. Combined with an orange lippy and statement necklace, Marion's the best dressed of the night for me. Obsessed with the design of that gown. Just total sexy genuis, no?

I know, I know, boring again but Anne looks genuinely pretty, relaxed and happy here. It's a nice change as I feel like I've been seeing her look a bit PINCHED and uncomfortable recently. Stop losing so much weight Anne! Really like the shiny studded (?) detail on the Tshirt part of this Burberry Prorsum dress and I like that it stays quite cropped. Do I love it though? MEH. Nah.

Yay! Hurrah for a quality trouser suit! Not enough of these on the red carpet and I'm so glad it's Carrie... I mean SJP rocking this look. I normally hate a keyhole neckline detail but with the velvety fabric, choker-style necklace and freshly straightened hair (due a comeback?) this feels sort of 90s and I'm LOVING that retro vibe. I'm sure this look will divide critics but SJP the smize-master brought it for me. BAYUM!

Jessica Chastain looks like she's ACTUALLY glowing from within
here, no? It's weird, and amazing, and I love it! Electric blue taffeta (or whatever this is) is a hard colour and fabric combo to pull off without looking tacky and cheap, but Jess is winning with her big grin, 40s waves and alabaster skin. Wish she'd taken off those blue jewels though and just gone for white diamonds.

Hummed and hawed over this for ages but my wee soft spot for Amy Adams JUST edged this into a win. I'm not a fan of the big front split, but let's ignore that and look at the pretty lace and embroidery detailing. Glam and sweet at the same time. Like the ruby touch in her earrings but wish she'd gone for a bold lip.

FINALLY JLaw's got her mojo back! Sort of. Maybe? UBER Glum face, but digging that wet-look slicked-back hair and the jewelled Dior gown fits like a glove. Is it just me though, or is she looking a little on the skinny side? I've gone off her a bit recently if I'm honest. I used to think she was hilarious in interviews and stuff but now I feel she's actually a bit of a try hard. Still, I digress, she looks hot. Dressing well on the red carper is obviously an issue so well done.


Oh Sarah Silverman, I feel for you... Halternecks SEEM like such a good idea at the time don't they? Deceptive bastards. I've yet to see one halter-necked gown actually look GOOD and this is no exception. And all that rusching around the middle? NAW.


Caroline GHOSTFACE Flack in a boring, totally underwhelming dress that would have benefitted massively from a chic up-do. I find Flacky majorly offensive in every way and can't even continue typing words about her... 



*screeeech* HOLDUP (nanananana). OK, I'm sorry, but WHAT? WHAAAAAT? What even is this?! Ignoring whatever's going on with the face, which is practically impossible as it's so captivating in its horror like a freaking motorway pile up, but for GODSAKE Claudia Winkelshite, brush your hair, take off your tights and put on a proper shoe, you're at the BAFTAs! Dress is disgusting, hair is a riot, face is out of control. I can't even deal...

The opposite of Marion's yellow Dior awesomeness. The cut is dated and the flashback makes the fabric look cheap and crappy. And please lob that awful Dune clutch into the crowd immediately. It's a shame because I see potential for red carpet glory in Andrea Riseborough but she can be very hit or miss. MISS.

Again, Gemma is a babe of life and can sometimes be SO GOOD on the red carpet but every now and again she'll go and do something stupid like this. I mean, WHY? I can respect a bold choice, but this is rubbish and does nothing for her bang tidy rack. BOO.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


It's not often I post personal blogs on here, but I'm becoming more and more aware that I'm letting my 'VOICE' slip away a little in the midst of sparse collection reviews and magazine editorials and the like. Don't get me wrong, I've never been one for A GREAT BIG COSY CHINWAG on FFS, and letting you guys in on the details of my boring THRILLING private life has never massively appealed (I'm an awkward orange in person too, and opening up in general can be an issue for a Cringemonster like me!) but neither do I want to lose touch with you guys, because I honestly consider y'all my actual pals. Really really! So, for a wee while I've been feeling like getting a bit more INTIMATE... Lucky you!

What's been happening? Well, loads.

Firstly, I got a new job. I mentioned it a few posts back and if you follow me on Twitter you'll probably know already since it seems I can't shut up about it! That's right, no longer a Subtitler, it's Communications Executive now! To be honest, I was really proud of myself for landing the position. I felt I'd floundered after my Undergrad and then again after my Postgrad and Masters. I did LOADS of work experience and internships in media, journalism, PR and communications along with lots of other random stuff (freelance filming, styling and events etc) off my own back. But despite my degrees and experience, applying frantically for any and all relevant jobs proved fruitless for over a year - a depressingly familiar story to loads of you I'm sure.


Anyway, I feel very fortunate to have been given a chance to do what I love (communicating, yo) for a company that's recently been bought by a huge international brand, and where I'll get the chance to test myself and stretch my legs properly. Staying stagnant does NOT sit well with me and I'd much rather be thrown in at the deep end, albeit a little out of my depth, and have to work extra hard to get up to speed, than coast along in a job which was going nowhere and doing nothing for me or my career.

The last couple of weeks have been spent preparing for starting i.e. buying a whole new working wardrobe, OBVIOUSLY, trying to find my way in the car (it's a wee bit outside Glasgow, although I can do it in under half an hour if I beast it) and settling in. Learning the ropes at a new job can be totes overwhelming, and for the first few days I didn't remember anyone's name, let alone get to grips with what I'd actually be doing day to day!

Thankfully I feel like it's all beginning to come together now and after a wee business trip this week, hopefully I'll start to feel more confident in my own abilities in the role. As my first proper PROPER job after uni, I think it would be unusual NOT to feel a bit anxious that it'll all work out... RIGHT?! Honestly though, everyone in my team and beyond has been so lovely and welcoming, I'm not sure I could ask for more. GROSS, RIGHT?!!

Aside from all this, I've been doing the usual - hanging out with my awesome pals, who've had a couple of occasions over the last few months to prove their worth in shitty situations and have MORE than stepped up to the mark. Totally cliche and BOKE but I don't know what I'd do without them and that's the truth.

Without wanting to sound like a PURE CHEESEBALL, things have been a bit up and down in other areas (use your imagination!) but I'm finally in a happy situation. It's been a bit of a struggle, but I'm genuinely trying hard to let myself trust and accept the things I'm told, let go of some of my hang-ups and just have fun. I'm also learning about when to go with my gut, compromise and what's worth it and what totally isn't. I'd like to be less vague but basically, although it's been a bumpy road, I'm really happy just now :) VOM!

I've been staying at a family friend's flat for the past few weeks looking after her adorable kittens while she's away on business, and it's TOTALLY given me the bug for living alone. I'm an only child with a small family so I've come to cherish my privacy and solitude. At home, although we usually eat dinner together, we all have our own space and I genuinely enjoy my own company (WEIRD?). I know there's OODLES of fun to be had in living with flatmates and I guess I'm a bit bummed I've missed out on that experience, but to be honest the thought of having my own place to come and go as I please and make my own really excites me. It's kind of my dream!

So yeah, buying my own place is my number one goal for this year. I’m about two thirds of the way there, which is terrifying and exciting in equal measure, but fingers crossed I'll be in my very own home by autumn – can’t even believe I’m saying that! Other goals for this year are to stay happy, NOT CRASH MY CAR (one accident a year since I passed my test is NOT a trend I want to continue), and generally KICK ASS in work.

Sorry this has been such a rambly  mess of a post but I know I like it when my favourite bloggers do a wee life update now and again (cos I'm pure nosy) and I like to feel like we're all pals here :)

Finshing with a few Instagram photatoes of life lately...

1. Royal Exchange Sq for a wee Crimbo night
2. Best suit jacket in the world from Zara - leather sleeves yo!

3. I went swimming a few times last month and loved it. MUST get back into it!
4. Should I buy this bowler hat from Topshop? #hairyhatman

5. Pasta with pals
6. Boozin with pals

7. Polka dots at work
8. Origins Out of Trouble mask - still my fave

9. Tasty caprese salad at a work dinner in town
10. Awesome Sunday morning scran

11. Tuesday treat at a pal's house where I've been staying looking after her kittens
12 . Nancy, said Kitten x1

13. Chilling with a kitten
14. More kitten love. Maybe a bit obsessed...

15. Trip down to Shropshire with work on one of the most horrific days ever!
16. Bed at the lovely Goldstone Inn near Market Drayton

17. A bit drunk after a three courser and two bottles of red...
18. Stunning sunrise

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