Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Browsing pictures of haute couture shows always makes me ridiculously giddy... Fantastical and breath-taking, couture collections serve to remind me that fashion designers are first and foremost artists - masters of their field, and rare, unique specimens able to cope with the intense pressure that comes with being blessed with a creative vision.

I have friends who study fashion design and take it from me (via them), the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that it takes to produce a one-off couture collection is immeasurable, and unfairly underestimated. Of course the same can be said for any collection, but with couture it's possible to witness themes, imagination and inspiration represented in its rawest, most visceral form.

I've seen the photos of the HC Armani, Chanel and Dior shows, and there are stunning and exquisite as expected, but my favourite so far is most definitely Givenchy. Other bloggers have posted about how eagerly they've been anticipating the Givenchy HC show, and who can blame them - Riccardo Tisci is a genius.

I'm never ever disappointed by Givenchy. My favourite HC collection so far (before this) was Spring 2008 (Gothic ballerina with a Tudor influence anyone?!) but this Asian inspired dream has taken the biscuit:

Favourite overall look... ^

Japanese-inspired and modelled by all Asian girls, this collection epitomises what I love most about HC. Wearable it is not, but art it most certainly is. The one I've labelled as my favourite overall look makes my tummy go all funny... I can't really describe it.

EDIT: If you needed more persuasion that this collection is truly something special and breath-taking, chew on this little extract from The Guardian's Jess Cartner-Morley - "One dress, in pale lavender silk, has a textured surface, as if tiny smooth pebbles were trapped under the surface, along the hipbones. Up close, you can see that the pebbles are pearls and semi-precious stones, caught between the many layers of fabric. The dress has been rubbed so that the pearls and gems begin to show through; Tisci's idea being that as the dress is worn, and as it is passed down through the generations, the fabric will gradually reveal more of the jewels beneath. You don't get that in River Island."

Do you agree/disagree? What's your favourite couture show been so far, and what ones are you looking forward to?

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beewaits said...

This is how it's done. Perfection does not even cut it. Swoon. xox

naughtymess said...

so crazy i love it!

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