Monday, 7 February 2011


Should maybe have got rid of the bra...

SO I've been trying to get on board with new things, sartorially speaking, and figured I've put it off long enough... Yes, that's right. It's my first ever outfit post.

You have NO idea how uncomfortable I am taking pictures of myself - but I guess that's exactly the point, right? I feel like I've been stuck in a style rut of black, grey and leather for so long now that it's become my uniform. This spring I'm going to embrace new things like colour, prints....and outfit posts.

So here we go.

baggy floral babydoll dress - vintage Etsy.
Seriously, so baggy.
(looking down. Cool move.)

A little less baggy with an Urban Outfitters belt and Mulberry Alexa.
(still looking down....?)

Oversized denim shirt - Topshop Unique 09
(Ahh...looking up now, good, except also looking like I'm about to burst into tears...)

Pink cable-knit cardigan - Neal Spearling @ Urban Outfiters
(Hmm...sticking to what I know.)

Antique typewriter letterpress K - vintage Etsy
(Avoiding the issue altogether.)

(Hit em with the eyeballs. Good job...!)

PS do yerself a favour and wrap yer lugs round this....


The Robyn Diaries said...

Silly Kirsty, you look so nice and both ways of wearing the dress look lovely :)
You have my Topshop floral playsuit of ultimate love. Mine is now too big because I lost weight, and actually has holes from wearing it so much. Jealous!

R x

Kirsty said...

haha yeah I love it too though I've not worn it in about 2 years. So cute! xx

cwalla said...

KIRSTY, KIRSTY GIES A SMILE! :-) Ha just joshing, very nice embrace yo bad photo self! Also loving the floral - colour = summer right? yassssss xxx

beewaits said...

you look adorable kirsty. more outfit posts yes?
also - my wardrobe looks a bit like that - feels a lot better about being a clothes hoarder ;)

BeautyH2T said...

you look fierce, loving the floral and the Alexa.,...JEALOUS! I am with Bee, more outfit posts yes yes


Louder than Silence said...

You look greak Kirsty, don't be silly! Loving the oversized denim shirt in particular - more of these posts please missy! Promise it gets easier :) Sally x

Katie Styles said...

love your glasses x

Saskia the Style Fairy said...

Oooh you look fabuloso ... i love the belt .... and I love your specs ... and i LOVE the 'k' necklace!! Please can you tell me the etsy shop it came from ... i lurves it xxx

Kirsty said...

Thanks all!! :) The necklace is from Gwendelicious, I posted about it here - xx

Alex said...

Ahaha, this really made me laugh because I always look down in my outfit posts :D

I love the dress :) Such a lovely find! I'm useless at finding things on etsy, but everyone else seems to find such beautiful things - I'm jealous!

lasophia said...

haha, hit em with the eyeballs. Looking down is fun and easy, I do it a lot.


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