Thursday, 17 February 2011


Geisha heels...

It's weird how your tastes can totally change from one extreme to the other without really realising it. I used to hate wedges CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?!

Seriously, I did. I was convinced all wedges were hideous and made your ankles, calves, knees and everything else fat, fat, fat. What on earth was I thinking - now I can't get enough!

The bigger - and crucially the flatter/more geisha-like - the better it seems.

Traditional geisha sandals

Won Hundred wedged pump, available at Urban Outfitters this spring/summer.
These come in black as well and I can FEEL a cult shoe trend brewing in my water...
 Topshop wedged sandals.
Ohhh dear me, these have jumped up to the top of my Topshop SS wishlist...

Melissa for Vivienne Westwood winged wedges.
I first saw these a while back on Queen Marie over at Kingdom of Style and loved them instantly.

So what do you think, are you guys on board with this emerging trend or not?


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Have to admit I'm not much of a wedge wearer. had a nice black pair once that I gave away and now want them back ahha!

Those first yins are interesting huh x

agent 0017 said...

loving the shoes! they're so interesting looking, and i esp love the ones with the wings :)
love your blog, following!

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