Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Remember the Givenchy couture collection that absolutely floored me, and just about every other blogger in town? You know the one - Japanese inspired bejewelled silk gowns with origami shapes and mad headdresses?

THAT'S the one!

Well, I'll be honest and say the Grammys kind of passed me by this year (Gaga, I love you, but that whole egg thing was a little lame pet) EXCEPT, of course, when I spotted the beautiful Florence Welch owning this exquisite gown from Riccardo Tisci himself:

Just STUNNING! I also much prefer her hair this colour as opposed to the brighter red she had for a while. Not sure anyone else would have been able to make such a gorgeous gown work except the ethereal, goddess-like Flo.

Second album soon please!


The Robyn Diaries said...

she does look absolutely amazing, that dress is crazy good! your right the hair is better like this. R x

Anonymous said...

She looks gorgeous, I love the back of the dress! I hadn't seen that flash of orange on it until I saw Florence wearing it!:)
I agree with you about the hair, so much nicer now :)

Jade said...

The back of the dress is amazing and she looks beautiful xx

beewaits said...

that dress is made of dreams. are those phoenixes or peacocks? either way it's dead lovely....the orange on the back made my heart actual pitter patter a bit quicker. swoonerific xx

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