Thursday, 10 February 2011


I've seen this a few places on the web already, but ACHT HELL, can't resist reblogging it.

Gaga's Vogue US March cover by Mario Testino. Perfection, non?

For all everyone's harping on about bold colours and clashing patterns, Vogue shows us that powder blues, peaches and candy-floss pinks are going nowhere this Spring.

Just sweet enough without becoming sickly, this is my favourite Vogue US cover in a while...

Makes me miss my TEETH IN ROWS background print. I might reinstate it, what do you think?

PS the bit about "A mother's and daughter's battle with food demons" - does that read really weird to you, or is it just me being a grammar freak again? Wouldn't "mother and daughter's" read just as well since the mother and daughter themselves form one compound item with whom food demons apparently do battle?

#Grammar freak, grammar freak, she's grammar freekay... #


Anonymous said...

I love the pastel colours they've used.. I'm not understanding the hype about neons and brights! They hurt my eyes ha, I'd prefer softer shades and dark contrasting colours than fluros anyday. Gaga looks lovely, but the lack of eyebrows startles me a bit, I never realised how much they frame your face until I saw this!
Lovely post dear :))
ps, I liked the teeth in rows background, however I'm equally diggin this universe type background too. its a toughie!

millmollmac said...

This is amazing, I hadn't seen the image before - J'adore!

and also yes, I think the grammar suggests that they are then going to write about 2 separate battles; a mother's and then a daughter's. If it is 1 feature on their joint battles, I agree it should have been "a mother and daughter's battle". It is annoying me too...

Mia said...

I agree, I really like the pastel colours they use, but bold, statement pieces are still my favourite!

Anonymous said...

An old hat. Vogue has done this kind of stuff numerous times. An old hat, just like Gaga.

Are all her fans mainstream kids ?

Kirsty said...

Old hats... An old hat... what???

Sorry, I have no clue what you're on about!

But cheers for stopping by!!


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